Fancy Lala episode 16

Miho no Saisho no Hitoritabi
[Miho's first trip by herself]
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.10.01
It was summer vacation, and Miho was going to her grandfather's house in the countryside. It was going to take 3 or 4 hours by train. Akiru and Anna were worried about Miho.

At night Miho was packing for her trip.

Miho's father made a plan for Miho's journey to her grandfather's place in Amekawa village. It was very, very detailed, and he told Miho to read it and memorize it. He had all of the exact times of the trains and transfers for Miho.

The next morning, father was still worried. But mother and Chisa said that father was too protective of Miho. Then Miho went off by herself. Pigu and Mogu were in Miho's bag,

On the way to the train station, Miho met Yoshida Taro and his friends (in baseball uniform). Miho said that she was going to her grandparents' home by herself, and Taro teased her, saying she would get lost and start crying.

Miho got to Rokunomiya station, and got on the train by herself. She said to herself that she can do it.

Then Miho got to Chuuou Station. It was very crowded, and Miho ran to her train.. but she missed it. Pigu and Mogu were worried, but Miho said that she will just ride the next train. They pointed out that it was a different type of train, but Miho said that it was all right.
[Miho didn't realize it was a super express train.]

Pigu and Mogu were hungry. But Miho said that she didn't know if there would be enough time to eat, as their schedule was all messed up.

Then they asked Miho what kind of place her grandparents lived in. Miho said that it was the countryside, with a shrine nearby. She went there three years ago, and there was a summer festival.


The 6 year old Miho was wearing an orange yukata in the festival [very cute].

Miho recalled playing and becoming friends with the local kids. But there was one boy who was very mean and teased her a lot.

[end of flashback]

Miho was supposed to get off at Hinakozaka. But the super express train went by without stopping!

[CM break]

Meanwhile Miho's grandfather was very worried about Miho.

Miho got off at the next stop, and had to find a way to go back to Hinakozaka. But Pigu and Mogu said that they were hungry. Miho didn't know where to go.

Miho went up to ask one of the train station people, but she was very embarrassed. She couldn't say Hinakozaka, and muttered out "Hinako.." Then the man told her which train to go on.

Meanwhile, Miho's grandfather was getting more and more worried.

Miho got off at Hinago, which was the middle of nowhere.

Miho's mother called Miho's grandfather, and found out that Miho hadn't arrived yet.

While waiting for the next train to take them back to the previous station, Miho transformed into Lala and took some pictures at Hinago train station.

Miho got back to Hinakozaka. Then Miho had to hurry to catch another train to Amekawa.

Finally Miho arrived at Amekawa. But she still had to take the bus to get to her granparent's home. There was only one bus per hour, so Miho went to check the time of the next bus.

Pigu was too hungry, so he took off by himself. Mogu went flying after him.

Miho got to the bus stop and found out that it was only 10 minutes until the next bus. But then Miho noticed that Pigu and Mogu were gone.

Miho ran off to look for them. She looked all over, but couldn't find them.

But an older boy came by with Pigu and Mogu, and said that he found the two "dolls" that fell out of Miho's bag. The boy was Sakamoto Shouichi, the same boy that had teased Miho three years ago.

Shouichi took Miho to her grandparent's home on his bicycle.

Meanwhile Miho's grandfather was really impatient and called the train station. He got angry at the station master for not finding Miho.

But then Miho finally arrived.

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