Fancy Lala episode 8

Chibi Neko Riru to Mahou no Himitsu
[The tiny cat Riru and the secret of the magic]
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.09.18
Fancy Lala was being interviewed by a reporter. She talked about a cat that she had as a pet, called Riru. Lala said that she got the cat four days ago.

[switch to four days ago]

Lala and little girl (a child star) was posing for some photos. Then the staff brought out a cat for them to pose with. Lala and the girl said that it was cute, and the staff said that they can have it. Lala wanted the cat too, but since she was the older one, she let the little girl have it.
[but actually, Miho was younger than the child star..]

After the photo session, Lala went to the dressing room and said, "buka buka" to make her clothes disappear. Then Pigu and Mogu transformed themselves into bracelets around Miho's wrists.

At home, Miho couldn't find Chisa compact, that she had taken without her sister's consent. Chisa was going to come home soon, so Miho drew a compact in her sketchbook. Pigu asked if the magic worked on things other than clothes..

Miho tried it (saying "dabu dabu"), and the compact appeared. So Miho replaced Chisa's compact just before her sister came home.

Then Miho realized that she can use the magic in many ways. Miho tried drawing a CD. She said she wanted the Aikawa Hiroya CD. The CD appeared, but when she played it in the CD player, it just made a scratching sound.

Then Miho tried making a camera. The body was fine, but there was nothing inside. So her magic only worked on simple things and the appearances. But then Miho drew a cat. The cat appeared, but it was just a statue.

That evening, while everyone was sleeping, the moonlight came in and hit the cat statue.

When Miho woke up the next day, she went down and saw a big mess. The manga pages that she had drawn were scattered all over. There were also small footprints all over Miho's manga. Miho thought it was Pigu and Mogu, but Pigu and Mogu were still asleep.

Then something fell from the bookshelf. Miho discovered that it was the little blue cat. The cat that Miho had drawn had come to life!

Miho was very happy to see the little cat. She snuck some milk up to her room, and the cat drank the milk.

Miho told Pigu and Mogu to watch over the cat while she was in school.

[CM break]

On the way home from school, Miho was thinking of some names for the cat. Akiru overheard them, but said that she didn't like any of the names.

At home, the cat was annoying Pigu and Mogu. Finally they couldn't take it any more and started chasing the cat around.

Miho came home carrying a bag of cat food. When Miho opened the door, Pigu and Mogu flew right into Miho's face, as the cat tried to hide behind Miho.

Miho had thought of some names for the cat, but Pigu and Mogu didn't like any of them. Miho finally chose Riru as the name. She also gave Riru a little bell, on a collar.

The next day when Miho came home, her room was a mess. Pigu and Mogu were busy cleaning up. But Miho didn't notice it, and was just happy to see the cat.

Later Miho tried to give Riru a bath, but Riru fought against it..

Pigu and Mogu wanted Miho to tell her parents about the cat, so that they wouldn't have to be the ones taking care of it. But Miho said that she didn't know if they would let her keep it.

The next day, when Miho's father opened the door to go out, Riru snuck outside.

Miho looked all over the house, but couldn't find Riru.

Meanwhile Yoshida Taro was in his baseball uniform, walking outside. He saw a tiny cat walk by him, into the middle of a road. Just then a speeding truck came, and headed for the cat. Taro couldn't do anything, and just watched in horror.. But the cat was too small, so the truck missed it completely.

Miho was now looking outside for Riru.

Riru was wondering all over.

Miho was very worried. But she ran into Taro, and Taro helped look for Riru.

Then the weather turned bad, and there was thunder in the distance.

Miho ran all over, but couldn't find Riru.

Then Miho heard Riru's bell near a shine. Miho went up the stairs of the shrine, calling out for Riru.

The it began raining, and Miho began to cry, As Miho was about to give up, Riru came out of the bushes.

Miho held Riru, and they sat at the shrine to get out of the rain. Miho wondered when they can go home. Then Taro came carrying two umbrellas.

The next day, as Miho was going to work, she told Riru that she will tell her parents about her when she got home.

After Lala finished her work, she took off her clothes and transformed back into Miho by saying, "buka buka". With those magic words, the clothes that Lala had been wearing disappeared. In addition, the compact, CD, and camera also vanished from Miho's house. There was also a little bell with a collar lying on the floor in the middle of Miho's room..

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