Fancy Lala episode 5

Miho to Lala no Tabou na Ichinichi
[A very busy day for Miho and Lala]
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Akiru got accepted for a TV game show for kids, where the winner gets a trip to the various amusement parks around the world. Miho said that she would go cheer for Akiru, but Akiru said that Miho was going to appear with her. Akiru wanted to keep it a secret from the other students, as she said it would look bad if they lost. The TV show was going to be filmed on Sunday of the following week.

While walking from school, Miho was worried. Pigu and Mogu appeared, and asked what was wrong. Miho said that she was going to appear on TV. When they said that Lala had already appeared on TV, Miho said that she and Lala are different. Mogu said she understood Miho's feelings. Pigu didn't.

In a park, Miho transformed into Lala.
"Toki no kioku ni omoi wo komete, ima Fancy Lala ni kareinaru seichou!"

Miho drew the clothes for Lala in the sketch book with her magic pen, and Lala wore those clothes.

When Lala went to work, the president of the production told her that she would be going to an audition. She said Lala would have to sing, so she would go to some lessons. She also assigned Ririka as Lala's manager, and said that the audition was going to take place on the Sunday of the following week.

On the way home, Miho realized that the audition was at the same time as the TV show. She decided to choose her work.

Miho was going to tell Akiru that she couldn't go with her, but she ran into Akiru, who was on her way to Miho's house. Akiru said that they had to have a parent go with them to the game show, but her parents couldn't make it. So she was going to ask Miho's parents.

Miho was about to refuse, but Akiru said that there were going to be many stars, including Aikawa Hiroya. At the mention of his name, Miho lit up and said that her father would go with them.

Luckily the game show and audition were going to take at the same studio. Miho was making plans as to how she can switch from one to the other.

Miho imagined herself winning both the audition and the game show.
[Miho going into "dream mode"..]

Lala was taking singing lessons. When she sang a song, the president felt that Lala can do it.


It was Sunday, and Miho went to the studio. She found a parked truck in a garage that she was going to use as a place to transform.

Lala went to talk to the studio to meet with her manager.

Meanwhile, Akiru was waiting for Miho. Right before the contest was going to begin, Miho arrived. Miho didn't see Hiroya, so she asked where Hiroya was, and Akiru told her that he was going to be late as his previous work was running late.

The first game was the "knock down the monster" game. The two kids had to pedal a bike, and have that wind knock down the monster. The top four teams were going to make it to the next round. Miho was determined not to lose until she can meet Aikawa Hiroya.

The game began, and three other teams quickly knocked down the monster. Miho and Akiru were going to lose in the first round.. So Pigu used his magic, and caused more wind to knock down the monster. Miho and Akiru placed fourth, to move to the next round.

It was time for the audition, so Miho rushed to the studio after transforming into Fancy Lala.

Lala: Entry number 12, Lyrical Production, Fancy Lala

The second game was an eating contest. They had to eat a large mountain of manju. But in the middle of the contest, Miho had to go back to the audition. So she said that she was full and ran off. There was still a lot of manju left, that Akiru had to eat by herself..

When Miho was in the back of the truck to transform, the truck took off. Lala got off when the truck stopped, and rushed to the studio. When she was running, she ran into her father..

Lala: Father.
Father: ?
Lala: Shinohara's father..
Father: You must be one of Chisa's friends.
[Chisa is Miho's older sister.]

But Lala said that she was in a hurry, and just made it back in time for her turn.

When Miho got back to the game show, she found out that Akiru had eaten all of the manju and had qualified for the final round. Then Aikawa Hiroya came and gave a short message. Akiru said that he was using corny jokes, but Miho said that it was great..

The final game was a raft race on a river. Miho and Akiru were in the lead, but suddenly Akiru collapsed as her stomach started to hurt. Miho wanted to quit, but Akiru said that she wanted to continue. But Akiru was in too much pain and they had to quit.

Later Akiru was taken to the medical hut, and Miho left Akiru with her father and ran off. Lala went to the audition, and was about to sing.

Pigu and Mogu came and told Lala that Akiru had been carried off in an ambulance.

The music started for Lala's song, but she couldn't sing. Then Lala ran off.

When Miho got to the hospital, Akiru was fine. The doctor said that she had just eaten too much.

Later the president scolded Lala. She said that they are professionals, so they have to act as professionals. Lala said that she would be more careful in the future.

At home, Miho said that she had a lot of fun that day..

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