Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 3

Houimou! Teki ha Zenkouseito
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Maron and Miyako were picking flowers in garden at school. They were wearing just T-shirt over their leotards. Maron complaining about having to pick flowers. Then they started arguing. The teacher came by and scolded them. She said that they need to know the heart of flowers to dance rhythmic gymnastics. But Maron and Miyako kept arguing.

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Houimou! Teki ha Zenkouseito

The teacher, Maron, and Miyako were at a vase inside the school. The teacher had put some flowers in it. But the principal came and said that it was a priceless vase, and one shouldn't put flowers in it.

Later Maron and Miyako were by the garden. Maron was watering the flowers. Chiaki was with them. He was sweet talking Miyako. Then he turned to Maron and said he liked her appearance. Maron was wearing boots and gloves, in addition to the leotards and T-shirt. Maron got upset and called him "ecchi", and then sprayed water on him.

The teacher was at the vase, arranging the flowers. Then the devil got into the vase, and took over teacher. All the flowers dried up and died.

The class president was walking through the school. He saw that Pakkyaramon-sensei had collapsed by the vase.

Maron, Miyako, and the president took the teacher to the infirmary. Before the nurse could come, the teacher got up. Her face was still blue, but she said that she was ok. She slapped Maron away.

Then the teacher walked over to the vase. She said, "I won't let anyone get in my way."

Maron noticed that something was wrong. She went to the shoebox, where she kept Fin in a litle box. Fin was sleeping, and Maron tried to wake her up by shaking her.

Fin eventually woke up and they snuck up to the teacher. Fin felt the devil inside her.

Maron couldn't believe that the devil would get the teacher, but Fin said that the devil will try to get the heart of someone who has a beautiful heart. Then Maron asked fin to send out the announcement card. Fin was very happy, because Maron finally was enthusiastic about going after the devil.

While Maron and Fin were talking, another little angel, Access, was watching them. Access, who was a black angel, loved Fin. But he was her rival.

The principal and the teacher got the announcement card. Then the teacher made an announcement to the entire school. She told all the students to go to gym.

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The teacher said they couldn't give the vase to Jeanne.

Miyako said that they should leave it to the police, but the teacher refused. Miyako got upset and said she would catch Jeanne herself. Then Chiaki came by. But Miyako ran off to make her own secret plans.

Chiaki sneezed. Maron apologized, because she was the one who splashed him. Then Chiaki went up to Maron and cornered her into the wall. He said, "They say a cold will get fixed if you give it to someone. Will you fix my cold?"

Chiaki got closer and closer to Maron. But Maron slapped him before he could kiss her. Maron went off, but she was blushing.

It was 6 PM, just one hour before the time for Jeanne's appearance. Maron was going to get ready. Maron and Fin went to look over the vase. They saw a lot of students guarding it. Fin said that they wouldn't be able to get close.

Then Maron had an idea. Maron and Fin used a lot of decoys (of Kaitou Jeanne) all over school. They had all the students chasing Jeanne all around school.

The teacher made an announcement. The club that caught Jeanne would get double the amount for the club budget. All the students got psyched.

Then Jeanne appeared on top of the school clock tower. All of the students gathered around, and threw stuff at Jeanne. (The tennis club members hit their balls at her, etc..) Eventually they knocked Jeanne down onto the ground. When Jeanne's body hit the ground, they all gathered around it. But it was the human figure from biology class.

Meanwhile, Maron transformed into Jeanne. "Jeanne d'arc lend me your powers."

Jeanne said her lines, "Tuyoki ni honki, muteki ni suteki, genki ni yuuki."
(firmly truthful, invincibly great, healthy courage)

It was exactly 7 PM, and Jeanne appeared for the vase. The teacher and the principal looked around, but there weren't any students left to guard the vase.

Jeanne threw the pin at the vase and captured the devil. Jeanne went to get the chess piece, and was about to leave. But then Miyako, who had been hiding, pulled the rope to drop the curtain on top of Jeanne. Miyako thought she finally caught Jeanne.

When Miyako went to find Jeanne, she only found the principal. There was a big tear in the curtain..

Meanwhile outside, a masked boy was walking away, carrying an unconscious Jeanne.

Jeanne woke up. She asked, "I never asked you to help me. Who are you?"
"Kaitou Sindbad, I came to battle against you, and win. I won't lose. You better remember."

Then Sindbad went off.

Maron rushed home. When she got home, she turned on the TV, but her favorite TV show had ended.

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