Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 2

Target ha Oyako no Kizuna!?
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Miyako was dragging Maron to school, as they were going to be late. Maron was still half asleep.

When they got close to school Miyako reminded Maron that it was her turn to get the flowers that day. Then Maron woke up and jumped over the fence to get into the school. Miyako didn't approve of Maron's "illegal entry" tactics..

Then Maron heard a girl scream out. She saw a little girl on a bicycle, going down hill. But the brakes on the bicycle were broken. Maron quickly jumped to her rescue, and grabbed the girl off of the bicycle, just in time.

Then the girl's father came and slapped her. He scolded her for playing on the bicycle.

[title screen]
Target ha Oyako no Kizuna!?

Maron ran into the class late (she was holding the flowers). Miyako was late too, as she came in behind Maron. Then they noticed that the boy (the one who had moved into their building the previous day) was standing in front of the classroom.

Maron called him "pants otoko". Everyone laughed. The boy's name was Nagoya Chiaki. Maron was shocked. Miyako was happy.

Then Chiaki sat next to Maron. Since he didn't have any text books yet, he moved his desk right next to Maron's.
Chiaki: What color today?
Maron: What?
Chiaki: Your panties. Red?

Maron got very upset. Then Chiaki asked if she would go out with him, and Maron stuck out her tongue. Then Maron got scolded by the teacher.

After school, Maron and Miyako were practicing rhythmic gymnastics. Miyako was pointing out Maron's minor faults, like not raising her leg to the correct angle. Miyako was actually upset at Maron for getting close to Chiaki. Then Maron said that she had no feelings for him at all.

Maron noticed that Chiaki was peeking by the door. Then Maron threw the ball at the door, but when she looked again, it was the little girl at the door. Maron called the ball back, and the ball suddenly stopped and fell to the ground.
[One of Maron's powers?]

Maron went to the girl. She said that she wanted to learn gymnastics too. But her father wouldn't let her. Maron asked if her father was always that way. Hiromi (the girl) said that he was always nice, until recently.

Then Maron had a flashback..
Little Maron (VERY cute) was crying. She was watching her parents fight.

Then when Hiromi left, Chiaki appeared. He eyed Maron's body, and said that Maron had a good proportion.

Later they (Maron, Miyako, Chiaki) all went home together. But Maron didn't like being with Chiaki..

Maron looked in her mail box, but there was nothing. She was disappointed.

Maron got home, to an empty apartment. She took off her school clothes, and went out onto the balcony.

Chiaki was on the balcony next door. He said he moved into a room with a good view, and Maron said it was because they were on the 7th floor. But then Chiaki pointed at Maron. Maron noticed that she was in her underwear, and rushed inside.

Then Fin came back. She said that there was some work to do, but Maron said she didn't want to. Fin said that a family was about to get destroyed, and Maron took an interest. Fin showed Maron a picture of a girl and a father. The girl was Hiromi.

Then Maron asked where she had to go.

Maron rushed out of her apartment. Then across the hall, Miyako rushed out of her room too. Miyako said that they got another "announcement" from Kaitou Jeanne. Miyako rushed off. Maron went out too.

Then Chiaki opened his door and smiled.

[CM break]

The police were setting up spot lights and traps at Hiromi's house. The police chief (Miyako's father) wondered why Jeanne was after a drawing by a little girl, when she usually goes after famous paintings.

Then Miyako arrived. She asked if her traps had been set, and her father said that it was.

Maron and Fin were getting ready. Maron said that she didn't want Hiromi to go through the same thing as her.

Maron ran, holding the magical stick, and called out, "Jeanne d'Arc lend me your powers." Maron transformed, grew some wings, and flew in the air.

"tuyoki ni honki, muteki ni suteki, genki ni yuuki."
(firmly truthful, invincibly great, healthy courage)

At Hiromi's house Miyako had put the drawing on a string, hanging in the middle of the room.

Jeanne arrived. She landed on the roof, and she threw knives (or shuriken) at all the spot lights. Miyako and her father were in a room watching the monitors of the infrared cameras. Miyako said that the lights were just a decoy. But then Jeanne took out all of the cameras too.

Then Jeanne turned off the lights of the house. She snuck into the house through the window.

Jeanne called for the rebound ball, and said, "Game start."

Jeanne went to the room with the picture. Then Miyako turned the spot light at Jeanne. There was a rope trap at Jeanne's feet, but Jeanne jumped up to the second floor walkway. But it was a trap. There were policemen at both sides of Jeanne.

Jeanne couldn't reach the picture. She was too far to throw the pin. She couldn't jump down to the first floor. Jeanne asked Fin what to do. Fin said that she should use the ball.

Then Jeanne made her rebound ball bigger. She threw the ball down onto the ground, and it bounced up to hit the picture. The picture fell off the hook, and Jeanne used a rope to swing through the room. She threw the pin at the picture, and trapped the evil. Jeanne swung by and grabbed the pin (which had turned into a chess piece).

Hiromi's father returned to normal.

Kaitou Jeanne was leaving, and Miyako was chasing her.

Jeanne went to other side of house. She saw someone in a tree, and thought it was one of the policemen. So Jeanne turned around and headed another way.

It happened to be Chiaki, who was in the tree, and there was another trap on the ground right near the tree. So Chiaki had lead Jeanne away from the trap.

The next morning, Miyako was dragging Maron to school again. Maron saw Hiromi and her father in the distance.

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