Fancy Lala episode 21

Asaka-sensei no Koibito?
[Asaka-sensei's Girl Friend?]
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Somewhere in the countryside, Asaka-sensei's mother wondered how long Katsunoshin was going to stay in Tokyo.

At school, Taro went up to a classmate Furuhata to say that he was correct in guessing the suspect for a TV drama. Furuhata was a big mystery fan.

A new student teacher came to the school, and was going to teach in Miho's class. The teacher's name was Mayuzumi Yuka.

The kids were talking about Asaka-sensei, saying how undependable he looked. They also commented that he didn't have a girl friend, even at his age.

But then Furuhata pointed out that Asaka had bought a portable phone recently. He said that it could be so that he can contact his girl friend. Taro and Furuhata were going to investigate it further.

That day after school, the girls were cleaning, but Taro and Furuhata didn't do the cleaning. They went to check up on Asaka-sensei. Then they came back and said they got some information.

They found the telephone number that Asaka-sensei had called recently. They thought it was the phone number of Asaka's girl friend. They all went to a pay phone, and were going to call to check it out. But it was turned out to be a pizza delivery store.

After school, Mayuzumi went to Asaka and said she learned a lot from observing him the first day.

Later a guy wearing dark glasses, a long coat, and hat was walking around the neighborhood. The guy was tailing a little girl. Mayuzumi spotted him and thought he was a criminal.

The guy got home, and it was Asaka-sensei. He got a letter from his parents, and it was a picture of a woman for an omiai (arranged marriage). Asaka wasn't too interested.

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At school, Taro and Furuhata spotted Asaka and Mayuzumi walking to school together. The girls arrived and saw them too.

That day, Mayuzumi taught the class.

After school, Asaka got a phone call. It was from his mother. Taro and Furuhata were listening in, and they heard Asaka say the name Sachiko.

Later Furuhata was trying to figure out the relationships with Asaka. He thought Asaka was having a triangle relationship with Sachiko and Mayuzumi. But the girls didn't believe it. They still needed more evidence, so they decided to go to Asaka's house. They needed to find some signs of a girl living with Asaka.

Later, Asaka was wearing the coat, glasses, and hat. Mayuzumi was following him. She didn't want to believe that he was a child molester.

She spotted Asaka following a little boy into an alley. Asaka stopped the boy. Then Mayuzumi came and told him to stop. But actually Asaka was steering the kids away from a dangerous street. He was on patrol duty.

The kids then were walking home from school, and they spotted Asaka and Mayuzumi walking together.

Later Lala dressed up as a pizza delivery girl, and went to Asaka's apartment. When Asaka said that he didn't order pizza, Lala said her stomach was hurt, and went inside Asaka's apartment.

Lala checked Asaka's toothbrush, and found that there was only one. Then Lala went to lie down and asked for he guest pillow. But Asaka said that he only had one pillow. Lala asked what his girl friend used, and Asaka said that he didn't have anyone like that.

Then Lala noticed some heart marks on his calendar. She asked it those marked the days of his dates. But Asaka said that those dates were the birthdays of his students. He marked them on his calendar so he wouldn't forget.

Lala was satisfied, and left. She left Asaka holding the pizza, but then the pizza magically disappeared.

The next day, Mayuzumi finished her student teacher term.

Furuhata was disappointed that his theory about Asaka-sensei was wrong. But he was still thinking who Sachiko was.

[Sachiko was the goat at Asaka-sensei's parents' home.]

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