Hand Maid May 8

Hand Maid May episode 8/10
Takusan Hoshiindesu!
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.12.22
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May was preparing for the typhoon season. But Kasumi was brushing her teeth next door, and she was still in her pajamas. Kasumi wondered if it was a bit excessive, and she pointed to the scene below them.

There were many ropes from the ladder being tied down to large stakes. Kazuya was pounding them into the ground using a large mallet. Lena was making massive rations of o-nigiri, and Ikariya was with her and was juggling them. Kei was examining the measurements from her wind instrument. And Sara was saying, "Shoo, shoo!" to Nanbara who was looking over the wall.

May asked Kasumi if she really thought if it was too much. Kasumi said that she was absolutely certain. But Mami (who was with May) and said that the storm was really coming, and you could see dark clouds moving toward them. Shikishima-san had apparently already prepared, as he had a massive metal door covering his outside window. Mami said that she was also prepared as she had completely covered the window with small boards. She said, "So Mr. Typhoon, we are ready!"

Kasumi covered her face and asked how were they planning to get back inside since they have completely covered the window. Mami then panicked ("Ararararara!!"). May told Kasumi that they really should prepare, and Kasumi said okay. Then Kazuya defended May's actions. Kasumi sighed and said quietly, "Will Kazuya do anything that May tells him?"

Mami was trying to pull the nails out of the boards on the window. She finally pulled one out, but she started to fall backwards and bumped into May. It looked like May was going to fall, and Kazuya went to grab her.

Then both Sara and Nanbara ran over to the scene. Sara only cared about Kazuya getting hurt. Nanbara only cared about May getting hurt. They both leaped and there was a loud thud. Sara ended up "protecting" Kazuya (by hugging him tightly), but she did it by stepping on Nanbara. Nanbara got mad and then threw the two of them into the sky. Meanwhile, May had been caught by both Kasumi and Mami before she had fallen.


They managed to remove all the boards from the window and everybody was back inside Kazuya's apartment. It had already started to rain.

May apologized to Kazuya for him getting "hurt" when he was trying to protect her. She was dabbing at his forehead. Then May thanked Kasumi, who said, "Sure." Kasumi was by the window with Sara and they both looked very bored.

Nanbara was covered in bandages and was being treated by Lena. He was furious about what happened and then he made a pose. Nanbara imagined as being on a rock cliff like a samurai with the ocean surf pounding in the background. Sara just told him to shut up.

I think that there was nothing that they could do, so they said that they could just stay at his place until the storm passed. But Nanbara didn't like the idea one bit and he started to exaggerate things, and he did the pose again. I think that Nanbara managed to get all the cyberdolls excited and they gathered around Kazuya. But Kasumi was still sitting by the window. (I have a hard amount of trouble remembering the dialogue here).

May asked if there was a story behind the ladder between Kasumi and Kazuya's apartments. Then Kasumi turned and wondered if he would really tell. But Kazuya only said that Kasumi sometimes came over to deliver packages and pick up the rent. Then one time she got mad because he was drying a mat on the ladder. May thought that it was very interesting, but all the other cyberdolls had gotten bored and left to do chores. Nanbara said that the story was a big letdown and he did his pose again.

Then Kazuya heard somebody call for him outside the window. (I can't hear the name?) was squatting on the ladder between the two apartments carrying an umbrella. She wondered if her daughter was there, but then Kazuya noticed that Kasumi had disappeared. She seemed to gently caress the ladder, saying quietly that it was special. Then she went back inside to look for her.

Then Kazuya thought for a bit and then he said that he was going to look for Kasumi. May wanted to come, but Kazuya said that she should stay. Nanbara (I think) accused Kazuya of not protecting the majority of the women, and he did his pose again. Sara just said that she was going after Kazuya and left. Nanbara then said that since they were alone, he could fool around with May. Then May quickly said that she was going with Sara and ran out of the room.

Kasumi was at the playground despite that it was raining on her. She wasn't moving and she only sat on a swing quietly.

Meanwhile, Kazuya was trying to run in the streets calling for her. He had two umbrellas, but the wind was so fierce that it blew the open one away. May and Sara were trying to catch up to him. Nanbara tried to catch up to the girls. But large objects that were caught in the wind kept smashing into his face. Finally he stopped running, but then a truck splashed water on him.

Kasumi was sitting on the swing with her head lowered. Water was running down her face, but it was hard to tell if it was really from the rain. She wondered if he really told her. She was wondering if he'd do anything just because she asked him. Then she looked up at the sky and thought back in the past.

Back when Kasumi was still wearing a sera fuku (probably junior high school), she was cleaning up the empty apartment next to hers. But when she went to leave through the window, she didn't notice that her rent collection had fell out of her pocket.

Kasumi went back to her apartment via the ladder, but she didn't see Kazuya with a moving truck unloading things. Kasumi peeked out of her window and saw Kazuya setting up his place. Kazuya turned toward her and nodded a greeting at her. But Kasumi got embarrassed and closed the window and hid again.

Kazuya knocked at her window, and she opened it. Kazuya said that he had found something of hers. But Kasumi looked angry and said that he shouldn't be messing around with other people's things and slammed the window. Then Kazuya knocked again and she snapped at him for bothering her. But Kazuya quietly said that she dropped something in his apartment. She looked guilty and took the package. Then she said, "Thanks" quietly. But Kazuya just introduced himself as the new tenant, and then he left to go back to his apartment. He fell and smashed his knee. Kazuya was writhing from the pain inside his apartment. Kasumi looked at the top envelope, which was Kazuya's, and said quietly to herself: "You're clumsy, Mr. Saotome".

Kazuya had arrived at the park. He was telling Kasumi that she shouldn't be outside and they should return home. But Kasumi didn't budge. Then Kazuya tried to open the umbrella but the wind wouldn't let him. So then Kazuya tried to sit down on the swing next to her. But he slipped off it and the swing smashed into his knees. He was writhing from the pain on the ground. But Kasumi suddenly smiled and said, "You're clumsy, Mr. Saotome."

The two of them didn't see May and the others watching them behind a park bench. Nanbara was with them complaining loudly that he was feeling terrible. But Sara said, "Shhhhhhhh!!" and punched him in the stomach.

Kazuya was now swinging on the swings. He said that it's been quiet some time since he moved into the apartment. He said that moving to Kasumi Sou was one of the most exciting things he had experienced. "Like that one time..." he said. Kasumi turned to look at him.

Kasumi was coming home from school when she saw somebody moving the ladder between the two apartments. Kasumi ran and quickly shouted, "Wait, what are you doing?!" However, Kazuya apologized, as he seemed to be looking at something above their windows.

Kasumi went and looked herself and she saw that there was a small bird's nest in the eaves with four small chicks in it. She was going to turn to talk to Kazuya, but he had moved some distance away with his back turned. Then Kasumi realized that at this distance, he could look up her skirt. She quickly got embarrassed. Later, when the swallows grew older, Kazuya and Kasumi would put bread on the ladder and they would swoop down and eat it.

Kasumi started to watch Kazuya from her apartment at night.

One day, Kasumi showed him something and asked him to come over. Kazuya climbed across the ladder and he helped her install her computer.

They sat on the ladder and watched the moon during the Lunar Festival. Then they huddled on the ladder with a small Christmas tree. At New Year's they both bowed to each other on the ladder with a small incense burner between them. During the sakura season (early May), Kasumi proudly held up her diploma, and Kazuya was happy for her.

Kasumi then said that she was sorry for making everybody worry about her. But Kazuya said that it wasn't a big deal. Then Kazuya said that he loved all the things that they had done together. Kasumi jumped off the swing, and said that she did too.

May and the others were still watching them. Sara was weeping saying that it was so emotional. But then May said that they had to get back home and to leave them alone. Then May and Sara left quietly and May was dragging Nanbara along.

Back at the apartment, "The Whirlwind of Love" was playing. Mika was dangling from a cliff (the sign said "Lover's Leap") and Yamazaki was trying to reach out and grab her hand. The screen was showing their hands coming closer and closer. Ikariya was saying, "Keep going!!"

Outside Kei was still playing with her computer analyzing the coming weather. Then May appeared and looked at the ladder. The wind had picked up, and the ladder was vibrating very hard. Then the wind broke her umbrella. Kei said that this was the strongest storm that they've had in years, but she seemed excited by it instead of concerned.

Then May got on top of the ladder and was using her weight to hold it. Nanbara kept yelling at her to come back inside. May was about to fall off the ladder from the wind, but she said that she couldn't. She said that the ladder was important to Kazuya and Kasumi, so she wasn't going to let it disappear. Then both Lena and Mami looked at each other and wondered.

Kasumi was standing behind an utility pole some distance away. Kazuya was shielding Kasumi with his body.

Back at the apartment, all the cyberdolls and Nanbara were now on top of the ladder. Everybody was holding it along with May except for Kei. She was just trying to take more measurements of the weather. Nanbara started yelling for everybody not to give up. Then Sara said that he had some soft spots. But Nanbara got her in a grappling hold saying that he was only doing it for May. Then Sara got angry and put him in an arm lock and Nanbara quickly surrendered.

Lena suddenly got carried off into the wind. Nanbara screamed out that the brat was going to disappear. Then Ikariya whipped out one of his tentacles and caught her. Nanbara said that it was a nice save. But then the wind blew at hurricane speeds. Now everybody was holding the ladder because they were trying not to be fly off. Nanbara managed to pull Lena back to the ladder. Then a large statue caught in the wind hit him in the face again.

He said, "Is that all you got?! Bring it on!!" But Sara told him to shut up. But then they both flew off the ladder, and they tried to grab onto Mami. But they grabbed Mami's umbrella and it immediately opened. Sara, Nanbara, and Mami flew off in the wind. May called out to them, but Kei said that there wasn't anything they could do at the moment.

The wind and rain suddenly died. Kazuya said that they must've be in the eye of the storm. Then he quickly ran off to the apartment, and he called for Kasumi to follow. But Kasumi didn't seem like she wanted to go home, and she just walked.

May, Lena, Ikariya, and Kei all looked really terrible. Half of the ropes had broken on the ladder. Kasumi asked just what were they doing. May quickly said that they were protecting Kasumi and Kazuya's important ladder. Then May said quietly that she overheard their conversation from earlier. She said that if it was important to Kasumi, then it was important to her as well. Kasumi said thanks with a smile. Then Kei said, "The storm is returning!"

The wind picked up rapidly and Kasumi and Kazuya climbed up from the ground. Kasumi said that she'd help them. As the storm blew, May thought to herself, "I won't give up, I won't give up!" Mami was floating around like Mary Poppins with her umbrella ("Arararara!!").

After the storm, Kasumi's mom and Mami were talking about what they did. Then Kasumi's mom whispered some secret to Mami about Kazuya. Then Lena and Kei quickly said that they wanted to know it, too.

On top the roof, May thanked Kasumi for helping. Then Kasumi asked why did she try to protect an old silly ladder. May said that it was important because of all the things that happened with it. Then she told all the things that were important to her. Kasumi said that she wasn't talking about the ladder itself, but she was talking about memories. Then May said that she had many memories that were important. Then Kasumi and May got into a philosophical discussion on memories (like how people exist in each other memories, etc.).

Kasumi said that for a robot, she sure seemed like a human. May didn't understand. But Kasumi said that it wasn't important. She said, "Ashita mo, meippai gambare zo!" And May said that that was her line, and they laughed. May then said to herself they had some serious trouble, but they made through it. She wanted to have more important memories. Then she said to herself, "Ashita mo, meippai gambare zo!" (come tomorrow, I'll try my best) like she does in every episode.

Back at Nanbara's mansion, a shadowy figure appeared at the gate. Inside Nanbara was lying on the ground with his arms spread out above him. He sounded very differently when he talked, and he sounded very melancholy. He asked Sara what was wrong, as she couldn't eat her ramen. Sara was leaning over the table and looking just as depressed. Then they said that it must be "survivor's syndrome".

But then the door burst open and the shadowy figure appeared. He was dressed in a futuristic black and red armor, almost like what you'd see an evil person wear in those sentai shows. He also had a cape and wore a mask to cover his face. The mask had a "Z" on it.

Nanbara asked just who the heck was he. Sara said, "It can't be..."

But the dark man went up to Nanbara and grabbed him. He pulled Nanbara close to his face. "Let go of me," Nanbara said weakly.

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