Fancy Lala episode 18

Lala ha Koi no Cupid
[Lala is a Cupid of Love]
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.10.01
Miho was at a little village store, sitting on a bench. A little girl came by and saw Pigu and Mogu. She told her mother that she wanted them. But Miho said that they were hers.

Then Shouichi came by with a girl (wearing a junior high uniform). He said that Miho must be bored in the country. He asked Miho to come watch his school soccer game.

When Miho was walking home, she met her grandmother, who had come to pick her up. As they walked home together, Miho sang for her.

Later Miho went to Shouichi's soccer game. Shouichi scored, and their school won. After the game, all of the girls went to him and surrounded him.

Miho was waiting for Shouichi by the school gate. But Shouichi didn't come. Miho went to the school yard to see him, and saw that he was still surrounded by all the girls.

Then a girl came to Miho (the same girl who was with Shouichi earlier). Her name was Haruka, and she went home with Miho, as it was going to take a while before Shouichi can get away from the girls.

They talked on the bus, and Haruka said that she wanted to go to Tokyo. Miho asked about their relationship, but Haruka denied that she has anything with Shouichi. She said that she just lived next to him.

Then Miho talked about Yoshida Taro, and all the bad things about him. Haruka said that Shouichi was just like that until junior high. She said boys will grow up and change very quickly. But Miho said that she couldn't believe Taro will become as cool as Shouichi when he gets older.

That evening, Shouichi came over with some fireworks, to apologize to Miho. Shouichi said that he just likes soccer, and the girls flocked to him after he started playing soccer. He said he didn't like those girls, but when Miho asked about Haruka, he said Haruka was different. Then Shouichi said that the idols must be the same, they sing because they like to sing, not to attract people.

Later, Miho called her father and said that she would go home the day after tomorrow. Father said that he would make a plan for Miho's trip, but grandfather got mad and said that he would make the perfect plan.

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The next day, Miho went out to gather mountain vegetables with her grandmother. But Miho went off into the mountains by herself. Pigu and Mogu went looking by themselves too.

After Miho had gathered a lot, she called out for Pigu and Mogu. But there was no answer. Miho went deeper and deeper into the forest. Miho started running in the dark forest.

Then Miho became scared. There was a loud roar of a large animal. Then Miho found a giant footprint. When she looked around, she saw a giant dinosaur through the trees. Then Miho fainted.

Miho passed out, but she came to for a few seconds and saw Fushigi-san carrying her. When Miho woke up, Shouichi was looking over her.

Meanwhile, Miho's grandfather was carrying on a ritual in the village. He said he was going to sacrifice himself, and all the old people of the village to get Miho back from the gods.

Miho and Shouichi were climbing a hill to return to the village. Miho was riding on Shouichi's back. But then Shouichi slipped and fell. They both crash landed, and Shouichi injured his leg. Shouichi said it wasn't that bad, but Miho ran off to get help.

When Miho got some distance away, she imagined herself (as Lala) becoming a rescue girl.

Then Lala (dressed in a rescue outfit ) came running out of the woods.

Meanwhile Haruka had taken the bus to the woods. When she got off at the bus stop, she saw Shouichi and the rescue girl walking together. Haruka asked Shouichi who the girl was, but he said that it didn't matter to her. Then Haruka ran off. Lala ran after Haruka.

Lala caught up to Haruka. Haruka was sad, and said Shouichi was always bad to her. But Lala said that Shouichi told her that Haruka was different from all the other girls.

The next day, Miho went to the train station with her grandmother. Her grandfather didn't come. But he wrote a thick book, a complete manual on getting from Amekawa village to Tokyo.

Shouichi and Haruka also came to see Miho off. Haruka even brought a present for Yoshida Taro.

After the train took off, Miho opened her grandfather's manual. Inside, there was a letter to Miho.

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