Shinohara Miho

Shinohara Miho (篠原みほ) is a 9 year old third grader who goes to Fujioka elementary school. She is a very "genki" girl who likes to draw.

Miho also day-dreams a lot, and goes into her own world often.

One day she received a magical pen which allowed her to transform into a 15 year old girl, Fancy Lala. Miho's magic powers are as follows.

  • Miho uses the magic pen to draw in her sketchbook, and says, dabu dabu. Then the item appears.
  • Miho says, toki no kioku ni omoi wo komete, ima, Fancy Lala ni karei naru seichou and she transforms into Lala.
  • Miho says, buka buka and she returns to her normal self. Also all the things she made appear with the dabu dabu magic disappears.

Miho's voice is done by Ohmori Reiko (大森玲子).

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