Fancy Lala episode 7

Kyoufu no Mokko Touban
[The frightening Mokko duty]
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It was a Saturday (or Sunday), and Lala was doing some work. When she finished, she tried to transform back to Miho. But the toilet was under repair, so she couldn't. Miho had to go to school because she was in charge of taking care of Mokko, the school's sheep.

Pigu and Mogu (they were in the form of ear rings) said that she can find a place to transform on the way to school, so Lala left. But it was so crowded everywhere, and Miho couldn't transform back. Then Pigu and Mogu said that she can transform in school, because there wasn't anyone there.

Meanwhile, Taro, Anna, and Akiru were waiting at school. Anna didn't want to start yet, as she didn't want Miho to work less than her share.

Lala rushed back to school. She ran into the building, and was running in the hall. Pigu and Mogu went back to normal (from the earrings). Just at that moment, Taro and Anna were looking at the school and saw the "flash" of Pigu and Mogu transforming. They thought it was a ghost.

Then Miho came running to her friends. But Taro and Anna were very scared because of the ghost. Miho said that she wanted to go look for the ghost.

They all cleaned the sheep house. Pigu and Mogu were now disguised as Miho's bracelets. Then Mokko bit one of Miho's bracelets. It was Pigu! Pigu (as the bracelet) rolled away, and Mokko started chasing it.

All the kids ran after the sheep, and Taro finally caught it at the shoe boxes in school.

Anna said that Mokko must have gone wild because he noticed the ghost. Miho and Akiru wanted to go look for the ghost. Anna didn't want to, but since Miho and Akiru went into the school, and she didn't want to be alone, she followed them.

Then Anna told them the story about the ghost. A girl got killed in piano room many years ago, and her ghost is still somewhere in the school. Sometimes there is some music coming from the music room, but nobody is there. Anyone who hears it will get killed too.

Then they all heard piano music. Anna ran off, and Akiru ran after Anna.

Then Mogu appeared and told Miho to escape too. Miho was scared, but she still wanted to go check out the music room.

Then she thought that she wouldn't be scared if she transformed into Lala. So Miho drew a dress and wig. But since she was scared, and her hand was shaking, her drawing wasn't very good. Miho had drawn a long, wavy dress and wig (sort of like what a ghost would look like).

Miho transformed and walked through the hall in this dress. Meanwhile, Taro was outside and saw Lala walking. He thought it was a ghost.

Miho walked toward the music room, where the piano sound was coming from.

[CM break]

When Miho got to the music room, the piano stopped. She looked inside, but the was nobody there!

Mogu wanted to leave, but Miho wanted to go in.

Meanwhile Akiru and Anna were by the shoe boxes. Akiru wanted to go get Miho. But Anna was scared and didn't want to go.

Then Akiru went by herself, and snuck up to the music room. When she looked inside, she saw the back of a "ghost" (Lala).
[But Miho didn't see Akiru.]

Akiru slammed the door, screamed, and ran off.

Miho couldn't open the door, so she was trapped inside. Then Mogu flew out the window to get help.

Anna was hanging around the shoe boxes. Then Taro came. She told Taro to go get Miho and Akiru, but he was scared. Just then Akiru came running and screaming that she saw a ghost. Anna followed Akiru out into the school yards..

Taro went up and looked for Miho. When he got to the music room, he called out for Miho. Miho answered, and said that she was locked in the music room. She realized too late that she was still transformed..

When Taro opened the door, Miho scared him, by pretending to be a ghost. Taro instantly ran off. But he tripped and fell. He saw a large shadow (with a large blade) coming to him. He thought it was the ghost. But it happened to be his teacher, Asaka-sensei, who was carrying a cooking knife.

Then they went to the music room together, and found Miho there.
[Miho had transformed back into herself.]

Miho, Taro, and the teacher went to the cooking classroom, where the teacher was cooking. He said that he liked to cook when it was his turn to look over the school. Also he had been listening to music on his radio cassette player, and that was the music that the other students had heard.

At night they all left the teacher's room, and left him all alone, after telling him about the ghost story..

As the kids were leaving, they spotted a statue of a cat. It was one which contained the "wishes" that they wrote when they were in first grade. They looked inside, and pulled out some of the pieces of paper.

Akiru had written that she wanted to become an actress. Miho had written that she wanted 2000 yen for some ice cream. Taro laughed at Miho's wish, then Miho kicked him in the head. Then Anna found Taro's wish.. It said that he wanted to marry Miho. But Anna didn't show anyone else.

Meanwhile Pigu was hiding in the school. Mogu was talking to him, and Pigu was still very scared of Mokko. Their voices echoed through the empty school, and Asaka-sensei became very scared.

The next day at school when Taro got to the classroom, there was a picture of an umbrella with Taro and Miho's names underneath. Taro got very upset and started shouting.

Taro: Whoever wrote it, hurry up and erase it!

Then Miho came into the classroom and saw it too. She calmly said, "Why don't you erase it yourself.."

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