Idol Project 2 Tropical Paradise

Title Idol Project 2 Tropical Paradise
Number JSLA-22751, JSVA-22751
Release Date 1996.02.16
  • Summary by Kevin Lew and YS, 1996.05.01
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, YS, and Dave Endresak, 1996.05.16

This episode begins with a flashback of the end of the previous one. You see the Excellent Idols gathered in the Crystal Hall, waiting for Mimu to sing. The aliens break into the Hall...

There's an abrupt fade-out, and you see the present situation. The spaceship, which resembles a wand with a bird statue on top, is seen flying through space at warp speed. The girls are still trapped inside the bubble. Somebody is watching them, and apparently knows the names of all the Excellent Idols. However, when he gets to Mimu, he can't figure out who she is.

They arrive at a place called the Tropical Dimension. The bubble "pops", and all the girls fall out. They immediately realize that they are not in Starland any more. The spaceship lands, and becomes one of the many towers lining a stadium. Apparently, the Excellent Idols and Mimu were not the first ones to be brought here. Thousands of cheering fans cause the idols to immediately pose for their public. However, Layla subtly kicks one of her alien captors and, while still smiling, says, "You'll explain all of this later, won't you?"

The festival begins, and they begin playing the planet's theme song. (Note: The song has no words). Mimu and the others are surprised that it's the same as Yuri's last song that she sang before she retired.

The "owner" of the Tropical Dimension was the one watching the girls. Apparently, he is a big fan of the Earth idols; he even has a collection of talking dolls of the Excellent Idols. On his wall, you see several pictures of other idols; one of them is Yuri.

Girls from all over the galaxy have been brought here to participate in an idol contest. The Excellent Idols have been "invited" to represent Earth. The purpose is to pick a winner who will raise the "new sun", since the "old sun" is about to go out, plunging the Tropical Dimension into cold and darkness. The selected idol will blow a huge conch horn, which raises the sun from a seashell. The sun will then be named after the winning idol.

The favored idols are the Tropical Dimension's "home team", the Tropical Girls. One is named Kiwi; she has short, green hair and a tiger-striped swimsuit. The other is named Watermelon; she is a huge ball-like creature (as her name suggests) with long, dark hair.

The girls all change into swimsuits, except for Mimu. Layla struggles to get Extra's dress off (Extra is roasting in those heavy clothes). Mimu runs off to find the other Excellent Idols, who are running around town.

The first contest is called "Swing Ski". This is like water-skiing, but the rope is on a free bearing, so the ski can swing back and forth (thus the name). The swinging action makes it hard to stay on the ski. Also, this contest is done in pairs, with one idol holding onto the rope while the other idol hangs onto the first one.

Layla and Extra are doing fantastic--Layla forces several of her opponents to fall off their skis (Extra just clings to Layla tightly). Suddenly, in a quick move, Corvette and Ruka overtake them. Layla gets so angry that she accidentally lets go of the rope. Layla and Extra recover from this mistake, but Extra ends up holding the rope, with Layla clinging to her.

Below the surface, you see a shadowy figure. It lets out a huge waterspout right under Corvette's feet, and both Corvette and Ruka fly off their ski. It's called an unfortunate "accident", and they are disqualified. More geysers of water appear, knocking off other skiers one by one, until the only teams remaining are the Tropical Girls and Extra & Layla. The Tropical Girls win, and Extra & Layla take second place.

The girls, who were knocked off their skis, discover strange sea creatures call "megane utsubo" ("glasses (wearing) moray eels"). Although they do wear glasses, they look more like jellyfish with suction cups instead of stingers. They seem to enjoy attaching themselves to girls--sometimes in "ecchi" places.

Meanwhile, Mimu is still running around. She catches a glimpse of someone who looks like Yuri in the crowd, and runs after her. She follows "Yuri" (who seems to have antennae) up to a pillar that "Yuri" is gripping firmly. Suddenly, "Yuri's" back splits open, and out pops a butterfly-girl with Yuri's face. Mimu is left holding the bluish "skin" (the chrysalis) of the creature. At this point, Mimu goes into shock, and realizes that she really is in an alien world. She wonders where she is and what's going to happen to her.

Mimu is very sad, and activates her hologram brooch. Yuri's image appears and says, "Follow your beliefs", as always. Suddenly, the owner of the Tropical Dimension appears, and begins pressing up against Mimu (semi-ecchi). He is utterly fascinated with Mimu's toy, and begs her to give it to him for his collection. Mimu clutches it tightly, and says that he can't have it.

The next contest is called the "Muddy Quiz Contest". A pair of idols do a "three-legged race" around a star-shaped maze. (Well, Kiwi just rolls Watermelon around the maze...). The maze is filled with a pinkish, sticky "mud", which makes it a major challenge to get through it. At each point of the star-maze is a kiosk. Inside the kiosk, each contestant must answer a question correctly.

Shion and Palpu get to a kiosk, and the announcer (called "part-time worker girl" in the credits) asks:
"What is the owner's favorite possession? Is it: An autographed picture of the Tropical Girls? A collection of dolls of the Excellent Idols? A video of Doukyuu--"*

Shion immediately slaps the buzzer and says calmly, "The dolls." The announcer cries, "Pinpon, pinpon, pin-ponnn!" ("Bingo, bingo, bin-goooo!")

* The picture on the screen shows two girls with a censor block over their eyes, and mosaic covering the title of the show. They are making fun of Doukyuusei (sometimes known as "Classmates" or "End Of Summer"), an adult anime title.

Layla and Extra are struggling to get though the maze, but Shion and Palpu are moving through it effortlessly. Shion had spent the earlier part of the day gathering info, so she would have a better chance at answering the questions.

Layla and Extra finally make it to a kiosk. The announcer shows a picture of a fused bomb on the screen and asks:
"What is this?"

Layla and Extra pound on the button and shout simultaneously, "A BOMB!"

An explosion surrounds them as the announcer yells, "Pinpon, pinpon, pin-ponnn!"

Both Layla and Extra are covered with white paint from head to toe. The announcer explains that this was a "service problem." In other words, it's a "freebie" question: no matter what happened, even if they didn't answer, they would get a prize. In this case, the prize was a paint bomb...

Finally, Shion and Palpu get to the last kiosk. The announcer asks:
"Who won the last idol contest here?"

Shion didn't know. Palpu excitedly replied that she didn't know, either. Kiwi jumped in front of them and hit the buzzer, shouting, "Yu... Yuri!" It was the correct answer, and the Tropical Girls won again. The two Excellent Idols were very shocked at the answer.

Meanwhile, Mimu was sitting with the owner of the Tropical Dimension, eating ice cream. Actually, the owner wanted to exchange the ice cream for the brooch...

The owner explains that one day, he happened to get some radio/TV transmissions from Earth, and heard Yuri sing. He immediately fell in love with her, and went to Earth to ask her to compete in the idol contest. She replied, "Space, that might be an interesting place to go." She excelled at the competitions, and won the last contest.

One day, she left the Tropical Dimension to go compete in other idol contests. When she returned she held an "Emergency Press Conference." Yuri explained that she'd been gone, but now she was back, and she had a new song... but it was a farewell song, and she returned to Earth.

Suddenly, the old sun went out, and it got dark. The final contest began: "Last Game! The Usual Idol Kibasen".

A kibasen is a Japanese school game in which three people form a base called a "horse." There's a "rider" that stands on the "horse" wearing a bandanna or a cap. The objective of this game is to make the rider fall, or to get the cap.

In Idol Project, this has been modified so that two idols ride a jet ski, and one of them wears the cap. Other than that, the rules are the same.

Extra had a megane utsubo stuck to her butt, and couldn't get it off. Layla couldn't join the contest, since she had no partner. The owner asked Mimu to take Extra's place. Mimu reluctantly agreed, leaving a very upset Extra (with a megane utsubo still stuck to her butt).

Mimu finally changes into her swimsuit. Layla tells her to hang on as she goes at maximum speed to catch up to the others. Layla, aggressive as always, knocks her opponents down, and gets their caps. Once again, it comes down to a battle between Layla & Mimu and the Tropical Girls.

Kiwi jumps off her jet ski and starts heading towards Mimu (who is wearing the cap). Layla holds her back and tells Mimu to climb up Watermelon and get her cap. Mimu does this, but Watermelon starts inflating, growing to a huge size. Kiwi breaks free, and almost grabs Mimu's cap. However, the creature from earlier blows its spout again, and sends everyone flying. The creature is apparently a troublesome whale.

The whale treats Watermelon like a ball, playing with her by bouncing her on its nose. Eventually, it flips her onto the mountain top, where she lands and crushes the conch horn. Everybody goes into a panic, as there is no way to raise the sun.

The owner explains that there's another way to raise the sun. Last time, they misplaced the conch shell. Yuri sang using the sacred golden microphone, and her song caused the sun to rise from the seashell.

Layla removes her pendant from around her neck and activates it. An image of Yuri appears (wearing idol clothes) and says, "If you are there, no matter where it is, that place is your stage." In other words, "Wherever you are, think of it as your stage." Layla yells for Mimu to sing, using the golden microphone.

Mimu brings out the golden microphone she's been carrying all this time, and sings into it. (Note: You don't get to hear her sing, but it's the same song as Yuri's final song). The seashell opens and the new sun rises. Everybody is happy. Mimu faints from exhaustion, but Kiwi rescues her when her head is about to go underwater.

The prize for the best idol is awarded to... Yuri! Millions of megane utsubo suddenly appear and swarm all over the girls. Mimu asks, "But... what about my audition?!"

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