Fancy Lala episode 20

Okaasan to Issho!?
[Together with Mother!?]
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Lala was working at the TV studio, and as she was leaving, she ran into her mother. Then Haneishi went up to producer Shinohara, and introduced herself and Lala. Lala was very embarrassed.

Since Miho's mother was very busy, she went off right away. Then one of the assistants said that Miho's mother was like a devil She made people work very hard.

This was the first time that Miho saw her mother at work, and Lala had to work with her mother the next day for a TV show..

At home, Miho was feeling very nervous and embarrassed at having to work with her mother. But Miho went into "dream mode" again. She imaged her mother ordering everyone around, but she was very kind to Lala, because Lala did everything well..

The next day, Lala, Haneishi, and Ririka met with producer Shinohara and Yano (an assistant). They were meeting about the TV show that Lala was going to appear on.

Lala was going to do an escape trick for a challenge TV show. They were going to have "Wonder Okayama" (an escape artist) teach Lala how to escape from an explosion.

They all went over to the stage where Miki was doing the filming for the TV show. Miki's challenge was to do a bungee jump. They showed the film of Miki doing it, and they were in the studio taking the comments and such.

Lala was going to do the same thing (do the challenge, and talk about it in the studio).

Lala saw and heard what was going on in the TV studio. Her mother was a different person from what she knew at home. Miho thought that her mother was really a devil at work.

The next day at school, Akiru was doing some card tricks. Then Miho did a magic trick, turning cards into flowers. She said she learned it from Wonder Okayama, and Anna said that it was because Miho's mother worked at a TV station. She said it must be hard for a working woman, if her family doesn't approve of it.

When Miho got home, she wondered if her mother was going to be late. But her mother came home right away.

Then mother made curry rice for Miho. Miho and mother ate together. Suddenly Miho asked her mother to stop working.

[CM break]

That evening, mother was at the tv studio watching the film for the final editing.

Later that evening, Chisa and Miho talked. Miho told Chisa that she said something terrible to their mother. Then Chisa said that she was like that when she was little. The reason why mother doesn't talk about her work at home was because of Chisa.

Mother had brought some of the TV people to the house when Chisa was little Then when she introduced Chisa, Chisa started crying. Since then, mother didn't bring her work home at all.

The next day, Lala was practicing the escape routine. But things weren't going well. Then Miho's mother came by. The staff said that Lala can take a break, but Lala said that she wanted to practice some more.

Lala just sat by herself in the box (that she was supposed to escape from). Then mother came inside too, and they talked for a while. Lala asked if mother liked her job.

Shinohara: Why do you ask that?
Lala: I got a fan letter from a girl who was worried about her mother who worked a lot.
Shinohara: My daughter asked me to stop working too. If that's what she really wants, I'll quit my job..

But then Lala said that it probably wasn't so.

Later, Lala was in the studio for the recording of the TV show. The stunt had gone over well, and they were talking to Lala about it.

At night, mother was watching the film of the TV show in the editing room.

Lala was asked by the emcee what she was thinking about in the box. Lala said that she was thinking about how to answer the fan letter. She said that she wanted the mother to talk more about her work at home, because the daughter probably thought it was wonderful that her mother worked.

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