Fancy Lala episode 14

Omocha no Kuni no Miho
[Miho of the Land of Toys]
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.08.14
On the way to school, Miho passed by some garbage and saw a stuffed dog that was thrown away. She stopped and stared at it for a while. Pigu and Mogu told her that she would be late for school, so Miho ran to school.

At school, the teacher explained how garbage is collected, and the different types of garbage.

After school Miho, Akiru, and Taro were by a river bed. Taro had built a pet-bottle rocket, and he was launching it. The rocket flew, but quickly crash landed in the river. Taro went into the river to retrieve the rocket.

Then it suddenly started raining. None of the kids had an umbrella, so they all ran to a nearby house for shelter. They stayed under the roof, but they were wet and cold.

Then Taro called out, saying he found a storage room that was full of old toys. Miho and Akiru said that he shouldn't go wandering into other people's homes, but they followed Taro inside. Taro said that it was spooky, like a graveyard for toys.

Just as they were going to leave, an old man came. Miho, Akiru, and Taro got scared, but then some little kids called out for the old man.

Miho and her friends got invited into the house, and the two little kids explained about the old man. They said that he was a "doctor" of toys, who cured the toys that were sick. On the table, there was an old clock which had a dancing figure (a prince). The kids said that the old man fixed that.

Miho and friends borrowed an umbrella, and walked home in the rain. Akiru said that she felt sorry for the old toys, and she felt that the toys were crying. But Taro said that the old man was just weird.

Then Miho stopped walking, while Akiru and Taro kept going with the umbrella. Miho was thinking to herself.

When Miho got home, there was a message by her mother on the answering machine. She told Miho to take care of herself, as both parents were going to be away that evening.

Miho went to her room and looked through her old photo album. She recalled the time when she had to throw away her teddy bear.

[in the flashback, Miho is around 3 years old. VERY cute!]

Pigu and Mogu told Miho to transform, as Lala had to go to work. Miho transformed, and wore Lala's clothes. But then she suddenly fainted. As Lala was falling to the floor, she automatically transformed back to Miho (as well as the clothes disappearing).

Just then Chisa came home and knocked on Miho's door. Chisa opened the door just when Miho (probably naked) crashed to the ground.

Later Chisa talked to her mother on the phone and told her about Miho. The doctor said that it was just a cold, but Miho's temperature was 38.7 degrees.

While Miho was sleeping in her bed, Lala's portable phone (which was inside Miho's bag) started ringing. Pigu answered the phone, and pretended to be Lala. He said that she had a sore throat, so she couldn't go to work.

Just as Pigu hung up, Chisa came into the room. Pigu had his head sticking out of Miho's bag, and Mogu was staring at Pigu from the ground. Pigu and Mogu stopped still. Chisa stared at the two "stuffed animals"..

Chisa stayed next to Miho's bed, and took care of her that night.

Miho had a dream. A big stuffed bear (bigger than Miho, who was about 3 years old) came to Miho. He said that they had to go save the princess.

[CM break]

Miho and the bear walked around in the "land of toys". They weren't walking fast at all, and Miho thought that they should hurry. Just then the ground under them opened up, and Miho and the bear fell through a trap door.

The ended up in a room, and saw a professor who was standing still next to some control panel. There was a crank on his back, and Miho wound him up. The professor came to life, and he said that he ran out of power before he could finish his great invention. He took Miho and the bear to another room to show them the giant robot that he was working on.

Then Miho told him that they were on their way to rescuing the princess. The professor gave Miho a button (a push button switch), just for emergencies, and let them go off on a hot air balloon.

Miho and the bear were flying through the air on the hot air balloon. There was a city (of blocks) under them. Then all of a sudden they started attack the balloon, with cannon bombs. Eventually one of the bombs hit the balloon, and the balloon crashed to the ground.

Miho and the bear were put into a prison cell. Miho was small enough to walk through the bars, and she found out that the prince was locked up in the next cel. The prince was also on the way to rescue the princess.

They didn't know how to escape, but Miho recalled the button that the professor had given her. She pushed the button, and there was a big explosion.

Miho, the bear, and the prince were in a horse carriage hurrying toward the city gates (a giant door). There were toy soldier troops chasing them, and the gates were closing. The carriage arrived at the gates, but it was too late. The gates had closed. The troops were gaining on them too.

Meanwhile the real Miho was struggling in her bed. The she turned a little and her head touched Chisa's head, as Chisa had fallen asleep next to Miho's bed.

Then Chisa appeared in Miho's dream (as herself). Miho asked Chisa to open the gate (door), and Chisa was about to. But Chisa said that Miho had a cold, so she had to rest at home. Just then there was a delivery, and Chisa accidently opened the door.

The prince, Miho, and the bear snuck out when Chisa opened the door. They rushed to the castle where the devil had captured the princess.

A big dragon appeared in front of them. This was the devil. The prince rode a flying horse and attacked, but got hit and crashed. The dragon was going to step on the prince, but at the last moment a bomb hit the dragon. It was the giant robot that the professor had built.

Then the robot and prince fought the dragon, and won. The princess was saved.

When Miho turned around, she (still 3 years old) was in her kitchen. There was a roast chicken (past the freshness expiration date) on the floor in front of her.

Then the bear spoke to Miho. He said that he had to go. Miho cried and went after the bear, which was on a garbage truck.

Bear: You played with me a lot. It was fun. I don't exist any more, but I'm always in your heart.
Miho: But I'll forget about you.
Bear: That's ok. Don't be sad.

Then Miho woke up. It was the next morning. Miho had recovered from her cold.

Miho went to the old man's house to return the umbrella that they had borrowed the previous day. Miho noticed that the clock with the dancing prince figure now had the princess figure. The old man said he finally found the princess figure.
[The prince and princess were the same as in Miho's dream.]

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