Fancy Lala episode 15

Sono Yume ha Owaranai
[That dream will never end]
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Lala finish work, and she was in Augie Studio. Hiroya had invited her to come to the recording, as he was recording a song.

When Lala was looking at the information board, a little kid shot her with a toy gun. Then he ran around Lala. Pigu and Mogu were on Lala's shoulder, and the little boy grabbed Pigu's tail and tried to pull him off. Then the elevator opened, and the boy ran off.

Hiroya was in the studio singing a song, "Birthday Girl".

Meanwhile the little boy ran out of the building, and went into a car. Haneishi, the boy's mother, was in the car waiting for him.

After Hiroya finished, Lala went to the studio and Hiroya introduced her to Kishi, the guitarist. Lala sat next to Hiroya while he talked to Kishi about his song. Lala just sad quietly, as she was very embarrassed. Then Kishi asked Lala about Lyrical Pro. Lala said that Haneishi was a nice person.

Then Hiroya asked about Tappei, who was Kishi's 5 year old son. Then Lala recalled the little boy who had teased her earlier.

Meanwhile, Haneishi and Tappei went to the zoo. They talked a lot (Haneishi asked a lot of questions). Tappei said that an "oneesan" made lunch for him..

After the recording, Kishi drove Lala to the Lyrical Pro office. He told Lala to do her best.

When Lala went into the office, Yoshio was sitting in the president's chair. Ririka was talking on the phone, and finally got off. Ririka asked if Lala had enough money to pay the taxi fare, but Lala told her that Kishi had given her a ride. Then Ririka was shocked.

When Lala asked about it, Ririka said that it was a secret. But Ririka started telling Lala about it anyway. Then as Ririka was whispering, Yoshio said out loud that Kishi was Haneishi's former husband.

Later, Miho, Pigu, and Mogu were at the riverbed. Miho went into her own world, and imagined her parents leaving her.

Later Lala went to the Lyrical Pro office, and asked Ririka about Haneishi. Ririka said that Haneishi chose her career over her family. Yoshio added that Kishi took Tappei because he had more free time. Then Lala wondered if Tappei wasn't sad, being away from his mother.

Then Haneishi came in.. She asked what everyone was talking about, and Lala said that they were talking about Tappei.

Then Lala and Haneishi talked. Lala asked Haneishi to try it again with Kishi. But Haneishi said that Lala was her treasure now. Haneishi said, "There are many things in life that don't go well. Maybe there are more that don't go well. But once you make a decision, you have to believe in yourself."

But Lala wasn't satisfied.

[CM break]


Haneishi thought back to when she and Kishi separated.. There were many images of when Tappei was little.

[end of flashback]

At home when her father was working, Miho asked her father if he loved her mother. She asked if it was going to last forever.
Then Miho said, "What should I do if you divorce?"

Then Chisa came in laughing, and asked why Miho was thinking such things. Chisa said that if her parents separated, she would live alone, a rich single life, by getting money from both parents. When Miho asked what she should do, Chisa told her to decide for herself.

Meanwhile, Kishi was introducing Tappei to his future mother.

The next day, when Lala went to work, she saw Tappei in a room by himself, playing a little guitar. Lala went and talked to Tappei. She asked if he was happy, and he said that he was. He said that when his mother and father lived together, they always fought. But now they don't fight. Tappei said that he was happy to see if mother's smiling face.

Lala was very saddened to hear this.

[A VERY cute sad face by Lala.]

Later when Komi-san was working on Lala's hair, Hiroya was there and they talked about Lala worrying about Tappei. Hiroya said there was nothing to worry about.

Later, Tappei was playing with Pigu and Mogu (who were acting as dolls). Tappei beat them up, so they got mad and started fighting back!

At night, Miho was in Chisa's room saying that a friend's parents had separated. She was still very worried about her own parents. But Chisa said that no matter what happens, their parents will think about them, and make sure they are taken care of.

That evening, Tappei and Kishi went to a park. Haneishi was sitting on a swing. Then Kishi called Haneishi, and they talked on the phone. Kishi was standing behind a tree, right behind the swing.

Kishi told Haneishi about his new wife.

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