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  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.02.15
Tomomi and Mikage were twins, but they had very opposite personalities.

Matsunaga Tomomi
2nd year of Yokohama Jogakkan Junior High School
have to wear school uniform
short hair
great at sports
Matsunaga Mikage
2nd year of R University Fuzoku Junior High School
free dress
long hair
smartest student ever in her school
bad at sports

Mikage was chosen to run in the relay race for the school athletic festival. Mikage was shocked and asked Tomomi to run in her place. Mikage said that since they were twins, nobody would know.

Mikage and Tomomi traded places for one day before the school athletic festival, as it was the day of the practice. Mikage showed Tomomi some pictures of people that she should know. They were:

Kurashige Hideaki
a senpai of the chemistry club and also the captain of the
track team
Kageura Shinichirou
Mikage's homeroom teacher and also chemistry teacher
Noda Yuuya
Mikage's classmate and also on the track team
hated very much by Mikage

Tomomi went to Mikage's school. Tomomi was afraid because she had never been to a school with so many boys. Then she got lost and ran into Kageura as she went into the forbidden wing of the school. After getting away from Kageura, Tomomi finally found the classroom. She looked out the window and saw some boys playing basketball. She spotted one guy who was very good. But he got surrounded by three other guys. Tomomi yelled out "Right!" and helped the boy out of a pinch. Then the boy scored and looked up at Tomomi. Their eyes met and Tomomi quickly hid. Tomomi realized that it was Noda, Mikage's sworn enemy.

During class Kageura asked Tomomi to do some problems on the board. When Tomomi looked at the problems, she was shocked as she had not done anything like it in her school. Then one of the students got up and said that she would take Mikage to the nurse's office because she looked sick. The girl was Aoki Yuko, a girl that Mikage had asked to help take care of Tomomi.

After school, Tomomi went to the practice. Kurashige and Noda led the others in the jog. Tomomi easily ran with Kurashige and Noda, while the rest of the team fell farther and farther behind. Kurashige and Noda were surprised. Noda was suspicious too, as he knew Mikage hated both sports and him. Tomomi wondered why Mikage hated Noda so much.

When Tomomi got home, she discovered that Mikage had gotten into a fight at her school. Mikage said that it wasn't easy trading places. But she said that she only had to do it one more time during the athletic festival. When Tomomi asked why Mikage hated Noda so much, Mikage asked Tomomi if there was someone she liked. Tomomi said that since she went to a girl's school, there couldn't be anyone. Then Mikage ran off without telling Tomomi anything.

On the day of the athletic festival, Tomomi took Mikage's place. Tomomi watched Noda and couldn't get him out of her mind. When Tomomi went to get a drink, she ran into Mikage, who had come to watch in disguise. While they were arguing, they heard Noda's voice. Since they didn't want to get caught, Mikage teleported them away.

Tomomi and Mikage crash landed in the forbidden science room. Tomomi tried to find a way out, but the door was locked. Tomomi wanted to teleport again, but Mikage was still too tired from the previous one. Kageura spotted someone moving in his science room, and immediately headed for the building. Kageura asked who was in the room. Tomomi and Mikage were shocked. Tomomi used her power to just teleport Mikage back home. When Kageura opened the door, Tomomi was in the room alone. Kageura thought that there were two people in the room, but Tomomi assured him that she was alone. Then Tomomi knocked over some books. They were all books on ESP. Then there was an announcement for the last relay event. Tomomi hurried out of the room past Kageura.

The A class was in second place. If they win the last relay, they would win the overall championship. The A class fell way behind. But Noda ran well and regained a lot of lost ground. Then Noda passed the baton to Tomomi. Tomomi then ran hard and moved her team from fourth place to a first place tie. Then Tomomi handed the baton to Kurashige. Kurashige held on to give the A class the victory.

That night Mikage thanked Tomomi for taking her place in the athletic festival. She said that they wouldn't have to change places any more. But Tomomi was thinking, "Noda-kun, I wanted to know more about you. Because I don't think you are as Mikage says. Even though Mikage doesn't tell me why she hates you."

The next day after school Mikage called Tomomi telepathically. So Tomomi went over to Mikage's school. Tomomi was scared and couldn't go in. But she spotted Mikage with Noda and Kurashige. They were asking Mikage to join the track team. Mikage said that she couldn't do it. But Noda said that she had done great during the relay. Mikage and Noda started to argue, but Kurashige broke it up and told Mikage to think about it. Then Mikage left.

Mikage started walking and thinking by herself. Kurashige was sneaking around and spotted her. He was trying to solve the mystery of the athletic festival. Then Tomomi went up to Mikage. Mikage was surprised, but Kageura was shocked. He discovered that Mikage had a twin sister. Kageura was thinking about what he should do, while Tomomi tried to comfort Mikage. Then Tomomi and Mikage teleported home. When Kageura looked over to where the Matsunaga sisters had been talking, he saw nobody. Kageura thought that Mikage was an esper in addition to being twins.

When they got home, Tomomi told Mikage that she would trade places with her again and tell Noda and Kurashige that she could not join the track team. Mikage was very happy.

The next day, Tomomi went to Mikage's school as Mikage. Tomomi ran into Noda and Kurashige and told them that she could not join the track team. Kageura spotted Tomomi (but thought it was Mikage) and thought that he had found the key to his aspirations. He was determined to find Mikage's secret.

After eating lunch, Tomomi went up to the roof to kill time and to be by herself. Then Kageura came and closed the door. Kageura was trying to capture some evidence that Mikage was an esper. Tomomi talked to Mikage telepathically, and Mikage told Tomomi to climb down a tree. So Tomomi tried to climb down a tree. Kageura was shocked and disappointed. Then Noda came by and saw Tomomi in the tree. When he called out to her, Tomomi fell down and crash landed on top of Noda.

Noda felt something was strange with Mikage. Noda said, "Don't you hate me? I thought that you hated me ever since the incident in the lab last year.. I even injured Kurashige at that time too.."
But since Tomomi didn't know what Noda was talking about, she just looked surprised. Then one of Noda's friends came calling for him.

Tomomi stayed after school looking at Noda. Mikage called Tomomi telepathically and told her to hurry up and come home.

Noda didn't know what was going on with Mikage. He told Kurashige that it seemed like Mikage had forgotten about Kurashige's injury. He didn't think that could happen. Kurashige was surprised too.

When Tomomi was looking out the classroom window, Kageura snuck up from behind. He was going to grab Tomomi's hair because he suspected that it wasn't really Mikage. But Kageura missed. Then he tried to attack Tomomi to check her hair. When Tomomi screamed, Noda and Kurashige came running into the room. They thought that Kageura was trying to take advantage of Mikage. Then Kurashige just pet Tomomi on the head and left. When Tomomi thanked Noda and called him "Noda-kun", Noda was shocked. Mikage had never called him with "kun". Before Noda could question her further, Tomomi ran away.

When Tomomi arrived at home, she was crying. Mikage asked what was wrong but Tomomi didn't tell her anything. Then someone came to their house and rang the doorbell. Tomomi went to answer the door. When she opened the door, she found out that it was Noda!

Tomomi: Noda-kun..
Noda: Matsunaga!? Your hair?
Tomomi (thought): Oh no!
Noda: What happened?
Tomomi: This is..
Mikage: Tomomi, what are you getting so excited about. Who is it?
Tomomi: Mikage, don't come!
Noda: What? Mikage..
Mikage: Oh. Noda, why are you here!
Noda: Matsunaga!?
Tomomi (thought): What should we do!?

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