Fancy Lala episode 13

Lala to Hiroya no Scandal
[Lala and Hiroya's Scandal]
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Lala was going to sing on the TV show "Music Highway". This was the first time that she was going to sing on TV, and she was nervous, as Komi-san was working on her hair. Komi-san was a little mean, and told her to sit still.

Lala was nervous, but she sang well. During her song, Pigu and Mogu flew around overhead, and caused some leaves to fall on the set. The people in the studio wondered if they had planned that..

Aikawa Hiroya was also on the same show, and he stared at Lala while she was singing.

After the TV show ended, Hiroya went to Lala and told her that she did well.

Lala noticed that it was after 7 PM. She hurried and called her sister, making up an excuse that she was at her friend's house. She said that she would return soon.

Yoshio saw Lala making the phone call, and thought to himself that Lala must be keeping her work a secret from her family. Then he imagined himself being Lala's "protector".

Ririka came and told Yoshio to stop day dreaming. She told him to hurry up with the car, as both Lala and Ririka wanted to go home quickly.

Ririka and Lala went down to the parking lot, and Yoshio came in the car. But just as Lala was going to go in, the car's engine started smoking.. Just then Hiroya came in his sports car, and offered to take Lala and Ririka home. He said that he didn't have any other work that day. So they got in and left Yoshio with the wreck.

As Hiroya's car left the parking lot, another car followed them.

Lala and Ririka were seated in the back seat of Hiroya's car. Ririka told Hiroya that Lala was a fan of him. Lala got embarrassed. Then Hiroya said that he was a fan of Lala.

Then Ririka asked if Hiroya had a girl friend (saying that it was Lala who wanted to know). He answered that he didn't have one.

Meanwhile Yoshida Taro was walking down the street, and he bought a can of juice at a vending machine. Hiroya's car went past him, and stopped nearby.

Lala got out, but tripped when she started to walk. But Hiroya was there and caught her. Just then, a cameraman appeared (from the car that was trailing them), and took a picture of Hiroya holding Lala.

The next day at school, Akiru went up to Miho with a magazine. She asked Miho not to get angry, and showed her the article which said that Hiroya and Lala were kissing. The picture was the one of Hiroya holding Lala!

Miho got very upset saying it wasn't true, and left. Then Taro came and noticed himself in the picture..

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Ririka was on the train, half asleep. Then she noticed an advertisement poster for a magazine. It had the headline of Hiroya and Lala.

Ririka rushed off the train to buy the magazine. She saw the picture and realized that the picture was taken the night before.

Meanwhile at Lyrical Productions, the phone kept ringing. Kanno, Yoshio, and the others were busy answering the questions from reporters and angry fans. A bunch of reporters were waiting outside of the office too.

Haneishi Yumi got a call from Mr. Narumi of Five Star Productions. He said that she did well, saying that she set everything up to raise Lala's popularity. Haneishi got very mad..

Then Ririka called the office. She told Kanno that she was there when the picture was taken, and the story was a lie. Ririka said that she would take care of the errands and then go to the office.

Miho was worried about the situation. When she was walking home, the cameraman who had taken the picture was hanging around. Pigu and Mogu wanted to "take care" of him. The man asked if Miho knew about Lala. Miho said that she did, and said that Lala was right there, behind him.

When the cameraman turned around, he saw "Lala" (Lala's hair and jacket) turning around the corner. The man ran after "Lala". When the man had "Lala" cornered in an alley, "Lala" turned to the man and scared him. It looked like a ghost with two eyes and no face or body.

Ririka got to the office, and she was interviewed by one of the reporters when she was just outside the office. The TV was turned on inside, so everyone saw it.

Miho went to the office, but she saw the reporters everywhere. After Miho transformed into Lala, Pigu and Mogu acted as a decoy (the fake Lala) to get all the reporters away from the office.

Lala got to the office, and they had to go to a TV studio for work. But the reporters were still around the building. They all got into the elevator. Yoshio said that he would be the decoy. When the elevator opened on the first floor, all of the reporters rushed in. They snapped a lot of pictures, but it was only Yoshio in the elevator.

Meanwhile, Lala, Haneishi, Ririka, and Kanno came down the stairs, and snuck into the car. Kanno drove off very wildly. The others were very scared of Kanno's driving, and Haneishi said that she wouldn't let her drive any more.

They finally arrived at Ekuran TV, in one piece. But they discovered that there were a lot of reporters here too. They didn't know what to do.

Then Lala said that she didn't want to run away any more. She said that she would explain everything. Before anyone could stop her, Lala went out of the car, into the crowd of reporters.

The reporters surrounded Lala, and bombarded her with questions. The question got more and more extreme, and they didn't really give her any time to respond. Then Lala shouted and tried to explain everything. All she said ws that she just debuted as a singer, and she loved to sing, and she released a single Transparence.

Later Hiroya was on a TV program, and the interviewer asked him about Lala. Hiroya said that Lala wasn't his girl friend, but he said that he was cheering for her.

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