Fancy Lala episode 2

Lala no Harajuku Debut!
[Lala's Debut in Harajuku]
  • Synopsis created by Ito Nobutoshi & Stuart Dawson, 1998.08.12
In Miho's room, Pigu and Mogu are looking at Miho's sketch book and are obviously impressed. Asked why she wants to be a manga artist, Miho replies "Because you can create whatever sort of world you wish..." Then her sister, Chisa, abruptly comes in to tell her to come down for breakfast. Miho does not show any interest but Pigu does. He brings Miho's breakfast up into her room and eat it. In the mean time, Miho finishes off her sketch. She wants to go out as Lala. Pigu suggests that she should show "Lala" to her sister but, of course, Miho cannot do that. She decides to go out as she is and transform somewhere outside. The fairies want to go with her and transform themselves into bracelets to avoid being conspicuous [BTW, Chisa is apparently talking to her boyfriend over the phone, which is a plot point to Eps.4].

At Lyrical Production, things are far from peaceful. They were going to send one of their models to a photo session for a fashion catalogue but the model, Lynda, is ill in bed. The head of the office, Ms Haneishi, loses no time and goes out to the session personally.

Miho is looking for a place where she can safely transform. She is too curious to not try walking down the street as Lala. Pigu suggests she transform behind a truck, which expectedly (^_^;;) moves off while she is changing. Miho finally finds a suitable place (a big [and _really_ badly animated] Ferris wheel on the top of department store) and transforms into Fancy Lala. She is pleased with the outcome of the magic but decides the bracelets do not match her dress. The fairies now transform into earrings.

Miho wonders if she looks strange. Pigu confirms she does ['hen' in 'henshin (transform)' means strange] but Mogu assures her she looks fine. She heads for Harajuku, where Chisa was approached by a scout during Spring Holiday. They wanted her to be a model but it was for an H video [similar situation as in Eps.1 of Key The Metal Idol]. She was cool enough to fend them off, "Are you saying that, knowing who my Dad is? Your body would float in the pacific tomorrow." Mogu wonders why Miho wants to go to such a "dangerous" place but Harajuku is not only known for its danger; a lot of young people gather and some idols do, too. Miho lets her imagination run wild again ^_^;; to meet her favourite idol, Aikawa Hiroya. She lets it run too wild and misses the Harajuku Station ^o^;;

Ms Haneishi is in the client's studio and appologising to him. He insists the shooting must go on and all the clothes are sized for Lynda. Ms Haneishi asks him to give her 30 minutes.

Miho arrives at Harajuku Station and trapped by the gate machine because she has only paid a child's fee [In most case, a child's fee applies up to 12 in Japan]. She then get caught by a dubious scout and panicks a little as she tries to fend him off, "My Dad is the pacific and you will be..." Eventually she manages to run away.

In the Lyrical Production Emiko is searching hopelssly for a model who can act as a substitute. In the car outside the client's studio Ms Haneishi is looking very dejected. Ririka suggests that she could take Lynda's place. Yoshio opposes the idea as Lynda's waist is 55cm and her hip is... he does not get a chance to complete his sentence. Just then Ms Haneishi spots someone she thinks is more promising. Without a moment of hesitation she approaches a surprised Lala, "I'm sure we can get along very well."


Chisa brings a cup of coffee to her father, who is so absorbed in his research she has to help him to find the cup. She tells him that he is fortunate to have such a pretty highschool girl to bring his coffee. "Wouldn't you like to give her some sort of present?" He tells her he bought her clothes although that was more than three years ago. Feeling helpless, she goes on to say, "How did you make a proposal to Mum?" This is enough. His reply is, "Now then, shall we go shopping?"

Lala is dragged by Ms Haneishi. She bombards the bewildered Lala with questions. "How old are you?" "Can you spare some time?" "You're not under some contract, are you?" "Can you smile for me?" Lala is taken to the hair stylist, Komi-san, who advises her, "Hey, now that you've come so far, you should enjoy it. Be as vain as much as you'd like!"

Lala gains some confidence when she sees how she looks in the photograph. Ririka thinks she's pretty good but Ms Haneishi's opinion is "Very good." At the interval, Komi-san asks how she is getting on. Lala is now fairly confident and thanks for him. "Hehehe, it's pretty nice to be a model." The client is also impressed and tells Ms Haneishi he wants her for the next autumn catalogue as well.

After the session, all the staff from Lyrical Production are busy enjoying some sushi, which Ririka ordered without Ms Haneishi's permission. She wants to know Lala's bank account number to pay in her fee but Lala doesn't have one. Ms Haneishi insists on her address and phone number at least, which Lala cannot give, either. Whilst things are becoming awkward betwen Ms Haneishi and Lala, all Ririka can think of is the size of Lala's (apparent ^_^) appetite.

On the way back, the girl in the office tells Ms Haneishi, Mr Honma of Ecran TV wants a new assistant for a variety show. She is confident that Lala will be more than adequate for the job.

It's dusk and Miho is running home. She never notices the mysterious man on the opposite side of the road.

When she gets home she finds that Chisa has got a set of new clothes! Youichirou suggests to her to go shopping together next time but Miho wants a bank account of her own instead.

Up at the "Sky Garden," Miho looks at a mobile phone which Ms Haneishi gave her. Suddenly it rings! She meekly answers it. It is for Ms Haneishi-- from Aikawa Hiroya!! The chance to exchange a few social words are enough to send Miho to Heaven.

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