Megami Paradise volume 1

Title パラダイス・レボリューション 集え ママメガの巫女たち
Paradise Revolution Tsudoe Mamamega no Mikotachi
Product Number KILA-134
Released 1995.06.07
OP Get My Way (Okui Masami)
ED Dreaming Hearth (Okui Masami)
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.06.09

The old Mamamega (mother megami, the one in charge) was stepping down and there was going to be a new Mamamega. The new Mamamega chose Riris as one of her guardians, and she told Riris to find two more guardians.

Riris was a magician, and a very cute and cheerful girl. She went to Stashia, who was playing her harp in a garden. Stashia uses her harp for magic attacks. Riris asked her if she will become one of the Mamamega's guardians. But Stashia refuses, saying it's very peaceful and she didn't want to be in the spotlight.

Riris was disappointed, but gives up. Then Rurubell, a VERY cute and VERY cheerful girl, came up and said that she will become one of the guardians. She had overheard Riris talking to Stashia-oneesama. Rurubell wasn't Stashia's real sister, but Stashia looked over Rurubell as if she was. Rurubell was a magician too, and carried a magician stick.

Riris didn't want Rurubell, so she went to find her next candidate. Riris went to Juliana, who was a swordswoman. Riris hid in the bushes, and watched Juliana practice her sword fighting with another megami.

Rurubell had also tagged along, and hid in the bushes next to Riris. (the camera angle shows Riris and Rurubell from behind and from the front)

After Juliana had defeated her opponent, Rurubell attacked her with her magic bubbles. It wasn't very strong magic. Then Juliana blasted her, and Rurubell went crashing into Riris (into another sexy position as Rurubell lands on top of Riris).

Rurubell said that she was just trying to see how good Juliana was, but Juliana scared them away. As Riris and Rurubell ran off, someone attacked Juliana with some magic blasts. Juliana thought it was Rurubell again, and ran after them.

Riris and Rurubell came to a fountain and rested. Riris had a little notebook with her other candidates. As Rurubell was looking at the book, a shadow moved in the fountain. Rurubell was upset that she wasn't listed in Riris' book.

When Riris and Rurubell went to the next candidate, they discovered that she had been attacked. Then they went to the next megami, and also found out that she had been attacked. Some of the other megami saw Riris and Rurubell and thought that they had done it. So Riris and Rurubell had to run away.

Riris thought it was strange that all of her candidate megami had been attacked. Riris and Rurubell went to see the final candidate, in a large hall where many megami were dancing.

Just then some magic leaves came flying in and all of the megami who were dancing collapsed. The bad megami who were with Yamimega (the leader of the bad ones) appeared to face Riris and Rurubell.

[.. some details of the battle missing ..]

Then Riris used her magic to create a giant dragon(snake?) to defeat the giant woman.

Riris asked Stashia and Juliana once again if they would become the Mamamega's guardians. Juliana agreed. Stashia was going to refuse again. But Rurubell said that she would become one (although Riris never asked her), and then Stashia said that she would have to become one to watch over Rurubell.

So Riris was happy that she got the guardians together, although there was one extra.

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