Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Final Live

Kira Kira メロディ学園 Final Live

9600 yen
on sale 2001.05.31
VHS, 110 minutes, 120 minutes

The two VHS set contains the two Final Live events in almost their entirety. It seems there were three video cameras used for the filming. One in the far back, one in the front from the right of the stage, and one in the front from the left of the stage. The video taken by the one in the back was pretty small, and dark. The video taken by the one in the front right was too bright, and many of the faces were washed out.

comments for Final Live 1

comments for Final Live 2

The video has lots of Mieko, Nobuko, Sara, and Mayo, as they were the ones in the front most of the time. But they did try to get shots of everyone. They even did zoom into girls who were in the middle and back rows.

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