Miracle Girls episode 1

Episode title
Kumori nochi Mikage
Air date
Voice Actors
Matsunaga Mikage (Nagai Noriko)
Matsunaga Tomomi (Fujieda Nariko)
Kageura Shinichirou (Yamaguchi Ken)
Daijouji Rumiko (Sakuma Rei)
Kurashige Hideaki (Shiozawa Kaneto)
Noda Yuuya (Yamaguchi Kappei)
Yamagishi (Tobita Nobuo)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.08
  • [This is the first episode of Miracle Girls, based on the manga by Akimoto Nami. This first episode moves very fast. There is not much explanation at all as to what is happening.]
In the countryside somewhere in England, two strange seeds received some sunlight and sprang open.

Mikage [the girl with long hair] was building something with her chemistry molecule model set in her room. It was early in the morning. Then Tomomi [the girl with short hair] woke up and guessed that Mikage had dreamt of her boy friend Kurashige-senpai. Mikage hoped that her model would reach the ceiling, where she had a picture of Kurashige.

Mikage and Tomomi ran off to school. Then they teleported back to the room as Tomomi had forgotten her bag and Mikage her pencil case. They quickly teleported back to school.

[OP: Kiss no Tochuude Namidaga (Garden), pretty decent animation]

[CM: Hime-chan toys]

The science teacher Kageura was returning tests. Everyone was very disappointed, except for two girls. Kageura laughed at the bad grades that everyone got. Mikage was just staring out the window. Daijouji [the girl with glasses] got 100. Matsunaga Mikage got 130. Kageura had given her 30 points extra credit for writing an explanation about super conductivity theory. Mikage said that she didn't want the extra credit.

Kurashige went to the principal's office to get some paperwork that he needed for his transfer to a school in England. The principal said that many students had gone to America, but not many had gone to England. Kurashige said that he thought the future was in Europe, and he wanted to see it for himself.

Noda [skinny boy] and Yamagishi [chubby boy] argued about Noda's time in the 100m dash. Noda said that it was around 10.75, but Yamagishi said that Noda had jumped the gun. So Tomomi suggested that Noda run again, with Kurashige timing him. Yamagishi said that Noda would have to treat them if Noda ran slower than 11 seconds. Then Noda ran again. His time was 11:02. Tomomi was very happy.

Mikage, a member of the chemistry club, caused an explosion in the chemistry lab. This was the 9th time this year.

Noda, Yamagishi, Tomomi, and Kurashige went a hamburger shop. Noda drank Tomomi's juice from her straw and Tomomi got very upset. Noda joked and said that it was a indirect kiss. Then Noda and Yamagishi asked Kurashige about him transferring to a school in England. Tomomi was shocked. Mikage noticed it right away. Mikage telepathically asked Tomomi what had happened, but Tomomi put up her guard so that Mikage couldn't find out.

Later at home Tomomi was still guarding her feelings. It was getting very tiring to keep the guard up. Mikage asked if she had a fight with Noda, but Tomomi said that she didn't.

Tomomi was taking a bath. Mikage went to give her a new bottle of shampoo. When Mikage opened the door, she read Tomomi's feelings. She found out that Kurashige was going to go to England. Mikage was shocked. Mikage ran back to her own room, and broke the chemistry molecule model.


Tomomi woke up the next day and found out that Mikage was already gone. She tried to talk to Mikage telepathically. But Mikage wasn't answering. Tomomi ran out of the house and caught up to Mikage. Then Mikage ran off to catch the train. The train was very crowded and they got separated. But they both managed to squeeze into the train. [it looks like Tokyu Toyoko-sen]

Tomomi tried to talk telepathically to Mikage, but Mikage wasn't answering.

Kurashige was also on the same train. Kurashige spotted Tomomi. He asked her if Mikage was on the train too. Then Kurashige tried to move closer to Mikage, but he couldn't as the train was jam packed. Mikage got pushed off at the next stop. Then Mikage stayed on the platform and didn't get back onto the train. Kurashige tried to get off too, but he couldn't as it was too crowded.

Later Kurashige told Tomomi to tell Mikage that he would be waiting for her after school on the roof.

After school, Tomomi went to Mikage's classroom and asked for Mikage. But Mikage had already left.

Noda made an announcement over the school public announcement system. He said that Kageura was going to get married. All of the students were shocked.

Tomomi found Mikage. Mikage said that she didn't want to meet Kurashige. But Tomomi told her that she would regret it if she didn't. Tomomi tried to drag Mikage. Then they saw Kurashige coming toward them down the stairs. But Mikage touched Tomomi's finger and teleported away. [This shouldn't happen according to the manga because they both have to have the same feeling for the teleportation to work.] Kurashige said to Tomomi that he thought Mikage would be happy for him.

In the middle of the night Mikage woke up and started picking up the chemistry set molecules, which was still all over the floor.

Mikage, Tomomi, and the other students went to Kageura's wedding party. [at the Pacifico in Yokohama] Noda asked Tomomi if Mikage was all right. Tomomi said that she was probably ok. Tomomi had tried to read Mikage's heart and found that it was all white.

It was snowing, but Mikage talked to Kurashige outside by the waterfront. Mikage congratulated Kurashige. She said that she would study English so she would be able to go after him someday. Then Kurashige gave Mikage an old pocket watch that he had received from a relative in England.

Tomomi saw that Mikage and Kurashige were laughing.

The two seeds sprang open again.

In an England countryside by a castle, two flowers were blowing in the wind.

[CM: Miracle Girls dolls]

[ED: Futari Janakya Damenano (Dio), the background is animated, but the foreground has the two girls (Dio) singing and dancing.]

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