Mizusawa Megumi

Mizusawa Megumi grew up in Osaka Prefecture. Her blood type is A, and her sign is Cancer.

Her first work which was published in a magazine was Kokoro ni Sotto Sasayaite (Whisper Tenderly in My Mind), on the September Extensional Edition of Ribon in 1979. This story is included in the compilation volume 5 Gatsu no Ochakai (Tea Party in May).

In 1988, and image album (LP record) of her work was made. The name of the album was Sora Iro no Melody (Melody in a Blue Sky), and it was named after one of her works.

There have been 30 volumes of her manga released as compilation books. All of them are published by Shuueisha, and the titles are shown below.

  • Kimagure na Yokan
  • Nemuri-Hime no Eve
  • Pony Tail Hakusho (5 volumes)
  • Sora Iro no Melody (5 volumes)
  • Chime (5 volumes)
  • Hime-chan no Ribbon (10 volumes)
  • Oshaberi na Jikan Wari (2 volumes)
  • Naisho no Princess (2 volumes, still running)

[This information provided by Fumio Maruhashi.]

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