Fancy Lala episode 17

Kappa ga Detekita Hi
[The Day the Kappa Came Out]
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Miho was playing and having fun at her grandfather's house. It was a very peaceful place.

Pigu and Mogu were in the fields chasing butterflies and grasshoppers. Miho was picking a lot of flowers.

Later Miho picked a lot of eggs from the chicken house.

Pigu was chasing a grasshopper and went into a shed. There were a lot of old things stored away inside. Miho went in and looked around. She found a box which was labelled "kappa's plate".

Miho brought it back into the house, and opened it. It had a real plate inside. Miho's grandmother said that Miho's father had put it away. He was a child with a lot of imagination.

Later Miho drew picture of kappa, and said that she saw one three years ago.


6 year old Miho was running in the rain, holding a big leaf. She saw a kappa standing in the lake. The kappa looked at Miho and then swam away.

[end of flashback]

Then Shouichi came by to take Miho to the lake. He said that they were filming some TV show there.

They went there, and saw Yumeno Miki. Miki recognized Miho. Miki was there as a reporter for a TV show. Then Aikawa Hiroya also came.

They were set to do a documentary on the village, but the village master got sick and couldn't do the interview. Some of the locals said that someone urinated on the statue of the kappa a few days ago, so the spirit of the kappa attacked the village master.

But everyone was saying that there was no such thing as a kappa. Then Miho said that she saw one before.

Then the director then got an idea..

Hiroya and Miki introduced the village, and said that there was a legend of the kappa. Then they interviewed Miho as the girl who had actually seen one. The director had changed the theme of the TV show toward the kappa.

They went to the lake, where Miho had seen the kappa three years ago.

Meanwhile Pigu and Mogu were playing near the lake. Pigu pretended to drown, and Mogu went to help him out. Then Pigu came out of the water and spit out water at Mogu. Mogu got mad and started chasing Pigu.

There was a break in the TV show shooting. Miki saw something moving in forest. She thought it was rabbit, and went after it. Miki went deeper and deeper into the forest.

Then Miki got lost, and started hearing voices. (The voices were Pigu and Mogu arguing..) She became very scared, and started running. Then she bumped into Pigu, and screamed. Miki started running like crazy, and fell into the lake.

The staff heard Miki's scream and went to save her. After rescuing her, they took Miki to Miho's grandparents' house.

While Miho was overlooking Miki (who was sleeping), she got a phone call (for Lala). It was Haneishi, and she wanted Lala to come to the office right away. But Miho said that she was in her grandparents' house in Amekawa village. Then Haneishi was surprised, and said that she wanted Lala to Miki's place in the TV program.

[CM break]

Then Lala went to the TV staff. The director had changed the schedule, and they were just going to concentrate on the kappa. They went to the lake, and got on a boat. Hiroya, Lala, and the TV crew were on the boat waiting for the kappa to appear. But Hiroya didn't believe in kappa. Lala said she believed in it because Miho saw it. Then Hiroya said that kids had wild imaginations.

Lala became a little upset, and went into her own world. She imagined lots of kappa attacking the boat.

Then Kanno, Ririka, and Yoshio arrived. They came to meet Lala, but none of them believed in the kappa either. Lala said that she believed in it, and ran off.

Lala went to buy some cucumbers, as cucumbers were food that kappa loved. Lala was standing by the lake waiting for the kappa. Then Shouichi came on his bike, and crashed into Lala. Shouichi saw that Lala had all the cucumbers, and Lala said that it was to attract the kappa. She said that Miho actually saw one, and then Shouichi satarted laughing.

Lala got angry and went off by herself. Then Lala screamed. Shouichi went to Lala and found out that she had fallen into the lake. Shouichi pulled her out, and then said that he would take her to the kappa.

Shouichi led Lala to an old shed. There was a box, and Shouichi took out a kappa mask and outfit. This was the kappa that Miho had seen three years ago.

Lala was very disappointed, and said to herself, "I believed in it for three years.."

Then Lala took the costume and threw it into the nearby creek.

Meanwhile, Yoshio was downstream, sitting by the creek eating. Then he saw the kappa costume drifting toward him. He got an idea, and grabbed the costume.

Yoshio, wearing the kappa outfit, was walking through the forest. He then bumped into Miki, who was also wandering through the forest. They both got scared and ran off.

The TV crew heard the commotion and went into then forest.

Yoshio ran in past Lala and Shouichi, and fell into the lake.

Later they finished making the TV show, and they concluded that kappa exist. Hiroya was disappointed that he didn't see it. But Miki said that she saw one.

Later Miho was sitting by herself and thinking. She was thinking that kappa didn't exist, because the one that they got on film was actually Yoshio. Then Miho thought, "But who was the first one that attacked Miki?" So Miho concluded that kappa exist. Pigu and Mogu didn't say anything.

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