Fancy Lala episode 9

Kashu ni Nante Narenai!
[I can't become a singer!]
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Miho was doing homework in her room early in the morning.

Then she heard the voice of Yoshida Taro singing, next door. Pigu and Mogu woke up, because of the terrible, and loud singing. Miho just tried to ignore Taro, who had been doing this for years.

But it finally got to Miho, and Miho yelled at Taro from the window. Unfortunately Miho yelled out the wrong window.

Then Miho got a phone call from Haneishi. Haneishi told Lala that she was going to debut as a singer. She had gotten the position of singing the ending song for Aikawa Hiroya's new TV show.

Then Miho went into her "dream mode". She imagined Lala winning the new singer award. Lala was about to sing, then she saw Yoshida Taro singing instead of herself. Back in "real life" Taro was singing loudly next door.

The next day, Lala, Haneishi, and Ririka went to the TV station to meet the staff of the new TV show. Lala was very amazed at everything, and couldn't fully grasp the position that she was in.

Then they met Yumeno Miki. Miki looked very mean. Later Ririka told Lala that Miki was also in the running for this song, but Haneishi got the job for Lala.

The next day at school, the class was learning about sound during science class. They did an experiment, and Miho was chosen to record her voice in a tape recorder. When the teacher played back the tape, Miho heard her own voice for the first time.

Miho said, "This isn't me. My voice isn't this weird!"

Then the teacher explained to everyone about how people listened to her own voice.

Later Lala went to Haneishi and said that she wanted to step down from the TV song. Haneishi asked her to explain, and Lala said that she lost confidence in her own voice. But Haneishi scolded her. She said that there were many people already working on this project, and that she couldn't just quit.

Miho was feeling depressed. Mogu said that Miho was a much better singer than Yoshida Taro, but that didn't help at all. Miho said that she wished that they wouldn't finish writing her song. Then Pigu got an idea..

That evening, a "ghost" appeared in Ozu's house. (Ozu was the person writing Lala's song.)

The next day, Lala went to the studio for a test recording of her song. But Ozu-sensei was late. He eventually appeared, but he was all bandaged up. Mogu looked at Pigu suspiciously..

Lala was in the studio for the test recording. They started playing the music for Transparence, but Lala didn't sing. They kept playing the music over and over, but Lala didn't sing. Then Lala said that she couldn't sing.

[CM break]

The producer (Mizoguchi) said that Lala will have another chance to sing again, in a couple days when they film the image video. But he said that he will give the song to Miki too, and have her sing it if Lala can't.

On the way to school, Miho was very depressed. Taro passed her and said, "Hi!" but Miho didn't say anything.

Even during school, Miho was very quiet. When Taro asked Akiru what was going on, she said that it was because of the science experiment the other day. Akiru said that Miho hadn't talked much since then.

On the way home, Miho was thinking to herself, and kept walking in a different direction from her home. Taro wondered what was up, and followed her.

Miho walked along the river. Then she sat down on the grass next to the river and got depressed by herself. Then Taro came and rode a little tricycle down the hill, zooming past Miho, into the river. When Miho tried to help pull Taro out, Taro pulled her in.

Then Miho got upset and scolded Taro. Taro smiled and said that this Miho was better. Then Taro started singing his song. Miho even joined in and sang together.

Pigu and Mogu were across the river watching, and then Pigu started singing.
[Pigu was way off key, and very funny!]

The next day, Lala was at Ekran TV, wearing her outfit, getting ready for the filming. Haneishi told Lala to have confidence in herself.

Yumeno Miki was also there. As she walked by Lala, she said, "Do your best." Then she added, "Don't misunderstand. If I end up singing, it will look like I stole your song."

Then Hiroya came to cheer for Lala. Lala became very embarrassed.

Lala froze, and didn't reply when everyone asked her if she was ready. Then Lala asked if she could sing a song before she started. Mizoguchi got angry, but Hiroya said that there was nothing wrong with it.

Then Lala started to sing Yoshida Taro's song. Everyone was shocked. But Hiroya laughed and said it was funny.

Then Lala asked them to start, and sang Transparence. Lala sang perfectly, and Mizoguchi even smiled.

After the song, Hiroya went up to Lala and said, "Congratulations on your debut. From now on, we are rivals."

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