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  • Miracle Girls Original Soundtrack

Miracle Girls Original Soundtrack

Sony Records SRCL 2574
2500 yen
released 1993.03.21

12 tracks: 2 Vocals/10 BGMs, 37:27

[comments and information by Pascal Janin]

This CD contains most of the themes of the anime, plus "long" versions of the OP and ED. First tracks (2,3,4) are from early episodes (with the twins from England and the mysterious flowers). Too bad the short "teleporting" soundFX is not on this CD!

Colorful sketches of Tomomi and Mikage on the booklet covers (the inside is printed in purple/white though).

All tracks (except 1, 12) composed and arranged by Ooshima Michiru.

1. KISU no tochuu de namida ga (Garden) 3:44 [OP]
(in the middle of a kiss, tears..)
Lyricist/Composer: Garden
Arranger: Yamada Nagayoshi
2. Miracle Brace - Wake Up - 1:52
- the alarm clock rings, the door opens and they teleport away (BGM of all "teleporting" sequences, when the flowers shine)
3. MISUTERI- - shinpi no kuni - 3:15
(mystery, the mysterious land)
- crowd, bagpipes and harpsichord; flowers' theme at the very beginning of episode 1
4. Densetsu no hana 3:14
(the legendary flowers)
- beautiful heartwarming theme, played on harpsichord, flute and violins (the English twins' theme)
5. Yume 4:20
- rainy, sad and dreamy atmosphere, played on violins and guitar
6. Crystal Fever - Suspense 2:37
7. Premonition (Yokan) 3:48
8. Good morning !! Girls 3:10
- the most famous theme, with harmonica and chorus; played at the beginning of episode 1 just before they teleport away
9. Half Moon 1:52
10. Miracle Brace 1:53
- shining flowers BGM, same mood as track 2, with more violins and piano
11. Memory - Good Night - 4:23
- like a music box, with piano
12. Futari Janakya Dame na no (Dio) 3:11 [ED]
(we have to be together by all means)
Lyricist: Ayukawa Megumi
Composer: Shibachikou Toshihiko
Arranger: Yamakawa Etsuko

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