Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 5

Airport Hijoukeikai!
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Maron opened her mail box. But there was no mail for her.

Back in Maron's room, Fin was wondering why someone besides Jeanne can get the devils. Maron said that god didn't exist, or god must have lied to Fin. Fin then thought that Sindbad must have been sent by the devil.

Then the doorbell rang. It was Chiaki. He said that the letter Maron was always looking for was in his mail box. Chiaki handed the letter to Maron. It was addressed to her. She was getting very emotional. But then she looked at the back, and discovered that the letter was just an advertisement for a cosmetics company. Maron got upset at Chiaki.

Then Miyako opened the door (she lived across the hall), and asked what was going on. She saw Chiaki, and asked Maron what she was talking about with him. Miyako told Maron that she shouldn't try to "take the lead". But Maron got upset and said she hated Chiaki. Maron walked back into her apartment.

Chiaki asked Miyako what letter Maron was always waiting for. But Miyako said that she didn't know. She asked Chiaki if he wanted to go out for a walk, but Chiaki said that he was busy.

At school the next day, the girls were looking at an advertisement for a special jewelry exhibition. Maron asked Miyako if she wanted to go. But Miyako said that she didn't want to go. She didn't want to go with someone who would get too excited about it.

Then class began. That day they learned about Jeanne D'Arc. Maron recalled the words that Fin had said about Jeanne.

Chiaki was sitting next to Maron, and put his hand on her hand. He asked who she was waiting for (the letter). He told Maron to forget about that guy, and go out with him instead. Maron blushed, but then she got mad at Chiaki for not letting go of her hand.

Later Miyako told Maron that Chiaki was asking about the letter that she was waiting for. She said that Chiaki seemed genuinely worried. But Maron said that he wasn't. Then Miyako said that she was worried too. She knew that Maron was waiting for a letter from her parents. Miyako said that she didn't tell Chiaki about it. Then Maron hugged Miyako.

Iiinchou came by with tickets to the jewelry exhibition, and asked Maron if she wanted to go with him. But Maron said that she would only go with Miyako, and left.

Later, Miyako told Maron that she had to go to the jewelry exhibition with her father. He was assigned to protect the jewelry from Kaitou Jeanne. Miyako said that they had to watch out for Jeanne, but Maron said that Jeanne wouldn't steal something like that.

Later when Maron was at home drinking milk, Fin came in saying that the devil had taken over the diamond that was being sent over for the jewel exhibition. She said Maron had to get the devil before the diamond gets set out for public display. Maron started choking on the milk.

Meanwhile Access came to tell Chiaki about the diamond.

Jeanne and Chiaki rushed out of their apartments at the same time. Chiaki asked Maron where she was going, and Maron said that it was none of his business.

[CM Break]

Miyako's father had gotten a note from both Kaitou Jeanne and Kaitou Sindbad. The police were at the airport, where the diamond was supposed to arrive.

Maron was there too, but she didn't feel like stealing the diamond. She said that if she captured the devil, the diamond will disappear. But Fin told her that the world will disappear if they don't catch all the devils.

Then Maron and Fin saw Sindbad and Access. Sindbad went for the diamond, and fought the police. But Miyako's father grabbed the case, and ran away. Sindbad ran after him.

Maron saw this and said that it was better for her to get the diamond, instead of Sindbad (who is on the side of the devil). So she transformed into Kaitou Jeanne.

Sindbad caught up with Miyako's father, and beat him. He took the case, and ran away. But Kaitou Jeanne came and grabbed the case. Then they started fighting and chasing each other. Access and Fin fought each other too.

Fin was surprised that Access (another angel) was working on the side of the devil. Access just asked Fin to let them have it. Jeanne asked Sindbad if he was working for the devil, but Sindbad didn't answer.

Eventually, Sindbad and Access got the case, and escaped. Jeanne said that something was strange. Usually Miyako would come chasing after her, but today Miyako wasn't around.

Sindbad and Access opened the case, and discovered that it was a decoy.

Then Sindbad and Access went to the airport again to look for the real case. But they saw everyone carrying the same case! They had no idea who had the real diamond.

Meanwhile Miyako was in a car holding the real case. Miyako arrived at the museum, and went up to the old woman (the owner of the diamond). Miyako handed her the case.

Just then another old woman came, asking for her diamond. Miyako had handed the case to an imposter! Then Kaitou Jeanne took off her disguise, and escaped with the case.

Jeanne had the case, but she didn't open it. She was thinking about the diamond. Then she finally opened the case, and captured the devil.

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