Kira Kira Melody Gakuen drama 5 episode 5

Title Mezame
Aired 2000.02.09
CD Dai Ichibu Kanketsuhen

Noko was watching a student "pro wrestling" match. She was screaming out very loudly and cheering wildly. But then she woke up. It was just a dream.

Midori dreamt about singing on a stage. But Noko and Midori both failed in their attempt to go into Kotoko's dream.

They were trying to figure out what Kotoko was worried about. Then Koyuki and Hotaru came, and said that they they knew what Kotoko was worried about.

About one month ago, Kotoko was feeling depressed and she had tears in her eyes.

Kotoko asked, "What is a friend? I don't know any more."

Noko tried to call Momo on the cell phone, but it didn't reach.

Meanwhile Ayana, Momo, and Ayumi were in a strange dimension. They were floating in the air. Then they saw Kotoko who was walking away from them. Momo sensed that they had to stop her.

The cast is as follows.

Haruyama MomoHinano Mayo
Soga AyumiOhgoshi Tomoe
Kurihara AyanaTsuchiya Mieko
Fuugetsu KotokoTanabe Miri
Makimura MidoriAsano Masumi
Sahara NokoFuruuchi Rika

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