Fancy Lala episode 19

Oneechan no Wasuremono
[Big Sister's Forgotten Item]
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At school, Asaka-sensei gave asked Miho to return a report to Chisa. It was a report that Chisa had written when she was in third grade.

Akiru was walking home with Miho, and said that Chisa was so great. "She must have been cute since she was in third grade."

Akiru and Miho bought some food on the way home. Miho said that people always compare her to Chisa, and say bad things about her. Akiru said that everyone shouldn't be that truthful..

Meanwhile Taro was buying a toy in the vending machine, and his friends were eating ice cream. Then Chisa came by and scolded them. Taro argued back.

After Chisa (who was followed by Imaichi-kun carrying her stuff) left, Taro's friends blushed and said that Chisa was pretty, unlike Miho. But Taro said that he didn't like her, ever since he was little.

At home, Miho was eating the taiyaki that she bought. Then Chisa came home, and Miho was going to give her the report. But Chisa scolded her for eating. Then she got mad at Miho for telling her mother that she was secretly saving up to buy a portable phone.

Chisa called Miho a child, and Miho said that she wasn't. But Chisa said Miho was wetting her bed until just recently..

Miho was with Pigu and Mogu on her swingset, and Pigu and Mogu were hungry. Miho said that Chisa always got everything, and she was always the "good" sister, with Miho being the "bad" child.

Then Mogu started reading Chisa's report. It was about her family.

Miho started drawing in her sketchbook. It was a picture of Miho holding a little child. Miho said she wanted to be an older sister.

Then a bright light came out from her pen. It shot up into the sky, and then came down at her. Miho blocked the light with the sketchbook, but the force was too strong. Miho got knocked out.

When Miho recovered and went down into the house, she looked at a mirror and saw that she was inside Chisa's body. Chisa was around nine years old, and she had ribbons in her hair like Miho.

Chisa (Miho) went down and saw her father (seven years younger than now). Father asked Chisa to stay home to watch over baby Miho. But Chisa said that she didn't want to.

Miho (two years old) cried and woke up. Father had to go out, so he wanted Chisa to look after Miho. But Chisa said Miho always cried and wet her diapers. Then Chisa ran off.

Chisa went out, and saw little Yoshida Taro. Taro wanted to play with Miho. But Chisa just teased him and ran off. (Miho is still inside Chisa's body watching everything.)

Then Chisa went and bought some taiyaki. Miho got mad because Chisa got mad at her for doing the same thing.

Then Chisa met Fushigi-san, who gave her two eggs. The eggs had stars on them, and were blue and pink in color. Fushigi-san told her to keep them carefully, and disappeared.

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Chisa put the two eggs in the garbage and ran off. (Miho knew that these eggs must be Pigu and Mogu.) Then Chisa got lost, and became very scared. Chisa ran in the wrong direction, and cried.

Miho realized that Chisa looks strong, but was just like her. Then a policeman came by and took her home.

Chisa came home. Little Miho was at home holding Chisa's ribbon. Then Chisa yelled at Miho, and made her cry.

When Chisa went to her room, she saw the two eggs on her desk. Later that night, Chisa went out to the river to throw the eggs away.

Little Miho and Chisa slept in the same room together. That evening Chisa wet her bed.. Miho was surprised. Then Chisa rolled baby Miho into her bed, to make it look like Miho wet the bed. Miho was very mad at Chisa.

The next morning baby Miho apologized for wetting the bed. (Miho was getting upset, saying she shouldn't apologize for something she didn't do.)

Later father and mother were cooking in the kitchen.

Baby Miho and Chisa played on the swing on the balcony. Chisa took off her blue ribbon, and put it on baby Miho. Then they both fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the two eggs hatched.

When Miho woke up on the swing, she was herself again. But she had the blue ribbon in her hair!

When Chisa saw the ribbon, she said that she had lost it when she was around Miho's age. Then Miho said that Chisa probably wet her bed until that age.. Chisa got mad and chased Miho around the living room.

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