Fancy Lala episode 10

Suttamonda no Campaign
[The troublesome campaign]
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Lala was filming an image video at an indoor pool. She swam in the pool, as they were creating an image of a mermaid.

After the filming was over, Komi-san (the stylist) was working on Lala. They talked, and he said that the video looked great. Komi-san also said that he realized that there was a little girl inside of him.

Meanwhile, Kanno and Ririka were working out their schedules. Ririka wanted the weekends off so she can go out on dates, but Kanno wouldn't allow it.

Then the president (Haneishi) asked Ririka if the Shizuoka plan was ok. Ririka realized that she had forgotten to ask Lala. There was going to be an event at a record store in Shizuoka on a Friday, and Lala was invited as the guest. But since Lala (Miho) couldn't go far on school days, she couldn't work outside of Tokyo on weekdays. This was already agreed upon when Lala started working.

That night, Pigu and Mogu were eating fried chicken out on the balcony. Miho was thinking to herself, and she didn't want to eat. But Mogu said that Miho was a growing girl, so she had to eat.

Miho said that the other people of Lyrical Productions were working hard to try to make things good for Lala. They were changing their schedules around to meet Lala's needs.

Miho was disappointed at not being able to go to the Shizuoka event. She said that she would be able to make it if it was Saturday. Pigu pointed out that Miho had school on Saturday, but Miho said that they had a field trip to Shizuoka that day.

The next day at school, the teacher talked about the trip to Shizuoka. They divided up the class into groups, and Yoshida Taro was in a group of all girls, including Miho, Akiru, and Anna. When a classmate pointed it out, Taro said that he didn't want to be in the same group as Miho, and they started arguing.

Miho and Akiru walked home together. But Miho was still worried about Lala's situation, and wasn't paying much attention to Akiru. Akiru pointed out that Miho seemed very busy recently. Miho said that she wasn't very busy, but Lala was.. Then Akiru pointed out that Miho must be playing with Lala a lot. Miho said that it was "work" for Lala.. Then Miho snapped back to her senses and told Akiru that she will tell her all about it later.

Meanwhile, Haneishi and Kanno went to Cosmos Records to turn down the Shizuoka event job. They saw Narumi and a staff person putting up posters of Yumeno Miki (right next to the Lala posters). Then Narumi talked to Haneishi and teased her about Lala. The music top 10 TV show was on air at that time, and Yumeno Miki's song placed in at number 6.

Narumi said that Miki went around to the countryside, and worked hard to get where she was now. He said Miki was too busy now to do distant events, and asked if Haneishi would want one for Lala. Then Haneishi got mad and said that Lala already has one event set up in Shizuoka. But Narumi didn't believe it.

That evening Ririka called Lala (who was given a cellular phone), and told her that the event had been set up (for Friday). She hung up before Miho could say anything.

Miho was troubled, but Pigu came up with an idea..

Miho transformed into Lala, and dressed up as a street fortune teller. Lala, Pigu, and Mogu waited for Asaka-sensei to come out of a restaurant. Lala called out for him, and said that there was a disaster waiting for him. But Asaka-sensei wasn't too interested.

As he was walking away, Lala called out for him, and stated his name and age (Asaka Katsunoshin, 30 years old). He was very surprised. He wondered if he had met the girl before, and stared at her.

Then Lala said that there would be a disaster on the trip, if they went on Saturday. But if they went on Friday, everything would be fine, and in addition, Asaka-sensei would get a girl friend.

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So the class field trip was changed to Friday, and everyone went to Shizuoka. In the afternoon, they had "free" time, so Miho, Taro, and their group were in the countryside, by some tea fields.

Then Taro took out a frog, and scared the girls. All the girls were scared except for Miho. Then Taro took out a snake, and this finally scared Miho. Miho started chasing Taro, but Taro was too fast for her. Miho couldn't catch Taro, so she though of a plan. She went to a nearby barn and transformed into Lala.

Taro got away, but was disappointed that Miho didn't keep chasing him. Then Taro walked back, and saw an older girl (wearing a kimono) picking tea in the fields. He asked the girl if she had seen Miho, and the girl (Lala) answered that Miho went into the barn.

Then Taro went into the barn, and saw something moving. He thought it was Miho, and tried to sneak up to her. But it was a bunch of pigs.

Meanwhile at Swan Records, in the city near the train station, Ririka was waiting for Lala. She said that Lala was never on time. Then Lala (still wearing the tea picking kimono) arrived. Ririka told her to hurry, and they went inside to change.

Lala was nervous, as this was the first time that she would sing in front of people.

Meanwhile, everyone else in Miho's group were going around the city sightseeing, and buying gifts.

Lala imagined herself singing in front of a large crowd. But when she actually sang (on the street just outside of the record store), there were only 5 or 6 people watching her (including Ririka).

There was going to be a signing session after the song. Lala and Ririka sat at a table, waiting for customers. But nobody came.

Ririka asked if Lala had ever signed her name before. Then Lala signed her name, and said that she had thought of her signature a while back.

Lala wondered who would be the first one to buy her CD. She went into her own world again, and imagined a huge line waiting to buy her CD.

Ririka said, "Please don't go into your own world by yourself.."

Then Fushigi-san came and looked at the CD. He didn't know what the CD was, but Ririka explained that it was something which had songs in it. Then Fushigi-san said that Lala had a wonderful voice, and left, without buying the CD.

Then Taro came up to the table. He recognized the Lala as the girl who was picking tea. He pointed out that he couldn't find Miho in the barn.

Taro said that Lala must be just starting out, so she had to work as a tea picker in addition to being a singer. Then he said that he would buy one of her CDs. Lala said that he didn't have to, but Taro gave her the money. Then Lala signed a signature board and gave it to Taro.

When he was walking away, Taro looked at the board. Underneath the signature, Lala had written, "Thank you, Yoshida Taro."

Taro wondered if he had ever told Lala his name..

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