Kira Kira Melody Gakuen drama 5 episode 3

Title Yume no Naka he
Aired 2000.01.26
CD Dai Ichibu Kanketsuhen

Ayumi, Ayana, Momo snuck into Kotoko's room, where she was still unconscious. No matter what anyone tried, Kotoko didn't wake up. The three girls wanted to go into Kotoko's dream and try to get her back.

Momo held Kotoko's hand. Ayumi and Ayana held Momo's hand. Then they went to sleep.

Inside Kotoko's dream, Ayumi, Ayana, and Momo were at Melody Gakuen. It was the commencement ceremony.

Then they ran into Shinobu. Ayana talked to her normally, but Ayumi and Momo told her that they still hadn't met at that time.

Shinobu told everyone that she had searched out a lot of information about Melody Gakuen. It was a 225 square km man made island located in Kanazawa Ward of Yokohama City. The school, restaurant, and dormitory were all on this island.

Ayana was really impressed.. but Ayumi was surprised that Ayana didn't know all of this already.

Then Ayumi spotted Kotoko on the roof of the school building, climbing the fence. Momo tried to run to her. But Ayumi said they were too far away.

Ayana took out her cel phone and tried to call Midori. Ayumi said that they were in the dream world, so they couldn't call the real world. But Ayana got through.

Ayana quickly told Midori that Kotoko was on the roof, and Midori ran off for the roof..

The cast is as follows.

Haruyama MomoHinano Mayo
Soga AyumiOhgoshi Tomoe
Kurihara AyanaTsuchiya Mieko
Kitazawa ShinobuKimura Ikue
Makimura MidoriAsano Masumi

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