Idol Project 1 Starland Festival

Title Idol Project 1 Starland Festival
Number JSLA-22639, JSVA-22639
Release Date 1995.09.22
  • Summary version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.07.10
    (I only saw this once at the event, so there are probably many holes.)
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.07.13
    (Added some information by Peter Evans.)
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.07.24

Yuri, a former idol, created a hologram toy which gave a message, "Follow your beliefs"

Mimu woke up, and she discovered that she was late. After listening to the hologram message by Yuri, she psyched herself up and ran out for the excellent idol audition.

Mimu Emilton, a cute 14 year old girl, wanted to become an idol. She had applied for an audition at the Starland Festival, where there was an idol audition to choose the next major idol. Mimu was late and she was running toward the audition tower.

The idol president Yuri was in charge of finding the next idol, and there was even a hologram pendant where she gave a cheer up message. Mimu had one of these pendants with her.

While she was running through the Starland Festival grounds, she was tripped by a little girl. The little girl said that she was lost and wanted help. So Mimu carried her around on her back for a while.

Then the little girl said that she was hungry (she hadn't eaten for three days), and asked for some ice cream. So Mimu bought her some ice cream and they ate it while sitting on a bench. Then some crows attacked the little girl, and took off her hood. Mimu was able to see the little girl's face, and found out that the girl was Ruka, one of the six excellent idols. Mimu was shocked at the act that Ruka had put on.

Then Ruka gave Mimu the advice, "If you want to be an excellent idol, smile. Smile. A smile is the standard language all over the world."

The gates of the audition hall opened, and the 8th excellent idol audition began. Mimu started running for the tower where the audition hall was located.

Then Mimu ran into Corvette, another one of the six excellent idols. Corvette was performing (singing and dancing) and she pulled Mimu onto her stage.

Corvette held Mimu tight, and sang very seductively to her.

Corvette said, "Yes, that smile is very cute. Let's dance."
Mimu asked, "Who are you?"
Corvette pointed to Mimu's back and said, "Is this the back that carried Ruka-chan?"
Corvette pointed to Mimu's eyes and said, "Are these the eyes that looked at Ruka-chan?"
Corvette pointed to Mimu's mouth and said, "Is this the mouth that talked to Ruka-chan?"
Mimu said, "You are?"
Corvette said, "You're just like Ruka-chan, very pretty."

Then Corvette and Mimu crashed to the ground together. Mimu realized that the person she was lying next to was Corvette. Corvette said, "Rhythm, if you're going to audition. You see?"
[Corvette was pushing at Mimu's brooch..]

As Mimu ran off, Corvette said, "Oh my pretty girl."

Mimu ran off thinking about rhythm. She remembered that Corvette had said, "Very pretty girl, don't go to tinkle street, stage 7. Very dangerous yo.."

But Mimu had ran into stage 7, and saw the excellent idols Extra and Layla. Layla was a wild rock singer with a guitar, and Extra was a calm ojousama singer playing the piano. They were battling it out with their songs. The stage that they were on got higher and higher. The Layla fans (punk rockers with mohicans) and Extra fans (guys in white tuxedos and girls in wedding dresses) were cheering for their respective sides. Layla was yelling out guts, and Extra was yelling out kihin. Then as the stage collapsed, Mimu got caught in the middle.

Mimu surfaced from the debris only to meet Pal Pu, the kung fu idol who liked fighting more than anything else in the world. Pal Pu pounding all of her fans, who were very happy to get beaten up. Pal Pu went to Mimu, and asked if she wanted to get kicked. Mimu said that she didn't. Mimu said that she was going to the audition. Pal Pu noticed that Mimu was very nervous, and told her to relax.

After getting away from Pal Pu, Mimu ran toward the audition tower. Then she got caught in a battle between some crows and some ninja.

When Mimu woke up, she was in a Japanese style room. It was dark outside, so she thought that she had missed the audition. But Shion, a ninja idol, told her to make her heart calm, and said that they can still make it.

Shion pulled Mimu and they rushed toward the audition tower. The gates to the tower had started closing!

The crows were still after the ninja, but Shion and Mimu were avoiding their attacks. With the help of her ninja assistants, Shion and Mimu made it inside the tower, just as the door closed shut.

Mimu was the last contestant, and all of the crowd had already gone home. But the other excellent idols where already inside the tower, and they were waiting for Mimu's song.

Mimu was sad that everyone had gone home, but she decided to give it her best for the wonderful people (excellent idols) who had come to see her. Then just as Mimu was about to sing, there was a crash, as some crows broke into the tower and changed into giant monsters. They were after the excellent idols that defended the kingdom. The excellent idols tried to fight them off.

One of the monsters caught the tower Mimu was standing on and dislodged the sacred golden microphone. Mimu dove to catch it, as did everyone else. Mimu caught it and all the other excellent idols landed on top of her.

The monsters caught them, now that they were temporarily entangled and carried them off in a giant flying microphone!

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