Magical Girls Album

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The Magical Girls Album trading cards released by Bandai has 139 cards in the set. It contains cards of Fancy Lala, Creamy Mami, Pelshia, Magical Emi, and Pastel Yumi. There are even 3 cards of Ohmori Reiko (大森玲子), the seiyuu for Fancy Lala.

The breakdown of the cards is as follows.

title (puzzle) 9
specials 4
Fancy Lala
illust gallery 9
opening 9
character graffiti 15
Ohmori Reiko 3
Creamy Mami
Takada Akemi artworks 18
illust gallery 9
opening & ending 9
illust gallery 9
Magical Emi
illust gallery 18
opening & ending 9
Pastel Yumi
illust gallery 9
illust gallery 9

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(c)Studio Pierrot/Bandai Visual/TV Osaka