Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 4

Dorobou Shigoto ha Kigyou mo Sukuu!?
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The president of a company was going to sell a valuable painting. It was a treasure, but it can pay for the salaries of the employees. The president wanted to take one last look at the painting. Then devil came out of the picture and took over the president. The president said that he would not sell the painting.

[title screen: Dorobou Shigoto ha Kigyou mo Sukuu!? ]

In the morning, Miyako was waiting for Maron. Maron said that Miyako didn't have to wait for her, but Miyako said that they have to go to school early to get ready for morning practice.

Miyako took Maron's hand, and they ran to school. While they were running, Maron recalled how Miyako's mother would take care of Miyako in the morning. Maron said to herself that it was "painful" to see it (because she was all alone).

When they got to school, they saw a sign saying that the morning practice was canceled. Then they saw bunch of boys picking on the class president, Minazuki Yamato. The other boys were accusing Yamato of doing evil things, like his grandfather who was a president of a company that was taking over a lot of other companies. But Miyako and Maron came by and defended Yamato, saying that nothing had been proven about his grandfather, and that even if he was doing bad things it doesn't mean that Yamato was doing it too. Then the other guys ran off.

Yamato told Miyako and Maron that his grandfather has been acting strange recently. He had always been a kind person in the past.


Yamato and his grandfather went fishing, and his grandfather was telling Yamato that the most important thing for a company was the heart of the employees.

[end of flashback]

Maron thought it might be because of the devil.

Yamato said things were diff recently. So he thought his grandfather is really doing bad things.

Then Chiaki came. He said that Miyako was cool for having such a good sense of justice. He said that he can tell what she is thinking, and it was much better than a girl who is hiding her feelings. Maron thought Chiaki was plotting something.

Chiaki suggested to Yamato that he should go talk to his grandfather.

Meanwhile, a company president who was an old friend was talking to Yamato's grandfather. He was asking for help, but Minazuki told him that one who has failed in competition should fold. He said old friendships didn't matter in business.

Later, Yamato went to his grandfather's office. But grandfather said he was busy, and chased Yamato out of the office.

Fin came back said devil must have taken over Minazuki Koutarou.

Maron got a phone call from Yamato, who said he didn't get a chance to talk to his grandfather.

Fin went to send the announcement card to Minazuki.

[CM break]

The police got a call about the message by kaitou Jeanne.

At school, Miyako was notified that Jeanne had sent another card. Miyako told Maron about it, and Maron got upset at Fin.

Maron said she couldn't do it, as Minazuki was too powerful. On the way home, Maron saw Yamato in park, feeding a lot of stray cats and dogs.

Then Maron decided to do it. Maron and Fin looked over the plans of the Minazuki building.

Maron and Miyako left their rooms at the same time. Miyako was very psyched up.

There were lots of police all over the Minazuki building. But Maron easily got in and went to check the underground tunnels.

"Jeanne d'Arc lend me your powers.." Maron transformed into kaitou Jeanne.

"Tsuyoki ni honki, muteki ni suteki, genki ni yuuki."

Minazuki was telling the police that the picture was worth 5 oku yen (500 million yen). He had spent a few thousand man yen (10's of million yen) on the security system. He dared Jeanne to steal the painting.

Meanwhile Jeanne was going around setting bombs all over the building.

Meanwhile someone entered the room with the painting, and the alarms went off. But instead of Jeanne, it was Yamato.

Then the security people spotted Jeanne going into the ventilation tunnel. Jeanne set off the bombs, and the electricity was cut. So the expensive security system stopped working. Minazuki started to panic.

Miyako was waiting for Jeanne to appear. Jeanne crawled through the ventilation system, towards the painting.

Everyone was waiting in room with painting. They heard the footsteps in ventilation tunnel. Then the ventilation screen burst open, and lots of cats and dogs came out into the room. The alarm system went off, and the policemen chased after the animals.

Then Jeanne came. She had her pin out and was about to throw it at the painting. But then Miyako's large net caught Jeanne. Jeanne got trapped! Miyako's father was going to handcuff Jeanne.

Then there was a loud noise of a window shattering. Kaitou Sindbad, a young man with a cloth over his face, appeared.

Sindbad threw a shuriken (or something sharp and spinning), to knock out Miyako's light and cut Jeanne free.

Then as Jeanne was going to throw her white pin, Sindbad brought out his black pin. He said that he would steal all the things that Jeanne was planning on stealing.

Sindbad and Access got the black chess piece, after trapping the devil.

Jeanne and Fin wondered who Sindbad was..

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