Daisuki stamp rally

There is a "stamp rally" for the Daisuki CD promotional events. Those who go to the events get a yellow card which has the event locations printed on them. At each event, they stamped the card.

Those who get 4 stamps will get a handwritten message card by a Kira Melo girl of their choice. The number of cards will increase with each extra stamp (so 5 stamps would be 2 cards, 6 stamps would be 3 cards, etc).

The Daisuki CD promotional events were as follows. Some of the events were held at different locations simultaneously, so it was impossible to go to all of them.

date event
8/26 Live Inn Magic (Yotsuya)
8/26 Animap Fukuoka
8/30 Animate Ikebukuro
8/30 Yamagiwa Yokohama
9/02 Animate Hachiouji
9/02 Disk Inn Shinseido (Kichijoji)
9/03 Ishimaru Soft One (Akihabara)
9/03 Yamagiwa Soft (Akihabara)
9/09 Tokorozawa Seibu
9/09 Animate Fuse (Osaka)
9/10 Disk Pier Nipponbashi (Osaka)
9/10 Animate Sakihigashi (Osaka)
9/15 Shinseido Ikebukuro Alpa
9/17 Sega Freaks Akihabara

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