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  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.01.04
  • The second "story" of Miracle Girls starts in the middle of this volume.
Noda was at the entrance of the Matsunaga home. Tomomi and Mikage were both there too. Noda asked, "What is this? Why are there two Matsunagas!? Which is the real Matsunaga!?"
Mikage said, "We're both real Matsunaga's."
Tomomi said, "Mikage." Then Tomomi turned toward Noda and said, "I'm sorry."
Mikage said, "Wait Tomomi!?"
Tomomi said, "Mikage, we have to tell him the truth."
Then Tomomi explained that they were twins and that she had taken Mikage's place in school. Noda got mad and left. Tomomi was almost in tears and kept apologizing.

After Noda left, Mikage started to worry because her enemy Noda had found out about Tomomi. Then Tomomi told Mikage that Kageura also suspected something, and that Noda was the one who had saved her. But Mikage kept saying bad things about Noda. So Tomomi asked Mikage to explain why she hated Noda so much. Then Mikage told Tomomi the story of the accident in the chemistry club that occurred about one year before.

Mikage and Kurashige were int the chemistry lab. Noda accidentally kicked the soccer ball into the lab through the window. Kurashige dove to protect Mikage. But Kurashige injured his leg. Mikage said that she hated Noda because he injured the boy that she liked.

Tomomi asked, "Mikage, you like Kurashige?"
Mikage said, "Yeah, I like him. It's all one sided though.. But.. It's the end now. Senpai will scorn me now. Noda's going to spread it all around now."
Tomomi said, "Don't keep saying bad things about Noda-kun! It's just because of your grudge."
Mikage said, "What! What about you. You keep talking about Noda. Oh.. It can't be. Tomomi, you must like Noda.."
Tomomi said, "What are you talking about. I'm never going to see Noda-kun again." Then Tomomi started crying.

The next day at school Mikage was standing outside because she didn't want to go inside. She thought that everyone would have heard about her secret. Then Kageura came up from behind her and tried to pull off Mikage's hair, thinking that it was a wig. But Noda came and hit Kageura with a soccer ball. While Kageura was on the ground, they ran away. Noda asked about Tomomi, but Mikage just yelled at him and ran away.

After school, Mikage went to Noda and asked why he wasn't spreading it around. Noda said that he didn't want to cause a bigger commotion. He felt that Kageura was up to something. But Noda said that he would tell Kurashige about it. Then Mikage left as she spotted Kageura staring at her from the old science building.

Later Noda told Kurashige about Mikage and Tomomi. Then Noda wondered what Kageura was hiding in the science building. He decided to go check it out after the next day's (Sunday) track practice.

That night Mikage told Tomomi that she wanted to go check out the science building on Sunday. When Tomomi asked why she had to go with her, Mikage told her that the track team had practice on Sundays. Mikage said that she would give Tomomi one last chance to talk to Noda.

The next day on the way to Mikage's school, Tomomi felt that someone was following them. Mikage saw that it was Kageura. Then Tomomi and Mikage went around the corner and teleported away.

After track practice, Noda and Kurashige went to the science building. Noda started climbing the wall because the door was securely locked. Tomomi and Mikage teleported nearby. They tried to find Noda, but they discovered that the track practice was already over. Then Kurashige spotted them. Mikage immediately apologized and started crying. Kurashige told her that it was all right. Then they heard Noda scream out. They looked up and saw Noda hanging from the wall at the roof. Since Kurashige couldn't get into the building, he went to try to find someone who might be able to help.

Tomomi was very worried about Noda and said, "Mikage! I'll teleport there."
Mikage was shocked and said, "What!? Wait a second. Do you know what you are saying!? If you do that Noda will find out about our powers." Tomomi said, "I'll control it, so just lend me your power."
Mikage said, "Tomomi."
Tomomi said, "But.. Noda will die! Mikage, please. Please." Then Tomomi teleported to the roof. Kageura had been in the bushes nearby with a video camera, and recorded the teleportation.

Noda was shocked to see Tomomi appear right in front of him. Tomomi quickly told Noda to grab onto her hand, as Noda lost his grip on the building. But Noda was too heavy for her and Tomomi was getting pulled over the ledge. Tomomi's hand was really hurting badly. Noda said, "It's no good. Let go. You'll fall too." But Tomomi said, "I can't do that. I'm never going to let go!"

Mikage was watching from the ground and couldn't stand it any more. When Mikage went to try the door again, Kageura came up from behind with the keys.

Noda finally worked his way up and climbed back onto the roof.
Tomomi asked, "Are you all right?"
Noda said, "Yeah. Thanks. I really thought I was going to die.." Noda was leaning against Tomomi. Noda continued, "But.. You just appeared right in front of me. What was that.."

Before Tomomi could say anything, Kageura appeared from the stairs. He told Tomomi and Noda to hurry and go downstairs. When they all got downstairs, Kageura asked them why they were in the forbidden science building. He also asked why Tomomi knew his name when she wasn't a student at this school. Then Kurashige and some other track team members came. While all of the track team guys were surrounding Kageura, the Matsunaga girls, Noda, and Kurashige escaped. But Kageura wasn't very worried as he had the teleportation on video tape.

After getting far enough away, Kurashige asked, "Matsunaga.. You two saved him?" Then he also said, "I was watching you at that time.. When you teleported. I can't believe it, but it wasn't an illusion, was it?"
Noda said, "It wasn't an illusion! I'm here now without any injuries! I still can't believe it.. That Matsunaga was an esper!"
Mikage said, "If ordinary people heard that there were espers they would get surprised. That's why we kept it a secret." Mikage made a fist and continued, "Since you discovered out important secret, I can't let you live, Noda!"
Noda said, "Why just me? Yeah, I was surprised! Very surprised. But I'll keep your secret!"
Kurashige said, "Of course, me too."
Noda said, "Your important secret.. That you used to save my life. Of course I will. I couldn't find out what Kageura was hiding in that science building, but I won't let him touch you two."

That night, both Tomomi and Mikage were feeling very happy. Mikage had always wondered how Kurashige would react to her being an esper. Mikage also said that she thought a little (but very little) better of Noda.

The next day Noda and Kurashige walked with Mikage to school. Kageura was going to to to Mikage, but when he saw the two boys with her, he backed away. Kageura was disappointed, so he decided to go after Tomomi. He recognized Tomomi's school uniform as the one from Yokohama Jogakukan.

That day after school, Tomomi found out that Kageura was waiting for her outside of her school. Fortunately the teachers of Yokohama Jogakukan grabbed Kageura and questioned him before he could get to Tomomi.

When Tomomi was walking home, Noda came running to her. He called her Tomomi and her sister Mikage. He said that it was too confusing to call both of them Matsunaga. Tomomi was very happy that Noda called her by her first name.

The principal told Kageura that he was going to destroy the old science building. Kageura was shocked. The principal found out that Noda had almost gotten injured there. Kageura said that he had his important research stuff there, but the principal told him to stop playing around with supernatural stuff. He said that Kageura would get fired if he didn't. So Kageura thought that the only thing he could do was to use the Matsunaga twins as evidence for his research.

Later at school while Mikage was watching the track team practice, Kageura came up to her and said that he had an interesting video that he had taken on the previous Sunday. Then Mikage went with Kageura and saw the video. The video had Mikage and Tomomi teleporting. Kageura told Mikage to cooperate in his research, otherwise he was going to tell everyone about their secret. He also told Mikage not to tell Noda and Kurashige.

At home Tomomi was shocked when he heard from Mikage. Then they decided that they had to get the video and destroy the evidence.

At night, Mikage and Tomomi teleported into the old science building. They split up to look for the video. When Tomomi was looking around, she felt Mikage call her. Tomomi called Mikage, but didn't get any answer. Then Tomomi felt someone behind her. It was Kageura. Tomomi called Mikage again via telepathy, but there was no answer. Then Tomomi called out, "Noda-kun, help!" in her mind.

Noda was studying at home and felt something. He immediately called the Matsunaga home and found out that Tomomi and Mikage were gone. Then Noda called Kurashige and went to the school.

Kageura asked Tomomi to cooperate in his research. Tomomi tried to take the video tape away, but she couldn't. Then Kageura heard some noises outside. It was Noda and Kurashige. Then Tomomi grabbed the video away from Kageura. But Kageura said that he had made a lot of copies.

Kageura went to chase away Noda and Kurashige. But the boys broke into the building and went to Tomomi. Noda grabbed the keys away from Kageura and threw them to Tomomi. Tomomi went to save Mikage.

After Mikage recovered, the girls went looking around for the copies of the video tape. But they couldn't find anything. Then Kageura came up to them and asked for the key back. Tomomi and Mikage kept backing away until they went to the roof. Kageura cornered the girls against the edge and asked for the keys again. Then Noda and Kurashige came, but Kageura told them not to come closer. Kageura said that he would show everyone the video if they didn't give him the keys. Then Kageura showed the girls all of the tapes that he had inside his lab coat. So Tomomi threw him the keys. Kageura told the girls to cooperate in his experiments. When Noda and Kageura started fighting over the keys, a lightning bolt stuck the keys.

Noda, Kurashige, and Kageura collapsed. Tomomi and Mikage were all right. The girls discovered that the building was beginning to crumble because of the shock. Tomomi went to Kageura and said that she had to take them to a hospital.
Mikage said, "How can we take three men! Also the key went flying somewhere because of the lightning."
Tomomi said, "We have to teleport.."
Mikage said, "Teleport! With five people? We've never done that before."
Tomomi said, "We won't know until we try!"
Then Tomomi and Mikage gathered the three men together and tried teleporting.

When Tomomi and Mikage woked up the next day, they were in hospital beds. Their mother was there and was very worried, as the five of them had been found on the school grounds. Noda, Kurashige, and the girls were not badly injured. They all went to see Kageura who was still hospitalized. When Kageura sad them, he became very scared as he thought they had come to do something to him. But after Noda gave some flowers to him, Kageura apologized to the girls. He said that he would keep the secret of their powers. He asked them to teleport him again, but Mikage yelled out "no!"

When Noda, Kurashige, and the girls were walking back from the hospital, Kurashige said that since Kageura was going to start teaching high school from now, he would have to see Kageura again. Then Mikage became very happy that Kurashige was going to stay in the same school for high school. Then Tomomi said, "Mikage, you should know the high school that the boy you like was going to go to." Mikage became embarrassed.

Noda told Tomomi that he received the telepathy from her. Tomomi was very happy and thought that it was a miracle.

[END of story 1]

[START of story 2]

It was summer vacation. Tomomi and Mikage were walking to Kageura's second house near the ocean. They had walked a lot and Mikage didn't want to walk any more. Then a fancy car passed by them.

Tomomi pointed out that Mikage was carrying a lot of stuff. Mikage had brought her chemistry set so she can do experiments. Then Mikage pointed out that Tomomi had brought a lot of books for studying. Tomomi said that she had to study for the entrance exam to R University High School. Tomomi could go to the high school attached to her junior high, but she wanted to go to R University High School because Noda was there.

Then Mikage spotted a sign saying that it was 10 km to the shore. Tomomi and Mikage both agreed to teleport. When they appeared, Tomomi landed in Noda's arms and Mikage landed near Kurashige. Kurashige told them that they should be careful about the location where they teleport. Noda added, "Yeah! It's a very important secret. Be careful."

Kurashige and Noda were lost too. When they were wondering where Kageura's house was, Kageura came up to them. Kageura was very cheerful and lead everyone to his house. On the way, Tomomi spotted a great mansion at the top of the cliff, and wondered if it was Kageura's. But it wasn't.

When they got to Kageura's house, they found out that it was a very dirty, broken down place. Kageura laughed and said that it was their job to clean it up.

That night Tomomi was studying her books when Mikage came into the room. Mikage told her to forget about studying while they were at Kageura's house. But Tomomi said that she couldn't because she had to get into R University High School. Then Mikage said that she would take care of everything, and made Tomomi go to bed.

When Tomomi was sleeping, she heard some sounds. Then an explosion woke her up. Tomomi saw Mikage with a test tube. Mikage said, "I finally did it! The biggest invention of the century. This is the medicine to expand one's brain power. So if you drink this, you will become smart." Mikage also said that she had made it for Tomomi.

Tomomi looked at the test tube, but still had her doubts. When Tomomi told Mikage to drink some of it, Mikage refused saying that she didn't want to die. Tomomi got mad at Mikage for using her as a guinea pig.

The next morning, Mikage decided to try out her medicine on Kageura. she put some drops of her formula into some cold juice and brought it out to Kageura. Tomomi and Mikage both watched carefully as Kageura drank some of the juice. But nothing happened. Then Kageura got up and went to get some snacks. While Kageura was away, Mikage put a lot more of her formula into the juice. Tomomi was worried.

Then Noda came back from shopping and spotted the juice. He immediately grabbed it and drank it. Tomomi tried to stop him, but she was too late. "What should we do Mikage? Noda-kun drank it all." Mikage said, "It's all right! Nothing happened to Kageura."

Kageura came out and saw that Noda had drank his juice. Noda was shocked and started to grab his neck. Kageura asked Noda what happened, but he also grabbed his neck too. Then they both collapsed onto the ground.

Mikage started crying, and Tomomi started praying for Noda. Then Kurashige said that he would go for a doctor. But the girls said that they would go.

Tomomi and Mikage went out to look for a doctor. Just as they were about to teleport, a car came up to them and almost hit them. An old man came out of the car and asked it they were all right. When Tomomi told him that they were looking for a hospital, a young man (about high school age called Masaki) came out of the car and told the old man to go with the girls. He said that the old man was a doctor. Then a little girl (Nana) came out of the car and started complaining. When Tomomi apologized for making them go out of the way, Masaki said that they lived in the house at the top of the cliff.

The doctor looked at Noda and Kageura. He said that they seemed fine. Then he woke them up and Noda and Kageura got up without feeling anything wrong. Tomomi was very happy.

As they were leaving the guests introduced themselves as Takamura Masaki, Takamura Nana, and Sasaki. Tomomi had a strange feeling like they were going to see Takamura again, and that something big was going to happen.

Later as Tomomi, Mikage, Noda, and Kurashige were out on the beach, they were wondering about Takamura. Noda said that he felt like he had heard that name somewhere before.

Then Tomomi spotted Nana playing by a tree on a cliff. She yelled out and said that it was dangerous. But Nana ignored them and started climbing the tree to get her hat, that was stuck on a branch. Then just as Nana got the hat, she lost her balance and fell into the water below. Nana started screaming for help. Then Noda started to feel a pain in his head. Also the water around Nana started to part. Everyone couldn't believe it. Then Noda walked out to Nana to rescue her. Noda carried her back to shore, and the water returned to normal.

Then Noda said that the pain in his head was gone. Kurashige wondered if Noda was an esper too. But Noda said that he wasn't. He said that he didn't understand it, and that he hadn't felt so much pain in his head except for the time he drank Mikage's medicine. Then Tomomi thought that Noda had become an esper because of Mikage's medicine. Mikage began to get worried.

They all heard Nana sneeze. Nana was very scared and ran off. Everyone wondered if Nana would tell others about it. But Kurashige said that nobody would believe her anyways.

When Nana got home, she cried and excitedly told her brother about what happened. Masaki was very curious and told Nana to repeat the story slowly.

When they got back to the house, the girls told Kageura about what had happened. But he didn't believe it because he had drank the same medicine and nothing had happened to him. Mikage said that Kageura had only taken a little bit. Kurashige said that the medicine might be something that will awaken the hidden power inside people. Then when he asked Kageura to help them investigate the medicine, Kageura took the test tube and drank the rest of it.

Immediately Kageura started to feel something. His head started to hurt. Then beams of light began to come out of his eyes. Everyone was surprised. Kageura was very happy that he had become an esper. He started flashing the light beams from his eyes all over.

Noda and Tomomi escaped and ran outside. Noda wondered if he had really become an esper. Noda went to the sea and told it to split open (like before). But nothing happened. Noda tried over and over, but nothing happened. Noda was disappointed. Tomomi came and said, "Noda-kun, do you want to become an esper that badly?"
Noda said, "No it's not that. I just want to be stronger. So I can protect you."
Tomomi was very happy and started to get tears in her eyes. Noda hugged her and said, "I'll protect you. No matter what happens from now on, I'll protect you."

The next day Kageura was very disappointed as his power had disappeared. Kageura asked Mikage to make some more medicine. But Kurashige told everyone that it was very powerful and dangerous medicine, if it got into the hands of evil people. Noda said that they must keep it a secret. Mikage said that she was starting to get scared. Tomomi said that Noda and Kurashige were there and there was nothing to be scared about. Then they all left the seashore. As they were leaving Tomomi felt like there was someone behind the rocks. But she just ignored it and left.

Later Takamura told Sasaki to get prepared to leave. Takamura had been behind the rocks and had overheard the conversation. He also asked Sasaki to do some investigation on Mikage, Tomomi, and the others.

After summer vacation was over, the next semester began. On the way to school, Mikage was very sleepy, but Tomomi was very cheerful. Mikage was getting suspicious about Tomomi. She said that Tomomi had changed since they went to Kageura's place. But Tomomi didn't tell her anything. Then Tomomi saw a car pass them. She caught a glimpse of Takamura in the car. Mikage said that Tomomi must have made a mistake. But Tomomi felt that she knew she was going to see him again.

After school when Tomomi was about to go home, Mikage contacted her via telepathy. Mikage told Tomomi to come quickly to her school.

When Tomomi arrived at Mikage's school, Mikage called her from the bushes. Tomomi went to Mikage and they hid in the bushes (because Tomomi wasn't a student at that school, she wasn't really allowed to go in). From the bushes, they saw Takamura and Noda arguing. Takamura had transferred to Mikage's school. Then some of Noda's teammates came and said that Takamura was famous for transferring to many school and causing trouble by beating everyone. Noda remembered that he had heard of Takamura too. Takamura smiled and said that there was nobody that could defeat him.

Tomomi couldn't take it any more and popped out of the bushes. "How do you know that you would win?" Noda and Takamura saw Tomomi and Mikage. Tomomi asked, "How do you know that you would win, even before running?" Takamura confidently said, "I know, that I'm the one who will win." Noda got mad and said, "Ok. If you're going to say that. Race me!"

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