Megami Paradise volume 2

Title パラダイス・ロスト? 打ち払え! ヤミママの脅威
Paradise Lost? Uchibarae! Yamimama no Kyoui
Product Number KILA-135
Released 1995.08.??
OP Get My Way (Okui Masami)
ED Dreaming Hearth (Okui Masami)
  • Summary version 1.0 by trmiller(at), 1997.11.13

All of the megami (goddesses) in Megami Paradise have gathered for the coronation of the new Mamamega (Mother Goddess). The doors open, and the Mamamega and her four shrine maidens enter, expecting to see the old Mamamega waiting for them.

But she isn't there. The new Mamamega descends to the sanctuary, to find that the Astrostar and the old Mamamega are both missing - the only trace is the Mamamega's coronet.

Lilith then calls from above; every megami who had gathered for the ceremony has just collapsed, and a purple cloud covers the floor of the great hall, beneath the chamber where the ceremony was to take place. As the haze clears, two evil megami appear - two of the megami who had been interfering with Lilith's search in the first OAV! They are Rouge, the swordswoman, and the sorceress Angela; all of the megami who had gathered to observe the ceremony have fallen to the effects of Angela's "special cocktail."

Rouge informs the shrine maidens that the old Mamamega and the Astrostar are no longer in the sanctuary, but none of them are willing to believe her. The conversation is interrupted by a cry from Lilith - Maharaja has grabbed her from behind, and now has her in a chokehold.

The new Mamamega promptly turns on Maharaja, demanding to know who they aree and why they're doing this; Maharaja invites her to guess, taunting her by licking Lilith's cheek. However, a wave of magic from the Mamamega leaves cracks in the floor on either side of Maharaja, and she backs down, saying, "We are the shrine maidens of Yamimama, the Dark Mamamega. We call ourselves the Dark Goddesses." (Yamimega, in the original Japanese)

When Rurubell asks who Yamimama is, she is answered by Pastel who floats down into the room within a shaft of light, telling her that Yamimama is the one who is destined to rule the world. She and the other Yamimegas give their names, and then Pastel announces that the former Mamamega has already been eliminated and that the Astrostar is within Yamimama's sanctuary. None of Mamamega's shrine maidens believe Pastel yet, but the new Mamamega admits that neither the Astrostar nor "Sendai-sama" (Madame Predecessor, or the old Mamamega) are within the sanctuary. Pastel recognizes Lilith as the girl the new Mamamega chose as her first shrine maiden, and instructs Maharaja to bring Lilith, saying she'll be useful; a brief earthquake shakes the sanctuary, and then the four Yamimegas depart, borne by Pastel's magic.

Juliana and Stasia pursue them down the corridor to the top of the temple stairs, where they stop as they observe dark clouds gathering . . . and in the distance, a twisted tower: Yamimama's sanctuary.

As the Mamamega tries to heal the victims of Angela's potion, Juliana says that they have to rescue Lilith. Rurubell is all ready to come along, but Stasia instructs her to remain behind to protect the Mamamega. Rurubell reluctantly agrees, and Juliana and Stasia set off. Mamamega's last words to them are a plea for them to save Lilith.

By this point, Lilith is already in Yamimama's inner sanctuary, brought there by Pastel. Yamimama plans to use Lilith in a ritual that will banish the Astrostar from the Paradise forever; Lilith tries first to run, then to fight, but Yamimama is far too powerful and puts her under a spell.

As Juliana and Stasia head up the path to Yamimama's sanctuary, they are stopped by Maharaja, Rouge, and Angela. Maharaja is surprised that they did something as stupid as to walk up to the front door, then says that they can rescue Lilith - *if* the two shrine maidens can get past the Yamimegas. Rouge and Angela attack; Juliana and Stasia fight back briefly before getting caught in one of the oldest traps in the book - Juliana's legs are caught in a snare, and Stasia is trapped in a net. Juliana tries to cut through the rope that's holding her, but Angela has strengthened the ropes with her magic, and extends her mallet to knock Juliana's sword away. Maharaja laughs gleefully as she takes out her whip, preparing to punish Juliana and Stasia . . .

With some regret, Rurubell disobeys Stasia's instructions and gathers her things, then heads out to help her friends. Even as Rurubell runs up the trail, Rouge and Maharaja continue mercilessly torturing the two helpless megami. Juliana has been almost completely wrapped in ropes as she hangs upside down in the snare; Stasia is also tied up, although the net has been removed, leaving her unprotected from Maharaja's whip. Rouge is amusing herself rocking the post from which Juliana hangs; she and Maharaja are only interrupted when Angela runs over, her arms full of leaves, and suggests fumigating them next. Rouge clearly thinks very little of the idea, but Maharaja agrees happily. Rurubell sees this from behind her rock, and pulls back under cover to start assembling every magical item she owns into a single powerful item . . .

Meanwhile, Yamimama has already begun her ritual. Lilith is still enspelled, and wearing very little as she lies on Yamimama's altar. A shaft of light emanates from the Astrostar, plunging into Lilith's body with almost physical impact as she is attuned to the Astrostar.

Outside, Angela has just finished lighting the fire when Rurubell emerges to challenge the evil megami. As she starts trying to cast her megaspell, the three Yamimamas start laughing helplessly as she waves her unwieldly burden around - and then the spell goes off.

Back inside Yamimama's sanctuary, Pastel watches as the ritual proceeds. Lilith's body starts levitating as a weird noise is heard outside - followed by an explosion as Juliana, Stasia, and Rurubell are hurled through the wall by the force of Rurubell's magic. They see Pastel first, then Rurubell looks past her and sees Lilith; Yamimama orders Pastel to stop them before they can interrupt the ceremony, and Pastel obediently prepares to bar their way. Juliana and Stasia rush towards Yamimama and Lilith, but are interrupted by the arrival of the other three Yamimegas, and another battle breaks out.

Pastel and Rurubell face off; they seem to be sort of evenly matched. Angela singles Stasia out, while Maharaja and Rouge team up on Juliana. Then Yamimama's ritual enters the final stage: the little clothing that Lilith is wearing is ripped away as the chains binding the Astrostar shatter, and the Astrostar starts to descend into a dimensional portal that has formed in Lilith's chest.

The various megami stop fighting as they see this; then Yamimama looks out through the opening in the wall, and sees light shining around the Mamamega's temple. The Mamamega and the revived goddesses start praying, and Mamamega releases a huge blast of energy at Yamimama's sanctuary. Yamimama complains about the annoyance, and returns fire, her blast holding the Mamamega's at bay as the Astrostar begins to vanish into the portal. Then Yamimama's power fails, and the Mamamega's blast of light lays waste to the chamber.

As the smoke clears, Stasia, Rururbell, and Juliana are surrounded by a dome of light that protected them. The Yamimegas weren't so lucky; they've all been stunned by the explosion. Lilith floats down in a sphere of light, the Astrostar hovering next to her unconscious body, which is curled into a fetal position. As Lilith touches down and her friends go to her, the Yamimegas help Yamimama to sit up. Her coronet falls off, as Yamimama thinks, "I have finally taken this body. I will not give up." Then Pastel magics the five of them away to safety.

A recovered (and clothed) Lilith and her friends watch from a safe distance as Yamimama's sanctuary collapses into rubble; Lilith holds the Astrostar cradled in her arms. She notes that they still don't know who their enemies were, but Stasia and Juliana think they haven't seen the last of the evil goddesses. Then they head back to their own sanctuary to return the Astrostar to the new Mamamega.

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