Fancy Lala episode 24

Lala no First Concert
[Lala's First Concert]
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At the Lyrical Production office, everyone was celebrating. But Lala didn't seem so happy or surprised. Lala asked if it was such a big deal to do a concert. Then Kanno explained about how the idol industry worked.

It was said that if an idol can do a concert within one year, the idol had a future. But Lala was able to do it in half a year. So Lala had popularity, talent, and luck. All three was needed for this to happen.

Lala then said she started to get excited about it too. Haneishi said this can determine her future. Then Lala (Miho) was stunned. She had never thought about Lala's future before.

Haneishi got a phone call from Tappei. She told him about Lala's concert.

The news of the concert spread. Hiroya told Miki about it. She couldn't believe it, as Miki herself didn't do a concert this fast. Then Miki's manager said that it was dangerous. This will destroy Lala's career if it doesn't go over well. He said Lyrical Production wasn't being careful with Lala, and they must have given up on her future.

Then Miki told Taro about it, and Taro told Miho, Akiru, and Anna the story. Miho was shocked.

Miho became sad, she told her teacher that she was worried about her future.

Later Miho was in the park, worrying. Pigu and Mogu told her not to worry about it, as it was just a bad rumor in the idol industry.

But Miho was still worried at home. She asked Pigu and Mogu what was going to happen in the future. When she becomes Lala's age, what was going to happen to Lala? Pigu and Mogu didn't know.

The family ate dinner together, and both Miho and Chisa were quiet, as they both seemed to have worries. Chisa asked her parents what they did when they fought. But her parents said that they never fought.

Meanwhile, an unknown girl headed for the "mezase star audition" (Become a Star Audition).

Haneishi gave Lala 5 tickets for the concert, and told her to give them to her friends and family.

Lala went to a dance lesson studio to rehearse for the concert. The instructor yelled and yelled at Lala. Lala got burned out, and she didn't think she can make it.

The next day the instructor yelled more and more.

After the rehearsal, Lala was lying down on the bench in the park. Then she saw Hoshizawa (the baseball player) swinging his bat.

Lala: Have you ever wanted to quit baseball?
Hoshizawa: Many times. Practice was so tough and I didn't know why I wanted to play.
Lala: But why were you able to continue?
Hoshizawa: Because I love baseball, and I want to play in the majors someday. It's my dream.

Lala thought to herself and felt that she had never thought so seriously about her future before.

[CM break]

At school, the teacher assigned a report "my future dream" to the students. Then Taro said he had nothing to write about. He said that his report would be just one line, "I want to become a baseball player."

Later the kids were talking about their future dreams. Anna said that she wanted to be a diplomat. Akiru wanted to become an actress. Miho didn't know. But Akiru said that Miho wanted to be a manga artist.

At home, Miho was happy that she found her dream of becoming a manga artist. But Pigu pointed out that he hadn't seen Miho drawing anything, except for Lala's clothes. Mogu said Miho was too busy with Lala's work recently.

Meanwhile the unknown girl was at the star audition. She sang Lala's song Transparence.

The was a poster for the Fancy Lala concert, to be held on 9/20 at the Sun Piaza Nonaka.

There were just 12 days until the concert. There was an article in a tabloid magazine about Lala's concert. It criticized her about her singing ability, and that the concert will be a terrible concert. Ririka got mad, but Haneishi told Lala not to worry about it.

That evening, the dance instructor told Lala that she didn't have to practice any more. He told Lala not to come any more unless she really wants to do it. Ririka said Lala was just tired, but the instructor said he can see that Lala wasn't into it. He said he can easily tell the difference between being tired and not trying.

Later Miho was sitting on the park bench, feeling depressed. She said she was going to quit.

Then Fushigi-san came. He looked up into the sky an said, "Does that star know we are watching it? It might not know, but it's sparkling beautifully and showing us the light."

Then Miho heard the radio, which was playing at a nearby store. The DJ read a letter from a young girl. The girl saw Fancy Lala on TV and decided to go to an audition. She didn't win, but she had a great experience, as she go to sing her favorite song Transparence. The girl requested the song Transparence.

Then Miho became happy and ran off. Lala went back to the dance studio, and started rehearsing.

Later Lala gave two concert tickets to Miho's parents. Miho gave two tickets to Imaichi.

The poster for the Lala concert had a "sold out" sign over it.

Hoshizawa was teaching (baseball) his little brother in the park. He also had two concert tickets in his bag.

At school Akiru and Anna got tickets from Miho. Taro was very disappointed that he didn't get one

At the dance studio, the instructor gave Lala the ok sign. Ririka was very happy and had tears in her eyes as she hugged Lala.

Taro was walking home alone, looking very disappointed. Then someone called out to him from around the corner. It was Fancy Lala! Taro was shocked and he just froze. Then Lala gave Taro a ticket to her concert.

On the day of the concert, all of Lala/Miho's friends were at the concert. Asaka-sensei, Yumeno Miki (wearing sunglasses), Aikawa Hiroya (also wearing sunglasses), Narumi, Fushigi-san, and the girl who had auditioned were there.

[The Nonaka Sun Piaza looked a lot like the Nakano Sun Plaza.. (^_^;)]

Then the concert began. Lala had her hair in two fluffy pony tails off to the sides (sort of like Yumeno Miki).

The music to the ED started. Lala was going up in the elevator to stage. Then Lala reached the stage.

[fade into the ED]

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