Fancy Lala episode 4

Double Date no Nichiyoubi
[Double Date On Sunday]
  • Synopsis created by Ito Nobutoshi & Stuart Dawson, 1998.08.12
It's a Sunday morning. In Miho's room, her garlic alarm clock tells her it's time to wake up. There is an appointment as Lala today. She doesn't get up right away, though, and oversleeps a bit.

Eventually she gets up, rushes downstairs and washes her face. While she is hastily drinking some milk, her mother asks her why she has gotten up so early. Miho reminds her that she mentioned yesterday she was going out for a TV... no, shopping with Akiru. Chisa is also going out with a friend and their mother is expecting a busy day with her work. This leaves their father, Youichirou, to look after himself. "Why? He's gone for a conference, right?" wonders Chisa. Mamiko replies he suddenly came back late last night because of a change in the program.

Miho is ready to go... well, almost. Her mother points out her hair isn't done and Miho runs into the bathroom. Just when she is finally ready to go, there is a phone call from Ms Haneishi, telling her the TV recording has been canceled. Feeling dejected, Miho sees her mother and sister out. Pigu and Mogu seem to be feeling the same, too.

Miho decides to go out with Akiru but it turns out that she is about to go to an aquarium with her family. Tarou is also going out with his family - they're going out for a picnic.

So Miho stays in her room, reading manga. Pigu and Mogu are a very happy pair. There's plenty of food and, for the first time, they don't have to worry about people in the house! Unfortunately they don't know the other member of the family has come back and is sleeping in his room ^_^;;

Meanwhile, Miho is having problems in drawing manga in her room. "Oh, no, I'm in slump!" Then she lets her imagination go wild; she is now a popular and busy manga artist, with Akiru and Tarou as her assistants. As in reality, the editor, Ms Haneishi, wants many things done by Miho.

It is not only Miho's imagination that has gone wild. The battle between the two fairies over the last piece of sausage has caused chaos in the kitchen. Miho comes into the kitchen and tells them off severely. Just then her father comes in. He is a little surprised to see two puppets moving and talking but convinces himself that he was half-asleep.

At the Eclan TV station, Mamiko is busy with her work but wonders about Miho's lunch. Youichirou has volunteered to cook it. He doesn't cook very often and is forever looking in the cook book. Then Ms Haneishi rings Miho up to tell that a deal for Lala's next work has been made; it's next Saturday as a model. Now the housephone rings and Youichirou asks Miho to answer. Miho has to deal with two phone calls as well as questions from her father, who is not sure where pans are, at the same time. It isn't too long before Miho has to give up.

The result of Youichirou's cooking turns out to be unsatisfactory ^_^;; and they decides to go out for lunch.


They take a train to go to a place which Youichirou wants to visit. It turns out be a dinosaur exhibition at a department store. After enjoyable lunch and some shopping, they heads for the exhibition, not knowing Chisa is also there with her boyfriend. Miho is impressed with the models and fossils while her father is absorbed by a small piece of rare fossil. Pigu and Mogu are also moved with the exhibition, which reminds them of their homeland. In fact, they are too impressed and come out of Miho's bracelets, whereupon they begin to attract unwanted attention of other audiences. Miho has to leave them there so that she can pick them when no one is looking.

Then Miho finds Chisa and her boyfriend and sneaks after them. "Hang on, this is an ideal situation for..." She transforms into Lala and resumes her shadowing.

Chisa's boyfriend also seems to be very keen on fossils, which reminds her of another man around her. Lala, forgetting that there is no need, hides herself behind a big exhibit, where Youichirou joins to do the same ^_^;; Lala reminds him she is Chisa's friend and met him the other day. But they are more interested in the couple than continuing their conversation ^_^

In mean time, Mamiko finds out the script writer has failed to hand in the scenario by the deadline again ^_^;; But she is less annoyed than usual; now she can go home early to look after her daughter and her incompetent husband.

Lala and Youichirou's shadowing goes on until they see the couple kissing. Or they thought so. In fact, he is only putting a necklace on Chisa. It is made with the fang of Tyrannosaurus, "A brutal dominator of land." Chisa isn't impressed, "So what?" "So... I though it would suit you" ^_^;; Chisa's boyfriend is obviously pretty bad at diplomatic conversation..., again like her father. Pigu and Mogu, completely forgotten by Miho, have to run away after biting a finger of a mischievous boy.

The noise brings the attention of all four to the situation around them; boys and guards are chasing the fairies. Just when they are about to catch them, Lala finds Mr Mysterious. He makes the people momentarily believe the fossil of Tyrannosaurus is moving. Lala does not miss the chance and picks the fairies up then explains, "I'm sorry but the robots aren't working properly."

Mamiko has arrived back home with a bag of sweet chestnut ^_^;; [As many Ranma fan would know, this is fairly popular in Japan] but finds there's no one in and she doesn't have a key with her.

Youichirou is on the way home with an exhausted Miho on his back. He seems to be saddened and pleased at the same time at what he saw. "They grows up before you know it... Hey, Miho, *you* don't have to grow up." "That's impossible, Dad." With this, she falls asleep. They finally arrive back at their home, where Mamiko, who has been eating the chestnut to kill time, welcomes them back gently.

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