Megami Paradise lesson 2

Drama Megami Paradise lesson 2
Title Yami no Megami tachi
Aired 1995.01.14
CD data Spring Seminar track 3

The four students (Riris, Rurubell, Stashia, and Juliana) have to swim to get to the place with the astrostar. But Riris couldn't swim. Rurubell said that she could swim around 15 meters. Stashia didn't want to swim because the water was dirty.. (it had bugs in it and stuff floating on top of the water) So Juliana went by herself.

Rouge (one of the bad megami) had already gone ahead and was going for the astrostar, which had lit up in the lake. But Juliana caught up, and passed her.

Then Juliana fought against Rouge. But the astrostar flew away, because it didn't like dirty things. The fight between Rouge and Juliana was dirty.

The other megami caught up, and Rouge was going to fight them. But she didn't want a 4 to 1 fight.

Then another bad megami appeared. It was Pastel, who had a magic stick that would bring to life anything that she drew. She drew a monster Chiranozaurus.. but it was the same size as what she drew, so it was very small. It wasn't effective at all against the megami.

The four megami just returned, since they had lost track of the astrostar.

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