Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 6

Aibou ha Nazo no Obaachan?
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Maron was walking home with the groceries. She was complaining that it was heavy, and asked Fin to help. But Fin said that she couldn't carry heavy things.

Then Maron heard an old lady screaming for help. A group of three guys in suits were trying to kidnap the woman. Maron rushed to the scene, and knocked out the guys. Then she pulled the old woman, and brought her to her apartment.

When they got to the apartment, the old woman complained that Maron made her run so much. Then the woman went into the apartment. Maron wanted to call her family and have them come pick her up, but the woman said that she had no family. The old woman said that her name was Oozora Kaori.

When Maron was making some tea for Kaori, Kaori snickered to herself that she would be able to use Maron. Fin noticed that there was something suspicious about Kaori. Fin told Maron to be cautious.

Then Kaori said that her body was cold, from sitting outside all day, and said that she needed a bath. Maron went to get the bath ready. While Maron was in the other room, Kaori pulled out a portable phone, and called someone. She thanked the person, and said they she would pay them later.

Fin was in the living room listening to all of this. She was going to tell Maron about it, but then Kaori opened the bowl of candies, and accidentally hit Fin with it. Fin fell into the bowl, and Kaori closed the lid. Fin was trapped, as she wasn't strong enough to open the lid.

Meanwhile, Miyako's mother told Miyako to call Maron over for dinner, as she had made some stew.

Maron was going to go out shopping, while Kaori was in the bath. Just as she was going out, Miyako came. Then Maron realized that she had forgotten to put out the bath towels. Miyako saw the extra shoes, and thought that Maron had invited some guy over. Miyako got all red, and wandered back to her house.

When Maron got back from shopping, she met Chiaki. Chiaki saw that Maron had beer and wine, and thought Maron was really wild. But Maron said that it wasn't for her. Chiaki asked if it was for a guest, and Maron said it was.
"Is it a guy?"
"So what if it is."

Maron went into the elevator and went back to her room.

Chiaki rushed up the stairs and found Miyako sneaking around near Maron's door. Miyako said that there was a guest in Maron's apartment, and it seemed like it was a guy. Chiaki then said that they should check it out.

Miyako and Chiaki opened the door. They heard Maron moaning.
Maron: Not there.. Please stop..

Miyako and Chiaki were shocked! Then they snuck into the apartment. They went to Maron's room, and saw Maron trying to prevent Kaori from opening one of her drawers. But Kaori succeeded in opening the drawer, and Maron's underwear went flying all over the room.

Then Maron told Miyako and Chiaki the story. Miyako said that it wasn't a good idea to live with a strange woman, even if Maron was lonely by herself. Kaori overheard this, and realized that Maron was alone too. Miyako said that Maron should report this to the police.

Then Maron heard the door open. Maron went to look, and found out that the old woman had left. They all got up to look for her. When he was leaving, Chiaki jarred the cover of the candy bowl, and Fin (who had been sleeping until now) was able to get out.

[CM Break]

Maron was out riding her bicycle, looking for the old woman. She went to the waterfront, and found Kaori. When Maron asked why she left all of a sudden, Kaori said that she didn't want to cause Maron any trouble. Kaori said that she was looking for a partner, and Maron wasn't fit for it.

Maron said that she wouldn't leave until Kaori told her what the job was. Then Kaori whispered it to Maron. Maron was shocked. She said that the one job she hated the most was robbery. Maron asked why Kaori had to steal. Kaori said that even though it was robbery, it was originally hers.

There was a cameo (a medallion with a profile carving) in jewelry shop Aoki that used to be hers. It was given to her by her son, who was now deceased. Kaori said that she wanted it just for one day, so she can go visit his grave with the pendant. Then Maron thought about it and said that she would help.

When Maron was getting dressed (in all black) to go help the burglary, Fin came back. Fin said that Maron had to go do some work. The devil was in a cameo in a store window. Maron was shocked!

Maron went to the store, and found it surrounded by police. Fin said that she had written 9 PM on the message that she sent. But Maron and Kaori had planned to start at 8:30 PM.

Then Kaori stuck a key into the door on the roof, and the alarm went off. The police thought that Kaitou Jeanne had come early. Maron went to the roof to tell Kaori that the plans had changed. She told Kaori to leave by the fire escape.

The police came up to the roof and looked around. They spotted Maron. But then Kaitou Sindbad came. He defeated the police, and went into the building. Then Maron jumped off the building, and transformed into Kaitou Jeanne.

Sindbad went into the jewelry store, and tried to get the cameo. He threw a shuriken to rip open the covers to the jewelry display cases. But all of the cases were empty.

Then Jeanne appeared.
"Sindbad, this is my target."
"We'll decided whos it is by comparing our skills."
"No, it will be decided by brains."

Jeanne threw a gas bomb. All the police ducked for cover. But the owner of the store left the store to protect his cameo. Jeanne followed the guy. When the guy was running in the park, Jeanne tripped him. The guy dropped his case of jewelry, and the cameo came out.

Kaori was there and grabbed the cameo. She slapped the guy, and the cameo went flying. Kaitou Jeanne pulled out her pin, and threw it at the cameo. Then the cameo disappeared, and the jewelry store owner collapsed.

Maron walked over to Kaori, who was with the store owner. Kaori apologized to Maron for lying. Her real name was Kaori Aoki, and the store owner was her son Keiichi. Kaori said that after Keiichi bought the cameo, he became another person.

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