Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne episode 1

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne episode 1
Kaitou ha Yokokujou to Tomoni
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.02.15
  • Version 0.9, minor updates, 1999.02.22
In the middle of the night, a thief stole a painting and called out, "Checkmate!" Then Kaitou Jeanne successfully escaped from the police.

The next day, Maron, a high school student, was late for her gymnastics practice. Miyako, a daughter of a policeman, was waiting for her, and scolded her.

Miyako was upset because Kaitou Jeanne had gotten away the previous night. Miyako was the kind who followed rules, but Maron loved freedom. They kept arguing, and the gym teacher came over and scolded both of them.

Miyako and Maron lived in the same apartment building, across the hall from each other. So they walked home "together".

When they got home, there was a lot of empty boxes in the hallway. Miyako got upset, because the person was breaking rules, but the owner of the box was a young, cool looking guy.

Miyako scolded him, but he said that she was cute. Then he said that she was even cuter when she wasn't yelling. Miyako blushed and didn't say a word from then on.

Then the guy looked at Maron, who was on the floor, and said that he liked the view.. (Maron's panties were slightly visible.) Maron got very mad at the guy.

Miyako and Maron went up to their apartments, which were just across the hall from each other. Miyako went back to her family (father and mother), and Maron went back to an empty apartment.

On the TV, there was news about the famous painter Yamakawa, who had his paintings destroyed by someone who smeared black ink over it.

But actually it was Yamakawa himself, as an evil spirit entered his body, and he destroyed the paintings himself.

A small green haired fairy was watching over Yamakawa, from outside his home. Then she threw an "announcement card" at him. The card said that Kaitou Jeanne will steal the painting the next evening at 8 PM.

The fairy (Fin) went back to Maron's room. She said that she had a new job for Maron, but Maron refused. She said she had just gone out the day before.

Then Fin told Maron that she was the reborn Jeanne d'Arc, and she was the only one who can stop the evil. The evil forces were planning to steal the beautiful hearts of people, by destroying the beautiful works of art, and this was the way for them to destroy humanity.

Fin said "everyone will disappear", and Maron said that she would do it.

[CM break begin]

Going into the CM, there is a "card" on the screen (in French).

ne partez pas!
je reviens juste apres
ces quelques publicites!
jeanne de la cambriole

There was a CM for Jeanne shoes, for little girls.

Going back into the show, there is another "card" on the screen.

me voici de retour pour
la suite de mes aventures
jeanne de la cambriole

[end of CM break]

Maron went to eat dinner at Miyako's apartment. Fin was there too (flying around Maron's head). But she was only visible to Maron.

During dinner, Miyako talked about Kaitou Jeanne. She wanted to go with her father, but her mother and Maron were against it. Father wanted her to stay home too, but Miyako was very forceful and said that she would go. She said she had a special trap for Jeanne.

Back in her room, Maron was upset, and Fin apologized for sending the "announcement card". Maron was feeling depressed Then Fin said that if the devil wins, there will be nobody left on earth. Maron said that she would do it.

There were many policemen at Yamakawa's house. Miyako had her traps set.

At 8 PM, Maron and Fin were outside. Maron jumped off of a building, and transformed in mid air. "Jeanne d'Arc lend me your powers."

Jeanne used a yoyo-like ball on string (called rebound ball).

Jeanne went through the Yamakawa property (very large yard), fighting and defeating the policemen. She even avoided Miyako's trap.

Jeanne was even good at hand to hand combat against the policemen.

Then Jeanne got to the house. Fin told her that the devil was on the second floor.

Jeanne ran, and almost fell into a trap, but she escaped.

Miyako turned on the bright lights, but Jeanne went into the house.

Miyako had set a trap for Jeanne in the room. But Jeanne tricked them, and Miyako and the police got caught in their own trap.

Then Jeanne went to the painting. When she was standing in front of it, Yamakawa (under the control of the devil) grabbed Jeanne. Jeanne struggled, and recalled the words by Fin. Jeanne thought, "I don't want to be alone," and defeated Yamakawa.

"In the name of god, I'll seal you here."

Jeanne threw a pin at the painting. The evil forces got trapped in the pin, which turned into a chess piece.

Kaitou Jeanne said, "Checkmate."

As Jeanne was escaping, Miyako's final trap (a large net) shot out at her. But Jeanne got away.

Meanwhile, the guy who had moved into Maron's building was working on a computer. He realized that Jeanne was Kusakabe Maron.

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