Hand Maid May 9

Hand Maid May episode 9/10
Soredemo.. Shinjimasu
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.12.27
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The mysterious caped man was holding Nanbara in the air. Nanbara was saying that he wanted to know what was happening. Sara was standing behind looking a bit frightened. Then the dark man dropped Nanbara. Before Nanbara could complain, the man grabbed his head and started to forcibly turn it from side to side.

"Are you really he?!" the dark man said. Then he rubbed Nanbara's head. Nanbara told him to quit it and he scooted backwards to the other side of the room.

"Just who are you?!" Nanbara demanded.

The mysterious man laughed. Then he began posing and said that "The Commando" had arrived. Sara cheered from the side for him. He said that he was the President of Cyberdyne--Commando Z. Nanbara demanded to know just why was he here. Commando Z said that he was related to him, as he was a Nanbara (I think?).

Then he removed his mask. He looked like Nanbara but he had wild red hair. Nanbara ran up to him and asked if he was really his father. But Commando Z pushed him saying that he was from the future.

Meanwhile Mami was playing a lottery game downtown when she was shopping. A green marble fell out of the machine and the man said that she had won the grand prize and he rang a bell. Everybody around the booth clapped their hands. Mami was surprised.

Nanbara pointed at Commando Z and said that if he was really from the future, then Sara was also from the future. The man said that he was his great-great-great-grandson (or something goofy like that, I can't remember all the dialogue here). Then Nanbara said that if that were true, then he would be like a ghost since he would be dead by then. Then Commando Z immediately fell to his knees and began making a Buddhist prayer. Nanbara got really angry saying not to do that as he was clearly alive in the present.

Then the two of them fought over each other. The two of them sounded quite alike, as they were both arrogant. Sara couldn't believe it.

Mami had come home and showed off her prize, tickets to the theme park. But Mami said that she only had two. One was for Kazuya, and she stuck it to his forehead. Kazuya asked if that was really okay with her. But she poked him saying that it was okay. Then Mami said that she had one more ticket, but she would give it away to somebody. She kept waving it back and forth, and all the other cyberdolls watched it intently. Then she asked, "Who wants this ticket and have a date with Kazuya?"

May, Kei, and Lena quickly raised their hands and said, "Me, me, me!!"

Lena went to Kazuya and said that he wanted to go with her. She poked him with her elbow and said that she was young and her heart was still innocent (or something like that). Then Kei went to Kazuya (much to Lena's dissatisfaction) and asked to take him. She said that it was important that Kei go to increase her knowledge on human and cyberdoll relationships. Then May said that he would take her, wouldn't he?

Mami smiled and noticed that Kasumi didn't act excited like the others. She said that perhaps she wasn't interested in such a thing and waved the ticket at her. Kasumi said that she wasn't all the interested, but then she lunged at the ticket. Mami said that she was interested after all, and Kasumi looked a bit disappointed.

So Mami said that she would have a contest where the winner would get the ticket to go with Kazuya. The other cyberdolls then got very serious looks on their faces.

Back at Nanbara's mansion, Nanbara got out a shogi board. He said that he was going to prove that he was the best person after all. Commando Z sounded just as smug. Outside the gate, Sara said that they were a bunch of idiots. However, since they were occupied, she would go do her favorite activity: spy on Kazuya.

Mami then held a "game show". Ikariya wandered in the background providing theme music. She pushed over Kazuya, who was sitting in his chair with the ticket stuck to his forehead, and said that this was the prize.

Mami said that she was going to ask a quiz question, and the right answer would get the ticket. She jumped quite a bit during this "contest", and you could see her chest bounce often.

Kei became very confident, as she said that she had a vast database.

Then Mami went to Lena and asked her for the smoke bomb, which she was going to throw so she could steal the ticket. Lena laughed nervously and handed her the bomb.

May said, "Meippai gambaremasu!" to herself.

Kasumi didn't have much of an expression, but her hand was making a tight fist.

Mami then asked about how everybody has heard of Yuuji-san that lives down the street. She said that she wanted to know just how many times he had done an o-miai. Everybody stood there and didn't even move. Ikariya made the buzzer sound. Mami said that the correct answer was 102 times. Everybody seemed to have a strange look on their faces. May said that there was no way that they could have known that. Kasumi said that they didn't keep up with the latest gossip with the ladies.

Mami said that maybe she had made the question too hard. Then she said that she would try a different contest. Everybody had to leave the room. When they returned, Mami said that she had hid the ticket somewhere in the room. Whoever found it first got to keep it.

All the girls split up and they began tearing apart the room. May was bent over (and you could see a good shot of her panties) as she searched a low shelf. But then she saw that Kazuya looked a bit sad as the room was more or less being destroyed.

Mami went to Kei who wasn't searching and asked what she was doing. She said that she was just tracking where everybody was looking, and then she would just go to the place where nobody had searched yet and the ticket would be there.

Then Mami went to May who wasn't looking but instead cleaning up the mess. Mami asked her why was she doing that, but May said that she couldn't help it as it was a habit.

Kasumi was in the closet rummaging around Kazuya's things. She was bent over and you could see her panties. She found a video and pulled it out. The video turned out to be called "Summer Princess" with a busty blonde girl wearing a bikini on the cover.

The other girls looked at it and they turned it over to read the description. Then they gave Kazuya a dirty look. Kazuya said that Daimon had accidentally left it here. Lena looked at him sourly and said that he was a pervert. Kei said that it was disgusting. Kazuya started weeping. Mami spoke to him gently, and Kazuya thought that she was going to defend him. But instead she held his face and blushed, saying that he was H. "You've got it all wrong!" Kazuya said.

Then Lena said that she found something else. It was another video with some scantily clad girl on the cover, and she read the back description. Kazuya said that it was Tadokoro's. Then Kei said that she found some more. Kazuya said he was holding it for Professor Yumiko (is that his name?).

But the girls threw the videos in the trash can. Then Kei poured hot water over all them. Kazuya let out a scream. Finally Lena sprayed them with disinfectant (or cleanser).

Mami reminded them that they were supposed to be looking for the ticket. Then they said that maybe it was outside. They all ran outside to look. May came back saying that she would clean up the mess afterwards, but she had to go.

Sara had arrived and had jumped up from the ground to the ladder (and her chest bounced). She called to Kazuya. But she noticed that he was sitting in a chair and there was something stuck to his back.

As the others were still searching outside, Mami cried out, "Game set!" The others went and saw that Sara was holding the winning ticket, and she was dancing merrily. She thrust her hips suggestively at Kazuya.

Kasumi said that this was unfair as she wasn't even part of the game. The other cyberdolls quickly agreed. But Sara just yelled at them saying that if they wanted it then they'd have to die. But Mami pulled the ticket from Sara, saying that they were right and they needed another contest. Kasumi wondered what complicated game she would do this time. But Mami said that it was very simple. All they had to do was catch her.

Nanbara was still playing shogi with Commando Z. Commando Z was talking about something serious happening in the future. All the pieces were in a pile in the middle of the board.

Mami was skating and she was going so fast that she was skating horizontally on a concrete wall. Sara was running right behind her at massive speed as well. But Sara didn't see the light pole and she smacked into it.

Kasumi, May, and Lena ran past her. Sara said that she run like this without having some ramen. She then went to a store and asked for an order.

Meanwhile, Kei was still standing back at Kasumi Sou. Kazuya asked what she was doing. Kei said that she was analyzing Mami's movements. She then said that she was taking the route that she always went to go to shopping. Then she knew exactly when and where she would be.

Lena said that she couldn't keep up with the others, so she said that she would have to cheat. She let out a massive squeal, and the device that Mami was carrying activated a homing signal. Then Lena said that she knew where she was and she ran in a different direction.

Kei was standing in Mami's way. Mami was impressed. But then Kei started analyzing the situation. She went into the mode where her mouth went agape and her eyes were glazed. Mami just left.

Then Lena came out and said, "I caught you!" But when she looked she saw that it was Kei. Mami had put the tracking device in her hand. Kei didn't even notice as she was still processing.

"You're pretty good, May," Kasumi said. They were running neck and neck.

"You too," May said in reply.

"I'm not going to give up!" Kasumi said.

"Neither will I!" May said.

Later that evening, Kasumi's mom tried the roulette machine. However she got a white ball, and she didn't win.

Sara was at the ramen shop, but then she put down her chopsticks before she even started the bowl. The man asked her what was happening, as she never seen her leave a bowl of ramen. Sara coughed saying that she wasn't feeling too good. Then she walked outside, where she started coughing violently and almost couldn't stand.

The next day, Kazuya asked May to hurry. May was with Mami. She said be sure to make some good memories out there. Mami said, "After all, you don't have much time..."

Kazuya said that it was getting late, and he peeked around the corner. However, he looked right up May's skirt and he turned red and had to turn away. But Mami said that it was important to look your best on your big date.

Cyber X was at home and he let out a sneeze, revealing a large gut that he had hidden in his suit. He said that things were tough without having Mami to help him. His room did look very messy.

Then Kasumi saw the two of them leave while she was putting up her laundry to dry. Then she said that she was going to do something too. She thrust her arms, and her breasts REALLY bounced.

Sara appeared at a shop where the lady was making a very fancy sushi boat. When the lady saw her, she said that she knew exactly what she wanted, and she produced a bowl of ramen. But Sara said that that wasn't it, and the lady asked what was wrong. But then Sara collapsed on the counter, knocking over the bowl. The lady started to panic and kept calling her name, but Sara looked unconscious.

Kasumi was at the baseball field with her team. She kept hitting balls to Masato who was trying to field them. Kasumi was yelling that they'd have to do it again when he missed one. Masato was running around the field and said that he had never seen the coach with so much energy and wondered what had happened. Then Kasumi called for a new routine.

Meanwhile, Kazuya and May were at the amusement park trying to do that elevator drop ride. Kazuya looked scared out of his mind, while May just seemed amazed. Then the cart dropped and Kazuya screamed in terror, but May screamed in delight (and tried to hold her skirt down).

Then they also went on the merry-go-round. Later, as they watched the clown juggle, May said that this was the first time that they were alone together. She blushed pretty hard, and Kazuya blushed a little. She was about to tell him something, but she quickly said that it was nothing.

Nanbara had put Sara in a chaise. She looked like she was in a fever and wasn't awake. He was screaming for her to get up. He said, "What am I going to do without you? Don't you understand??" He looked very concerned for her. However, Commando Z said that there wasn't anything that they could do because "it" had started.

At the park, May and Kazuya were going to go into "Monster Grand", a haunted house. May saw several of the girls mildly protesting as they entered, saying that they were afraid, and they hugged their boyfriend's arms pretty tightly. Then this gave May an idea.

Somewhere far away, Cyber X was standing in a large field. The place was filled with electronic beds covered with cyberdolls. You could hear the breathing through his mask as he stared all the robots that were unconscious.

A vampire appeared in the haunted house, and May screamed and tried to grab onto Kazuya. But then she realized that he was no longer standing next to her. She looked and saw that Kazuya was so scared that he was clinging to a pole. May looked at him and laughed quietly.

Nanbara asked about what was happening. Commando Z said that only CBD May could help them now.

May had brought a picnic basket. She said that she had Mami help her make it. Kazuya quickly dug into it and said that it was delicious. Then May said that she forgot to get the drinks. Kazuya said that he'd get them, but May said that he could stay and eat.

The TV was playing "The Whirlwind of Love". This time, Yamazaki was in Paris. "Juliano," he said. "Yamazaki," Juliano, an blonde French man, responded. They held each other. "Juliano." "Yamazaki." Then the show said "THE END".

Lena was watching. She screamed that she couldn't believe that's how the show ended. Electricity seemed to be sparking from her head. Then she fainted. Kei saw her and told Mami that she was in shock by the TV show.

Meanwhile, Kazuya and May were in the spinning teacup ride and having a good time.

Kei held Lena, and saw electricity arcing from her. Kei quickly said that this wasn't the result of her being shocked. But then Kei collapsed also. Ikariya let out a scream. Mami then said that "it" had started. Then she heard Kasumi enter the room, and Mami ran over to her.

May was running over to another ride. She called for him to hurry. Kazuya said that they had all day. But May said that she didn't want to spend a moment not having fun with Kazuya.

Back at Kazuya's apartment, Kasumi put a moist towel on Lena's head. However, the water turned to steam because she was so hot. Kasumi looked scared and asked Mami just what was happening. Mami was carrying ice and said that they had to use this to keep the temperature down.

May and Kazuya were in a Print Club machine. May was pressing very close to Kazuya and he seemed a bit nervous by this.

Mami suddenly started shaking and she also collapsed. Kasumi called out her name in shock. She wondered what she could do and who could save them. But then Nanbara came in the apartment carrying Sara. He demanded to know where was Kazuya, but Kasumi said that he wasn't back yet. Then Nanbara put down Sara and he kowtowed, begging Kasumi and Kazuya to please take care of Sara. Then he ran off to his car.

May and Kazuya were on the Ferris wheel again. May was looking at the two Print Club stickers that she had made, the previous one when she was still small. Then Kazuya said that he was actually glad that she had won, because he actually wanted to go with her again to the amusement park. May's turned red and her eyes got watery. Then Kazuya said that they should go.

Outside the theme park, a huge crowd was leaving. As a result, Kazuya and May were being pressed together, and Kazuya got a little nervous. Then Kazuya held out his arm, saying that it was probably dangerous. Then she wrapped her arm around it and smiled.

They heard a sound. Nanbara had been speeding and ran his car into a concrete wall. Kazuya and May were driving back with him and he was explaining what was happening to the others. Kazuya remembered something about how Sara mentioned that they carried something in the core of every cyberdoll.

Back at home, Commando Z and Kasumi were chipping ice and trying to cool down the other cyberdolls. Commando Z was yelling at Kazuya that he was slow. He told everybody that there was a flaw in all the CBDs that would cause them to shutdown. Meanwhile, Cyber X was still with all the other cyberdolls in the field and he was criticizing himself for not being able to do anything.

Kazuya had May press her palm onto Kei's hand. Then he plugged her into his computer and started to look at Kei's program. Somehow, some virus was rapidly destroying her program.

But then Kazuya noticed that May wasn't affected. Commando Z said that he finally got it. He said that all cyberdolls were installed with the same core operating system, the Maid System. But they didn't realize that the OS had a virus hidden in it, and now it affected every one of them. However, CBD May--specifically, Kazuya's May--no longer had the original program any more, as it has somehow evolved and it was immune to it. Then Kazuya remembered what Kei had told him when she had tried to analyze May.

Kazuya didn't understand how this all involved him. Nanbara and Kasumi said that this was their problem, so they should have people to fix it. But Commando Z said that they had every programmer in the company research the problem but they could never solve it. To save the future, they had to go back to the past and fix the problem with the original programmer of the Maid System.

Then Commando Z pointed to Kazuya. "The original programmer for the cyberdolls is Saotome Kazuya. Only you can save all the cyberdolls. Only YOU." Kazuya was very shocked.

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