Miracle Girls "Brief Synopses" Guide

  • version 1.0 by Robert DeLoura, 1995.03.27
The purpose of this guide is to supply brief descriptions of all of the Miracle Girls episodes, along with the episode titles, their translations, and the first major appearance of each character. There are significant spoilers here... if you don't want the episodes spoiled for you, you should stop reading right now.

1. Kumorinochi Mikage (Gloomy Mikage)

Mikage learns Kurashige is going to England; Kageura marries Rika; Kurashige gives antique watch to Mikage.

  • Introduction of Matsunaga Tomomi
  • Introduction of Matsunaga Mikage
  • Introduction of Noda Yuuya
  • Introduction of Kurashige Hideaki
  • Introduction of Kageura Shinichirou

2. Ame tokidoki HAIJAKKU (Rain with a chance of hijack)

Kurashige to leave for England; Mikage writes love letter; Mikage's letter accidentally swapped with hijackers' letter; Twins teleport to airplane to save Kurashige.

  • Introduction of Ema

3. Kazamuki wa RONDON (The wind blows towards London)

Father gives the flowers to the twins; flowers enable Mikage to project her 'spirit' to visit Kurashige in London.

  • Introduction of Marie
  • Introduction of Mister X

4. BAAGEN TAIFUUN (Bargain typhoon)

Mikage finds a one-piece dress she wants, and enlists Tomomi, Noda, and Yamagishi to help her get to it first at the store's bargain sale.

5. Mikage ichiji Tomomi (Mikage once as Tomomi)

Tomomi gets upset with Noda and Mikage about a failed date; Mikage arranges a new date for Tomomi, but Tomomi has a volleyball game; Mikage dresses up as Tomomi and fills in for her at the game.

  • Introduction of Reiko

6. ESUPAA biyori (Fine weather for Espers)

A mask briefly gives Kageura telekinesis; Flower bracelets seem to be dying; Kageura struck by lightning and flies around; Twins get pendants to replenish bracelets' power.

7. Yochi shisuu ARERE PAASENTO (Premonition index. What percentage?)

Sunspots enable the twins to see bits of the future, though they think their lack of sleep is the cause; Tomomi uses to pass a test.

8. Tokoro ni yori namida (??)

Twins befriend a lion cub that has escaped the circus and is searching for its mother.

9. ROJJI no naka no yukiarashi (Blizzard while at the ski lodge)

Twins, Noda, Yamagishi and Daijouji at a ski lodge; Men are in pursuit of Ema. Village where lodge is located has legend of snowman and stag, also has festival to celebrate.

10. Nadare keihou hatsurei (Avalanche warning announcement)

Avalance happens during festival. Twins, aided by the stag and snowman, manage to save the town from it.

11. Toki no nagare no chuuihou (Time stream's storm warning)

Mikage gets sick and has dreams about a 15th century girl and the prince she loved but was separated from. Tomomi and Noda help figure out the dreams and get the girl's necklace and put it in the tomb of the prince.

12. Tomomi no mune no tsumuji kaze (The whirlwind of Tomomi's heart)

Tomomi goes to a 'live house' with one of her friends and becomes a big fan of a rock group called "The Seven Gods".

13. Nazo no idousei koikiatsu (??)

Mikage and Tomomi accidentally swap bodies; Mikage (in Tomomi's body) goes on a date with Noda; Tomomi's (in Mikage's body) "spirit" doesn't come home that night and Mikage has to go looking for her.

14. MAME taifuu sekkinchuu (Drawn near a midget typhoon)

Mikage and Tomomi meet a young boy who has telepathy and telekinesis, and he plays pranks on them.

15. Sakura zensen ijou ari (An accident before the cherry blossom trees)

Mikage splits into a pair of Mikages, which creates a lot of havoc at a school festival.

16. Haru kaze tokkyuu (Spring wind express)

A student gives Tomomi a pair of red shoes that turn out to have psychic imprints on them from their previous owner, and she runs uncontrollably around town when she puts them on.

17. Omoide kiryuu (Memory currents) [like air currents]

Mikage can't find a bracelet she had when she was young; Twins teleport to its location and find that a little girl has it; Twins eventually realize they've time-slipped into their own past, and the little girl is Mikage.

18. Tsukiyo no YUNIKOON (Moonlight night unicorn)

A unicorn from one of Kurashige's pictures visits Mikage in her dreams; The unicorn takes her to visit Kurashige.

19. Kiri ni yobu koe (Voice crying out in the fog)

Twings, Noda, and Yamagishi go to a museum; A dinosaur egg 'hatches' and a spirit dinosaur emerges. Only the four can see it, and they follow it around town as it tries to find other dinosaurs.

20. Otome-gokoro wa HARIKEIN (A girl's heart is a hurricane)

Tomomi has a small quarrel with Noda, and they plan a date during a typhoon. Mikage offers to show Kageura their powers....

21. Nan nansei ni shinro o tore (Choosing the path to the south-southwest)

The class goes on a field trip to a forested mountainous place. Mikage gets tired hiking and wants to teleport to the end of the trail, but Noda accidentally disrupts their teleportation and ends up paired with Mikage in the forest, with Tomomi far away. The three have to find their way back on foot....

22. Hatsukoi wa shinkirou?! (First love is a mirage?!)

The twins meet a old woman who wonders what became of her first love, and they teleport around to try and find him for her.

23. Himitsu ga BAREchatta?! (The secret is revealed?!)

Mikage is practicing for the role of Alice (in Wonderland) for a school play, and Tomomi telepathically sends her all the right lines... but Kageura suddenly becomes very suspicious of them.

24. Ee? Sempai ni koibito? (Eh? Sempai [Kurashige] has a girlfriend?)

Kurashige is spending some time in the hospital while his broken leg mends, and the twins notice some other women visiting him.

25. Fushigi na toori-ame (Mysterious passing rain showers)

The twins meet a mysterious woman who seems to have control over rain. She tries to discourage them from teleporting for trivial reasons.

26. Watashi, tenkou-shimasu (I'm going to transfer to another school)

Tomomi is scouted by a volleyball coach from another school, and must decide whether or not to transfer there. She bases her decision on how Noda reacts to the news....

27. Yakyuu de MIRAKURU (Baseball miracle)

The twins use their powers to affect the outcome of some baseball games that Noda's "little league" team is participating in.

28. Onna no tatakai!! Watashi no kachi yo (A woman's contest! It's my victory)

Daijouji gets tired of being upstaged by Mikage on exams, and decides to try and steal Kurashige away from her as revenge. (You'd be surprised what difference a pair of glasses makes....)

29. YUUREI wa osuki? (Do you like ghosts?)

The spirit of a long-dead man decides that Mikage must become his wife.

30. Kiseki wa futari de (Miracles are together only)

Rika-chan leaves Kageura-sensei, and he swears anew to discover the twins' powers in an attempt to get her back. Twins receive the 'Miracle Rings' from their mother. Kageura locks Mikage in a room to try and prove she has psychic powers, but the room catches fire....

31. Hoshi SANGO no yoru (Night of the star coral)

Noda goes to a tide pool to get some star coral Tomomi thinks is pretty, and Kageura traps him there in the hopes the twins will use their powers to rescue him.

  • Introduction of Takamura-kun and Nana.

32. MIRAKURU SAMAA (Miracle summer)

The twins visit Takamura while their boyfriends are in town with Kageura. Nana falls into the water, and the twins try to save her, but Takamura ends up rescuing them with his own powers... though they don't realize it.

33. Nakayoku ROSUTO RABU?! (Mutual lost love?!)

The twins disguise themselves as each other and trade places on dates with their boyfriends... and find out that both of their boyfriends are in love with other women! (Well, that's what they *say*....)

34. Meguru omoi (Turning thoughts)

Kurashige will be returning to England soon, so Mikage knits him a sweater. But she meets up with Rika-chan, and their packages accidentally get switched around.

35. Nazo no tenkousei (Mysterious transfer student)

Takamura starts attending the twins' school. Back in England, Kurashige meets Marie, who falls in love with him and has him taken to her castle.

36. Kiken na aitsu (A dangerous person)

Marie continues to force herself on Kurashige. Takamura gets Mikage's ring, and the twins have to meet him at an amusement park to get it back. The twins are trapped atop a ferris wheel, and Mikage falls while trying to climb down....

37. Itsuwari no kikoushi (Deceptive noble) [noble = member of noble family]

Marie sends a fake letter "from" Kurashige to Mikage, with a picture of Marie and Kurashige together in it. The twins visit Takamura, and Noda comes looking for them. Noda finds out about Takamura's secret plans, and is brainwashed into staying out of the way.

38. Kimi o mamoru! (I'll protect you!)

The twins rebel against Takamura's plans, and are trapped. Noda comes to save them. Takamura loses control of his powers, but is subdued by Mikage.

39. Futago kaishou?! (Twin annulment?!)

Mikage and Tomomi argue over several trivial things, resulting in Mikage's decision to move to England with their aunt... and *without* Tomomi.

40. Yamagishi hashiru! (Run, Yamagishi!)

Noda accidentally sees Tomomi while she's changing her shirt, though she doesn't notice him. He begins to act so strangely around her that Yamagishi swears he will go out with Tomomi if he can beat Noda in an upcoming race.

41. Tooi yakusoku (Distant promise)

The twins try to teleport during an eclipse, and accidentally time-slip back to ancient Egypt, where they meet important people who all look like people they know from their own time.

42. Tomomi ikaru! (Tomomi gets angry!)

Everyone pawns off bits of their work on Tomomi, as they prepare for a school festival. She finally snaps....

43. Eiga wa matsuri da, jinsei da! (A movie is a festival, a movie is life!)

Yamagishi directs a movie at school. Yamagishi and Daijouji fall in love with each other when they meet while she doesn't have her glasses on.

44. PAPA no koibito? (Father's lover?)

The twins' father comes home and seems to be acting strangely. The twins suspect he has a lover....

45. Tsuma, kaeru?! (Wife returns?!)

Kageura finally manages to videotape the twins' teleportation. Then he hears that his wife's group has become lost in a nearby forest, and he goes to try and save her, but becomes lost (and injured) himself.

46. Kokoro o tsunagu EAMEIRU (Heart-connecting airmail)

Noda's young cousin arrives and causes trouble for everyone.

47. Kizudarake no tenshi (Wounded angel)

The main actresses for the 'Miracle Girls' TV show quit in the middle of the season to do other things. The twins try and get them to come back to their jobs.

48. Unmei no saikai (Fated reunion)

Ema and Tomomi race in the 100-meter dash. Men in black come to take Ema away somewhere, but the twins rescue her. Suddenly, Marie arrives, and she is furious....

49. Sayonara sempai (Farewell, sempai)

Kurashige comes back for a visit, because his cousin is getting married. Marie tries to steal him away, but fails. Tomomi tries to get info from Kageura about the Diamas Kingdom. Mikage is captured by Marie's goons and held captive in the Diamas embassy. When Tomomi, Kurashige, and Noda arrive to try and rescue her, they are met with guns and are told that Kurashige must return to Diamas with Marie.

50. Futari no oujou (Two princesses)

Marie prepares for her wedding. The twins and Noda teleport to Diamas to rescue Kurashige. They find Ema there as well, but she is captured by Mister X.

51. Kiseki o shinjite (Believe in miracles)

Marie rebels against Mister X and is imprisoned with Ema. The others arrive to rescue them, but they are all discovered by Mister X and his goons. All six of them teleport to a nearby tower, and the final chase is on....

Episodes 1-29

  • OP1: KISSU no tochuu de namida ga (Tears amidst a kiss)
    [train scenes, pastel images]
  • ED1: Futari ja nakya dame na no (It's wrong if we're not together)
    [live actors with animated background]

Episodes 30-51

  • OP2: Koi no mirai (Love's future)
    [scenes with twins, boyfriends, Kageura]
  • ED2: Futari ja nakya dame na no (It's wrong if we're not together)
    [stillframe animation]
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