Hand Maid May 10

Hand Maid May episode 10/10
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.01.07
    Slight editing by Hitoshi Doi
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[Kev's Note: This episode had a special opening. It has no opening song or video, only a black screen with the "Hand Maid May" logo on it.]

In the future, Cyber X was watching all the cyberdolls on the tables. The monitors showed that a large number of them had flat-lined (lost their life signs). Then Cyber X went and closed their eyes with his hands.

Back at Kazuya's place, all the cyberdolls were still in a furious sweat. Kazuya was still working, and May was praying very hard for the rest of them. The others were telling him not to give up. However, Kazuya was saying that the virus was working too fast. But May said that she believed in him.

Kazuya said that the only way that he could stop the virus was to download it somewhere where he could work on it. But his computer had no memory left. May said that she could help save everyone. Then May showed him some memory that he could delete and use. The area was marked "Secret System" and "Keep Out".

Kazuya was going to ask what was kept in that memory area. But the cyberdolls in his apartment weren't going to survive for more than a few more minutes. Commando Z and the others seemed to want him to go for it. Commando Z got overexcited, so they tied him up and hung him on the ladder outside.

Kazuya was really wondering if this could work. But May said, "Gambaremasu... Meippai!"


[Kev's Note: The episode title is "May-ppai", and it is timed to appear just as May says, "Meippai!"]

Nanbara drove his car to the university. He was going so fast that he almost flipped his car. Kazuya had told Nanbara that he had to bring back the university computers and that he was counting on him.

Nanbara loaded a large stack of computers into the backseat of his now beat-up car. He looked at himself in the mirror and gave himself words of encouragement. "Meippai!" Then he drove off very fast back to Kazuya's place.

Cyber X was holding a small "hand maid" in his palm. This one looked like a bunny girl with a watch around her neck. She was panting very hard just like the other cyberdolls in Kazuya's place.

The other cyberdolls were lying on the table. They showed a close-up of one of the monitors:

 Maid Doll Mimi 1/6
 Memory of MAID SYSTEM
 Nothing remaining**

** The screen had very bad English so this is not verbatim.

A cyberdoll that had angel's wings had cables coming from her connected to all of the other cyberdolls. She appeared to be crying.

Meanwhile, Cyber X looked at the doll in his hands. Suddenly she let out a shuddering gasp and went silent. The clock around her neck stopped ticking. Cyber X said that he couldn't give them more time, and hoped for Kazuya.

Back at Kazuya's place, Kazuya was starting up the "Alice OS". Nanbara and Commando Z had put all the computers in Kasumi's room and they were all interconnected. They had cabled it back to Kazuya's place. Kasumi was still chipping ice for the cyberdolls. Then May handed Kazuya the USB cable that was connected to all the other computers that were wired together.

Then May held all the girls' hands and her hands started to glow. Kazuya had all of the cyberdolls interconnected. Then he started and began pulling out the virus bits and replacing them into May's memory space. May looked like the process was painful.

As Kazuya worked, the memory (represented by a glowing sphere), was slowing being peeled down like an apple. For a second, Kazuya thought that he saw something like an image of himself in the memory that was being deleted.

May looked like she was going to faint. Kasumi went to her, and ordered the Nanbaras to get more ice. May said that she was okay, and said that she was going to give it her best, since that was what everybody else in the room was doing.

Back in the future, the angel cyberdoll that was hooked into all the others clasped her hands in prayer.

The Nanbaras looked exhausted. Then Ikariya requested something from them, and they tied a headband on him.

Kasumi was trying to chip more ice for the cyberdolls, but there wasn't any more left in the apartment. She wondered what she would do. But then she heard a knock on the door. When she opened the door, she saw that there were three very large blocks of ice outside the door. A water trail led from the ice to Shikishima-san's apartment. Kasumi wondered if this could make up for six month's of unpaid rent.

Finally, Kazuya managed to upload the entire virus into the memory. The virus looked like a wriggling blob, and then it turned into the Nanbara Special Virus that had appeared in the first episode. The virus said that he had to type in the password correctly. Kasumi was angry at Nanbara, but he said that you couldn't defeat the virus except by inputting the correct password, which was supposed to be impossible.

Meanwhile, Kazuya began typing very quickly as the virus began talking the stupid password ("Nanbara is so great, and Kazuya is such an idiot", etc.). The two Nanbaras were cheering for him, and Kasumi was getting more ice for the cyberdolls. Kasumi put a cold compress on May's forehead.

May saw that blood was coming from his fingers from hitting the keyboard so hard. Kazuya was going to pass out because he couldn't keep up with it. But suddenly Cyber X appeared and grabbed him before he hit the ground. He immediately picked up typing where Kazuya had stopped. His hands were very fast, and eventually he managed to complete the dialogue and he destroyed the virus.

In the future, the angel cyberdoll was holding the small bunny girl. The clock around her neck started again and she awoke. Then the two of them looked very happy. The screen panned back and you could see all the cyberdolls were standing and not lying on the beds any more.

The cyberdolls were waking up. Lena awoke and Ikariya jumped to her. Kei and Mami looked a bit confused as to what happened. Sara said that she wanted to eat some ramen, and Nanbara immediately gave her a bowl. But she just ate it without showing much gratitude to Nanbara, and he got upset.

Commando Z and Cyber X were talking to each other. Commando Z wanted to know what had taken him so long to show up, I believe.

Kasumi seemed to be happy that everything had worked out for everybody. Then she went to talk to Kazuya, but he had a shocked look on his face. Apparently May had collapsed on the floor. Kazuya went to pick her up. She awoke and said that she was okay. Everybody was relieved.

Nanbara said that they had really survived some dangerous things. (I don't remember what Kei or Mami were saying). Lena elbowed Kasumi, and asked if she did anything naughty with Kazuya while they were unconscious. Kasumi seemed upset and said that they didn't have time for that kind of thing. But she smiled and said that she was happy that everybody was doing well.

Commando Z was saying that they were lucky to have found the secret memory area of May. But Cyber X quickly grabbed him and asked him if she deleted that memory area. Then he became very saddened. Commando Z asked what was in the memory.

Kazuya was shocked and he hoped that it couldn't have be talking about *that* memory space. But May said, "What's wrong? May is doing fine... master."

Later that evening, everybody sat outside the apartment steps looking very sad. May was talking to Kazuya, and giving him the Cyberdyne company policies. It was the first conversation that May had said to him when he first met her. Kazuya was angry at himself because he should have noticed that one time when he saw the image of himself in May's memory.

Earlier, Kasumi had asked Cyber X earlier what had happened to her memory. Cyber X said that she had deleted all of her memories, and she was basically the same as the initial factory setting. He said that in order to save all the other cyberdoll's memories, she sacrificed her own.

Mami said that memories were the things most important to a cyberdoll. Lena said that May wouldn't even know who she and Ikariya were or what they had done together. Kei was saying that she wouldn't forget her sacrifice. Sara was saying something about how some things made cyberdolls like humans (or something like that). Nanbara asked her what she was she saying, and she replied that it was something that Kazuya had said to her. And Cyber X was talking about the memory "black box" which made cyberdolls unique.

Meanwhile, May was still talking to Kazuya. He was retelling the things to set the initial configuration, just like in the first episode. Despite that Kazuya looked so sad, May rattled on without stopping or changing her smiling expression.

Kasumi suddenly got very angry. She said that it wasn't like May was dead. She said that May was in her memories. Kazuya still sounded depressed. But then everybody came into the room.

Lena put her hand on May's and said that "The Whirlwind of Love Part 2" was starting, and they'd have to watch it together. She said that she could have fun telling what had happened in part one.

Then Ikariya put his hand on top saying that he'd help her. May said, "Okay!" and put it in her memory.

Kei put her hand on top of the others. She said that there were many important things that she knew that she would have to know. May said "Okay!" and put it in her memory.

Sara placed her hand on top of the others, saying that she was still friends, even though she winked and said that she didn't like her as much as ramen.

Nanbara placed his hand and said that they had been rivals in the past, but he would like to be a friend. (May said, "Okay!")

Mami said to May that she was still not as good at cooking or cleaning yet, so they'd have to experience that again. ("Okay!")

Kasumi placed her hand and said, "Oi-su!" She said that they were going to have fun experiencing all the wonderful memories all over again.

May added to her memory and said, "Wonderful memories..."

Kazuya said that May was in everybody's memories, and that they all had important memories that they shared with her. Then May seemed to add something to her memories.

Then there was a flashback of the important May events in monochrome. They showed when May first came out of the box and introduced herself... When Kazuya first tied the ribbon around May's waist... May getting new outfits from Kasumi... May pulling up a blanket whenever Kazuya fell asleep at his computer... May eating a grain of rice off of Kazuya's face... May and Kazuya at the amusement park... When May had returned to Kazuya and he tied the ribbon in her hair... When they all went to the festival together... Kazuya and May going shopping together... How they all worked together to save the ladder between the two apartments...

Then the memories went into full color and showed the critical events that happened the second time that May went to the amusement park. The flashback ended with May wrapping her arm around Kazuya's.

May echoed Kazuya's words that she was in everybody's memories. Kazuya put his hand on top of May's with all the others. He said that they were going to have to just do all those things again in the future.

There was a graphic of a ribbon being tied against a black background.

Then Kazuya said that they were going to have a lot (meippai) of important memories.

The ribbon tied itself again.

May said, "Meippai..."

The ribbon tied itself once more.

Kazuya said, "May..."

May looked like she was going to cry and said, "Kazuya-san..."

The graphic showed the ribbon tying itself again, but this time it was around May, and May spun around just like in the opening video. Then they played the special ending credits. This was the opening video except that almost all of the scenes showed May in her large form instead of small. They also threw in scenes of events that happened during the May series.

After the ending credits, they wrote on the screen, "Is May in your memories?" (Literally translated, "Will May be memorable?" but I think that my translation is what they meant.)

After the credits, there's a special short.

Everybody was in the park. They had a banner that said that it was a Kasumi's reunion party (I think).

They showed "camera photos" of the events:

  • Lena, Commando Z, and Ikariya jumping in the picture to block Nanbara's photograph. (He was in the background looking serious).
  • Sara eating a bowl of ramen at the picnic.
  • Lena jumping on Kazuya as he was trying to eat, resulting in May getting jealous.
  • Tadokoro and Daimon staring at Kei as she was trying to keep her skirt from getting lifted by the wind.
  • Kasumi, her mom, and her friend Hikari (with Kasumi's baseball team in the distant background).
  • The crew of "The Whirlwind of Love Part 2" filming Yamazaki holding Miki.
  • May sitting next to Kazuya.

Cyber X turned out to be Saotome Takuya, Kazuya's grandchild (I believe) from the future. He had short green hair and he wore amber glasses. Takuya was thanking Kazuya for his help. Kazuya was very modest, but Takuya said that compared to him he was like a baby.

Meanwhile, Commando Z and Nanbara were arguing over who was better again. Lena said that they do this every day (I think). Kei was trying out ramen with Sara, but then she started to analyze the situation. As Kei went into "processing mode", Sara leaned over and ate all of her ramen.

Then May and Kasumi came running up to Takuya and Kazuya carrying a large container of milk. Kazuya said that he'd be there in a minute. Takuya nodded at him, and Kazuya left to go with them. Takuya said to himself that Kazuya was doing good for having such strong feelings for his friends. (Or something like that).

Kasumi, Kazuya, and May drank a glass a milk. As they let out a sigh, there was a loud rumbling and the ground shook. May looked up and said, "Shikishima-san?" Then you could faintly hear a screech much like the sound that Godzilla makes.

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