Fancy Lala episode 3

Doki Doki Terebi Shutuen!
[Doki-doki TV Appearance]
  • Synopsis created by Ito Nobutoshi & Stuart Dawson, 1998.08.12
Miho's class is out for sketching trip in a park today. Miho's dream to be a manga artist and famous is laughed at by her friend, Akiru, "So you want to be famous, regardless of your job, right?" Miho can't deny it and asks Akiru what *she* wants to be. She shyly answers that she wants to be an actress although she is not sure how she'd react if she is asked "Can we see you nude. It's for the sake of the film" ^o^;; Miho is sure she would not but Akiru says it depends on the scene. "As long as it is necessary..."

Miho finds the mysterious man at a fish shop. Akiru asks who he is but their conversation is rudely interrupted by Yoshida Tarou. The disruption is enough for the man to vanish again.

In the park, Miho is more interested in drawing Lala's new dresses than the scenery but, when Tarou finds out what she is doing, he isn't kind enough to let it pass and reproaches her. The teacher wants a peaceful reconciliation but both are refractory. Tarou wants the girl, who was drawing something she should have not, to be punished. The punishment the teacher comes up with is for both of them to sketch each other. Not surprisingly they show no sign of reconciliation during their punishment. Suddenly things are rather abruptly interrupted by a phone call from Ms Haneishi. She wants Lala to work for her right now but there's no way Miho can do so.

When she arrives home, Pigu and Mogu welcome Miho back. She has returned with a lot of sweets. In fact, her first guarantee as a model has evaporated buying sweets for them. Miho is not sure what to do about the phone call from Ms Haneishi. Given her school work, it will be difficult to work fully as a model. Pigu is rather selfish, "You need money to buy sweets." Mogu is more kind, "You should do it if you want to."

Anyway she decides to go to Lyrical Production for the day. Miho draws dresses and high heels and Mogu worries that Lala might no be able to walk on such tall high heels. Lala is not sure either and has some difficulty with them before she gets used to them. She also has to deal with her father, who happens to home at the same time. She tells him she is Chisa's friend.

At Lyrical Production, everyone seems happy with Lala's first success. Everyone that is except Emiko, who has just discovered that Yoshio made a mess of a job which was to provide a girl to a TV program. Ms Haneishi tells Ririka to go in stead as "They don't mind as long as you're a girl." But Ririka is having a date with her "main target." Then Lala arrives. She is pleased with the booklet which was the job that she was hired for last time and Ms Haneishi, who used to be a model herself, tells her she's got something special. She takes her to an audition of Soseido [pun for Shiseidou, one of the Japan's largest cosmetics manufacture].


At the recess, Miho and Akiru are reading an idol magazine. Miho finds Lala in a advertisement for deodorant, which reminds her of an embarrassing moment at the audition. Akiru shows Miho a page in the magazine which has Miho's favourite idol, Aikawa Hiroya on it. He is with another popular idol, Yumeno Miki but, of course, it is only Hiroya who catches Miho's eye and she lets her imagination run wild yet again. Surprisingly it turns out that Miki is Tarou's cousin. He tells them that he used to play with her but not recently. Unlike other pupils, Miho and Akiru do not particularly want her autograph. Anna agrees with them. "There are idols whose autographs are wanted but, at the same time, there are many - like this girl spraying her armpit - who will be forgotten long before they are really noticed. Tarou has a different view. "She's pretty, don't you think? Very different from Miho."

At the TV station, Anna's words lingers on in Lala's mind. She asks Komi-san, "There are all sorts of people, from big stars to the hardly known, in the show biz, right?" He admits it but encourages her that she'll be successful. In front of them passes a woman wrestler. Lala is afraid of her but Komi-san tells her she is actually really gentle and feminine. Lala asks Komi-san what she is going to do. Komi-san is surprised to hear she does not know anything and tells her she will fight against the wrestler. Of course, she will lose but she will be allowed to advertise her product for as long as she endures the wrestler's attack. Lala is less than happy to hear this; fighting against a wrestler is bad enough but losing means falling into white power around the ring. But Komi-san comes up with another piece of advice; "Lala, do you know what is required to be a winner in the show biz?" "Huh? Be popular?" "Nope. It's someone who enjoys it. Even if she becomes popular, as long as she does not enjoy it, she is a loser."

Lala is now in the ring and about to fight. She spots the mysterious man on the rafters, which triggers something in her mind, "All right, I'll do it. Regret after eating rather than regretting for not eating!"

She manages to last for the longest time of the day, ten seconds. Into this she manages to add to the advertisement her own message, "Yoshida Tarou of Fujigaoka Elementary School, be nice to girls!!" The message is duly received by the aimed recipient ^_^

Miho is back in her Sky Garden. She tells Pigu and Mogu that she saw the mysterious man again; the one who bought them for her at the shop. Even the fairies do not know who he is. "How mysterious..." Now something comes into Miho's mind. "Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll call him Mr Mysterious!" Mogu asks whether Miho continues her show biz life. Miho is not sure but says, "I am getting fond of Lala, you know."

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