Fancy Lala episode 22

Scoop! Lala no Shoutai
[Scoop! Lala's true identity]
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At school when Miho and Akiru were cleaning, a girl called Futatsugi Sayaka came up to Miho and asked for an interview for the school newspaper. Sayaka said that she had seen Miho on TV, claiming that she had seen a "kappa" (a legendary frogman creature).

After Sayaka left, her twin sister Futatsugi Asuka came up to Miho, also asking for an interview.

Sayaka and Asuka were in the newspaper club room. It was an old beaten up room, and it was dark, as they were developing some pictures. Sayaka had taken a "fake" photo of a UFO. Asuka was writing the "scoop" article.

They wanted to make the newspaper club prosper, so they can get more money and make more friends.

After school, the Futatsugi twins went to Miho's classroom. But Miho wasn't there. Akiru told them that Miho left to go to the dentist.

Meanwhile Miho was running to the office. She was talking on the phone, and telling her manager that she will rush to the office.

The Futatsugi twins were spying on Miho, and overheard her talking on the phone. They felt that there was a chance for a scoop. Then the Futatsugi twins dressed up in "disguise", with an overcoat with a scarf over head and dark glasses.

They saw Miho running into a department store. Miho ran to the toilet, and she was taking a long time. The twins waited outside, but Miho wasn't coming out. So they went inside.

They heard someone shouting something in the toilet.
".. kareinaru seichou!"

When the twins looked inside the toilet, they saw a bright flash of light. Then the twins saw Fancy Lala (wearing sunglasses) coming out of a stall, which was the only one in use. After Lala left, the twins went to the stall and found that Miho had disappeared.

When Lala was running, she stopped a few times to look around. Pigu and Mogu asked what was wrong.

When Lala got to the office, she told Haneishi that she felt someone was always following her. Then Kanno said that there were fans who followed idols around recently. Ririka said that they were stalkers, and she looked at Yoshio. Haneishi asked if something had happened, but Lala said that nothing has happened so far.

Then Yoshio found a strange fan letter. It was a greeting postcard which said, "We got married." The postcard had a picture of Lala and a strange guy. The guy's name was Sugio Takuya.
[sugio takuya -> sugee otaku ya (super otaku)]

The address for Lyrical Production was..
Minato-ku, Nishi Aoyama 1-2-?
Lyrical Production

Lala said that she never took that picture.

Then a policeman caught a guy snooping around the office. Everyone went out to see him. It was Sugio Takuya..

The guard interrogated Takuya in the office. He had a Fine Pix 700 digital camera with him! Takuya kept singing Transparence.. But he since he wasn't dangerous, he was set free. He even got a personalized signature from Lala.

Yoshio said that it was easy to make such fake pictures with computers these days. But everyone said that Lala should be careful. Ririka kept picking on Yoshio, saying he was "one of them" too.

On the way home, Lala felt someone following her again.

Meanwhile the twins were sitting on a park bench feeling very dejected. They were thinking that Miho transformed into Lala, but they knew such things only happen in manga..

Just then Lala ran into the park, tripped and fell right in front of the twins. All her stuff fell out of her backpack, but Lala quickly picked up her things and ran off. But there was still a piece of paper on the ground

The twins picked up the paper, and found out that it was Shinohara Miho's math test (she got a 30)! The twins became very happy..

Later the twins were interrogating Miho about Lala, in a very dark room. Miho said that she knew Lala because she met her when she was out in the country. But Miho couldn't look into the twins' eyes when she talked.
[The facial expressions of Miho were very cute!]

The twins asked about the toilet in the department store. They showed Miho the math test, and said that it was something Lala dropped. Then the twins accused Miho of being Lala.

[CM break]

That night, Miho was very worried about her secret being known. Pigu wanted to sleep, so he said that she should just have Lala and Miho appear at the same place. But Miho said that she couldn't do that because she was Lala. The Mogu thought of a good idea..

The next day, Miho went over to Takuya's apartment. Takuya's apartment had LOTS of pictures of Lala all over the walls. He also had a computer in his room. When he opened the door, Miho felt very scared..

The twins were sneaking around Ekran TV. They snuck into Lala's dressing room, and they found Lala's bag, as it was labeled with a big sign. Inside it, they found Lala's personal photo album.

The twins looked at the pictures, and were shocked. The album was full of pictures of Lala and Miho together.

Then Lala and Ririka came into the room. The twins asked Lala about Miho. Lala said that she became friends with Miho after meeting her in Amekawa-mura.

The twins were really disappointed. They collapsed outside of the TV studio. But then Takuya went up to Miho and asked how everything went. Miho said that it went well. The twins started listening into the conversation. Takuya said that he worked overnight to make the fake pictures. Then the twins appeared, and started asking what was going on. But Miho snuck away when they were talking to Takuya.

The next day when Miho left her house, the twins trailed her. The twins followed Miho all over the school too. Akiru got upset at Miho for not talking to her about her problems. But Miho said that everything was fine. Just then Miho slipped and fell down the stairs.

Miho sprained her ankle, so Akiru carried Miho home on her back.

The twins were very happy, as the idol athletic festival was supposed to take place the next day. Lala was going to participate too, and they knew if Miho was really Lala, she wouldn't be able to run with that ankle. They said that the "truth" would be revealed.

The next day, the idol athletic festival began, and the twins were at the stadium. The opening ceremonies began, but they couldn't find Lala among the idols.

Lala was still in the dressing room. Her ankle was still too sore for her to run. Pigu and Mogu told her to withdraw from the competition. But Lala said that she couldn't do that, as a lot of her fans had come to see her.

The twins were thinking that if Miho was Lala, she wouldn't be able to run. Lala was competing in the obstacle course. When the race began, the twins were shocked. Lala ran as if she wasn't injured at all, and eventually won the race.

The twins were really dejected, and left the stadium. At the entrance gate, they met Miho, who had just come to the stadium with crutches. The twins said that they wouldn't go around following Miho any more.

Pigu and Mogu (transformed as Miho's shoes) wanted Miho to take the shoes off, because they were tired. But Miho said that Lala still had more events to do.

Later the twins followed Takuya around, thinking that he was always around whenever Lala was..

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