Fancy Lala episode 25

Kiete Shimatta Lala
[The Disappearance of Lala]
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The day after the concert, Lala went to the Lyrical Production office. Everyone had gathered, and they had a celebration, for the successful concert.

They said that Lala was a star now. She was going to be very busy with lots of work.

Aikawa Hiroya also came. He gave a big bouquet to Lala. Hiroya said that he was lucky to have known Lala before she became so big. He said Lala will probably become a huge star. But Lala blushed and said she was always a fan of Hiroya. Hiroya was very happy to hear these words.

Then Lala had some work. She modeled and held a digital camera.
[a new version of the Fine Pix 700?]

Later, Miho was walking home [with her backpack on her back]. She was carrying all the presents that she received, and there was a lot. Mogu suggested that they take a taxi. Miho was tired, and decided to take a taxi.

Miho put all her stuff down, took the phone out of her backpack, and called home. She told Chisa that she would be coming home soon. Then Miho tossed the phone in one of the paper bags. She grabbed all of the bags and went off.
[Miho didn't wear backpack.]

Miho took a taxi to the train station, and then took the train home.

When she got close to home, Yoshida Taro saw her. He helped Miho carry all the stuff, and brought it up to Miho's room. Taro asked what it was. Miho said that it was like a birthday present, and then Taro got disappointed. "Why didn't you invite me?"

Miho tried to get rid of Taro, saying she had to do homework. Taro wanted to do it together, but Miho said he was just going to copy hers anyway.

Then Taro was looking around Miho's bookshelf, and found an envelope full of fancy Lala drawings. Then Taro said that Miho must be a fan of Lala. Miho finally chased Taro away.

That evening Ririka called Lala, to remind her of the work she had to do for a quiz TV program the next day.

Miho said she would have to rush to work, right after school. Mogu suggested that Miho draw Lala's costume now, so she doesn't have to do it in a hurry the next day. Then Miho went to get her sketchbook..

But Miho couldn't find her backpack. The sketchbook and magic pen was in her backpack.

[CM break]

Miho wanted to go out to find her backpack. But father and Chisa asked what was going on. Then Miho started crying.

Miho told her father about it. He said that it was too late to do anything now, so he will call the taxi company and train station the next morning.

But Miho couldn't sleep that night. She was thinking about the path she took to get home.

Miho asked Pigu and Mogu where they came from.

Pigu: The world of memory of time.
Miho: Where is that?
Mogu: It's in the same place as this world. The passing of time itself is the world of memory of time.
Miho: Are you going to return to that world?
Mogu: Someday.
Miho: Really..
Mogu: But not right away. It can be any time. Time will always wait for us.
Pigu: In another time, we were much bigger and stronger.

The next morning Miho was going to take a day off from school to go look for her backpack. Then Miho noticed that her mother had come home.

Miho, Pigu, and Mogu looked all over, but they couldn't find the backpack. Father called all over, but there was no sign of the backpack either.

Meanwhile Ririka was waiting for Lala at the TV station. Miho was very close to the TV station, but she knew she wouldn't be able to go to work as Lala.

Miho called Ririka with her portable phone. She said that she (Lala) couldn't go to work, and hung up. Ririka was shocked, and rushed to tell Haneishi.

Miho started crying. Then Haneishi called Lala. She asked her to come to the office later, to talk about it, but Miho said she couldn't do that either. She just apologized and hung up.

That evening Miho was lying on her bed. Chisa came and told her it was time for dinner, but Miho said that she wasn't hungry. Chisa asked what was in the backpack, she said she should just buy another one. Then Miho cried and said that there was only one of it in the world.

The next day at school, Miho was feeling depressed. Anna and Akiru were saying how great the Fancy Lala concert was. But Miho was feeling down. Then Taro came and said it must be "that day". Anna teased him, saying he knew everything about Miho. But Miho got angry and yelled at Taro.

Meanwhile Miki told Hiroya that Lala was missing.. She said that she had to pinch hit for her on the quiz TV program.

That evening, Miho asked Pigu and Mogu, "Why did you come to me?"
Pigu: For some reason we knew that it was you.
Mogu: We just knew that it was our duty to give you the magical power.

Then Miho suggested that Pigu and Mogu fly around, just like the first time, and create the magical pen and sketchbook. They didn't know if they could do it, but they tried.

Pigu and Mogu flew around in a circle. A circle of light was created. But then Pigu and Mogu vanished into that light!

Miho said, "Pigu, Mogu.. Where did you go? Why are you hiding? Pigu, Mogu, it can't be.. it can't be.."

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