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[Dear Me] Dear Me is a group made up of Hinano Mayo (雛野まよ), Ohgoshi Tomoe (大越友恵), Tanabe Miri (田邊みり), Kimura Ikue (木村郁絵), and Minano Fuuko (皆乃楓子). Mayo provides the lead vocals, with Tomoe and Miri doing backup vocals. Ikue and Fuuko are just dancers.

They have three songs, Stormy Dune, Soba ni Itai, and Always.

[Dear Me]

At the Digi Chara Festival on 2000.01.30, Sakurai Sara replaced Kimura Ikue, as Ikue couldn't make it to that event. This was a one time replacement.

At the Super Idol 2000 Millenium live on 2000.02.27, Sakurai Sara (桜井紗良) and Itou Emiko (伊藤栄味子) joined Dear Me as dancers. So there were seven people in Dear Me.

Dear Me sang their second song for the first time on 2000.04.01, at the Tokyo Game Show. They got a new outfit for this song too.

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The three person version of Dear Me (Mayo, Tomoe, Miri) has been appearing at some of the idol live events, Idol Chu-Mail and Live Pure Ful.

Since Itou Emiko left Kira Kira Melody Gakuen in July 2000, there are now six people in Dear Me.

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