Fancy Lala episode 23

Oneechan no Boy Friend
[Big Sister's Boy Friend]
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Taro went to Miho's house, as they were going to do homework together. (This usually meant Taro copied what Miho did.)

Miho played the answering machine, and there was a message from a guy called Morio, who said he would be waiting for an answer. Miho thought it must be for Chisa.

Meanwhile at school, Imaichi-kun was helping Chisa carry the hurdles. (Chisa was on the track team at school.)

The other girls saw and said Chisa must be friends with Imaichi. They couldn't see why someone as pretty as Chisa would be going out with someone as bland as Imaichi.

Chisa got home, and listened to message from Morio. When Miho asked about him, she said that he was a second year student, and she had never met him before.

The next day, after school, Chisa went to meet Morio. Morio was sitting in a tree. When Chisa came, he jumped out of the tree, and sort of slipped in front of Chisa.

Chisa: Why were you in the tree?
Morio: If you didn't come, I was thinking of dying.

Then Morio asked if Chisa had a boy friend, but he didn't want to hear the answer. He asked her if she would go to a movie on Saturday.

That evening, Miho was brushing her teeth, and Chisa was taking a bath. Chisa was feeling happy. Then Miho asked if Chisa was going to go out with Morio. Chisa said that she was, and Miho got upset. She didn't want Chisa to be a two-timer. But Chisa told Miho that it was none of her business..

The next day, Chisa went to sit next to Imaichi. She told him that she will go on a date. "Can I go?" But Imaichi didn't stop her.

Chisa: Aren't you worried about who I go with?
Imaichi: Yeah, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Miho and Akiru were walking home after school. Akiru said that her cousin was an extra in movie. Akiru wanted to go to, but she couldn't go because they didn't need kids. She said that she wanted some magic to make her turn into an adult. Then Miho got an idea and ran off..

Miho drew a school uniform in the magical sketchbook. It was the same as Chisa's uniform. Then Lala wore the school uniform and went to Rokunomiya high school. Pigu and Mogu transformed into Lala's hair clips.
[Lala is VERY CUTE!]

Lala went to the track team club house, as Chisa would be there after school. Lala stood at the door, because she didn't know what to do. Then Chisa opened door. Lala introduced herself as "Lili".

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Lili asked Chisa about her date on Saturday. But Chisa got upset, as Lili was just a total stranger to her.

While a dejected Miho was standing by the gate, Imaichi came. Then they walked together. Miho said that Imaichi must be Chisa's boy friend, but he said he didn't know. He told Miho that Chisa was the one who approached Imaichi and said that she wanted to go out with him.

The next day Chisa and Morio went out. They went to a movie, and then dinner (spaghetti).

Komi-san was with Lala, and noticed that she wasn't feeling to happy. Lala said that it was about her "friend", going out with another guy. Then Komi said that everyone had their own way of dealing with relationships.

Then Lala went into her own world. She imagined a pistol duel between Imaichi and Morio. Chisa was just watching, willing to take the winner. Miho (as a maid) tried to stop her.

Back in the real world, Komi told Lala to do something about this habit.

At school Chisa was sitting at her desk. Imaichi asked how the date went, and Chisa said that she cried at the movie. Imaichi was surprised that Chisa would cry.

Miho drew some track team clothes. Then Lala (as Lili) ran with Chisa along the track. She asked questions about Chisa's relationship with Imaichi. Then Chisa got very upset again.

Morio and Chisa went on another date, to an Aikawa Hiroya concert. Chisa was a fan of Hiroya.

After the concert, Chisa and Morio were walking in a park. Morio whistled Hiroya's song, "Jewelry Love". Chisa said that she didn't know how to whistle, and Morio said that he would teach her. But he told Chisa to close her eyes, and then kissed her! Chisa started crying, and ran home.

Lala told Komi-san about her friend, and Komi told her to leave them alone. He said that Lala's friend has already made up her mind.

Chisa was with Imaichi. She said that she wanted to go see movie with him (the same one she saw with Morio). Imaichi said that she saw it already, but she said that she wanted to see it with him, and cry.

Miho and Taro were in Miho's house studying. But Taro just read Miho's manga, Ribbon. Then there was a phone call from Imaichi, and Miho answered the phone. Miho told him that Chisa liked okonomiyaki and kaiten sushi, instead of things like Italian food.

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