Megami Paradise Sound Paradise


Starchild, KICA-2258
3000 yen
released 1995.09.06

The tracks are as follows.

    Paradise Revolution Tsudoe Mamamega no Mikotachi
  • 02. Get My Way (Okui Masami)
  • 21. Dreaming Heart [OAV size] (Okui Masami)

    Bonus track from radio

    Paradise Lost? Uchi Harae! Yamimama no Kyoui

  • 29. Get My Way [OAV size] (Okui Masami)
  • 49. Dreaming Heart [instrumental]
  • 50. Dreaming Heart (Okui Masami)
The front cover has a picture of the four megami (very cute). The back cover has pictures from the OAV of the megami and bad megami.

The booklet has an interview with Shiratori Yuri, with two pictures. One picture is of her sitting and holding the Megami Paradise LD. The other picture is of her talking at the Megami Paradise event on 1995.06.25.

There is also an interview with Yoshizane Akihiro, the character designer of Megami Paradise.

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