Fancy Lala episode 11

Kareinaru Pinch Hitter
[The Magnificent Pinch Hitter]
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Fancy Lala was wearing a pink baseball uniform (number 0), and she was standing on the pitcher's mound. Lala's song Transparence had been chosen as the theme song for the high school baseball tournament, so Lala was going to throw the first pitch even though she didn't know any rules about baseball.

[BGM had "Transparence".]

Lala threw a pitch which took a bounce before it reached home, but the batter swung and missed.

Meanwhile, Yoshida Taro's baseball team (little league team) was playing a game, and it looked like they were losing.

After her pitch, Lala stayed in the dugout and watched the baseball game. POL High School (supposedly a famous baseball school) won.

After the game, Pigu and Mogu were saying that they didn't understand the rules. Then when Lala was walking in the halls of the stadium, she met Hoshizawa (the star player of POL High School). He said that he was a fan of Lala, and bought her CD when it came out. He also said it was a good song, and he listened to it on the bus when he was coming to the stadium.

Hoshizawa and Lala sat on a bench and talked. Lala asked why Hoshizawa swung and missed at Lala's pitch. He answered that it was tradition.

Then Lala congratulated Hoshizawa on his hit. Hoshizawa said that he was just lucky to hit the ball. Then he talked about batting (timing and swinging and reading the pitcher). Hoshizawa said that his younger brother (who also played baseball) had a bad habit of getting nervous against batters he faced for the first time.

Later, Miho was in a record store.

[BGM had Aikawa Hiroya's "Jewelry Love".]

The owner of the record store noticed Miho and asked her if she would come cheer for their baseball team. He was the manager of a kids baseball team (Ganbarous), the one that Yoshida Taro played on. He asked Miho to cheer for Taro. He said that his team had lost 8 games in a row to the Blackies.

Meanwhile, Miho's father got a phone call. After he hung up, he made some motions as if he a baseball umpire.

The next day at school, Taro was playing baseball. But he dropped the ball. Miho was nearby, and said that Taro was bad in baseball. But Taro said that baseball was a very hard game.

On the way home from school, Anna and Akiru called out for Miho. They said that they wanted to go to a baseball game the next day. But Miho said that she didn't want to go cheer for Taro. Then Anna and Akiru said that they didn't want to either. They said that they liked the cool pitcher.

Miho ended up making pom poms with Anna and Akiru..

On the way home, Taro saw Miho. Miho apologized for saying that Taro was lousy at baseball. Taro was wearing his baseball uniform. Miho noticed that his uniform was a little torn. She said that she would sew it for him.

That night, Miho tried sewing Taro's pants, but she couldn't do it well. Then Pigu and Mogu suggested that she should just use her magic. So Miho drew the baseball pants on her sketchbook, and used her magic ("dabu dabu") to come to life.

[CM break]

On the day of the game, Miho and Chisa were leaving the house to watch the baseball game. Then their father was leaving too. He said that he was going to be the first base umpire for the game.

At the field, the Ganbarous were practicing. Akiru and Anna were there already. Miho went to sit with Akiru and Anna.

Then the Blackies came. Akiru and Anna noticed the cool pitcher, and Miho realized that they were going to cheer for the other team.

Before the start of the game, the Blackies pitcher went to talk to Taro. This was Hoshizawa, the younger brother (4th grader) of the POL star.

The game began. Taro was playing first base. Akiru and Anna cheered when Hoshizawa pitched. Miho just sat there.. Taro saw them, and was upset that the girls cheered for Hoshizawa. Akiru explained that Hoshizawa and Taro were rivals, as Taro broke up Hoshizawa's no hitter in a previous game.

When Taro struck out in his first at bat, Miho yelled at him to watch the pitcher more closely. Taro got upset, saying Miho didn't know anything about baseball. But the Ganbarous' manager said that Miho was correct.

In his second at bat, Taro popped out, and Miho yelled at him to completely follow through on his swing. Taro got upset, but the manager said that Miho was correct again.

In the last inning, the Blackies had a 5-4 lead. Then Taro lead off with a double. But the next two batters made outs, so the Ganbarous were down to their last out.

Then the Ganbarous manager called Shinohara Miho as a pinch hitter. Miho went to him and said that she had never played before. But the manager said that he believed in her. Taro kept yelling from second base that Miho can't play baseball. But the manager said that he'll make the decisions.

Miho went to change. She drew some clothes, and used her magic to make them appear. But it wasn't very cute, so she made them disappear. At that moment, Taro's pants "vanished" too! Everyone laughed at Taro, but the manager told him to stay where he was.

Then Miho returned to the baseball field, wearing a very cute uniform. Miho went to bat and faced Hoshizawa. The umpire noticed that the wind was blowing out..

As Hoshizawa threw the first pitch, Miho noticed that his left shoulder was up. Miho concentrated and swung the bat. She made contact, and the ball went flying into the outfield. The outfielder went back, and back, and back.. as the wind carried the ball over the fence for a homerun!

After Miho rounded the bases, everyone congratulated her. Then Miho noticed that Taro wasn't wearing any pants..

That evening, Miho heard on the radio that POL won another game to advance in the baseball tournament. She said that although they may never meet again, Hoshizawa was cheering for Lala, and Lala was cheering for Hoshizawa..

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